What is the purpose of a spring in a stove top percolator?

by Kathy

Parts of a stove top percolator, including a spring on the stem

Parts of a stove top percolator, including a spring on the stem



Hi, My stove top percolator has a spring that sits over the tube but under the basket. I saw a spring in an electric percolator but have not seen one in any other stove top percolator.

What is the purpose of the spring? Is it necessary?



Kathy, hi

Great question!

That spring is actually pretty important! It's called a pump tube spring, and it does some heavy lifting by supporting the basket and creating a tight seal with the lid to make sure your coffee brews just right.

The spring helps keep everything in place, making sure the water flows through the coffee grounds at just the right pace.

Not every percolator has this spring, but if yours does, it's definitely a bonus. It boosts the efficiency of your brewing process and helps extract all those delicious flavors from your coffee grounds, without any leakage around the edges of the basket.

So, next time you're making a pot of coffee in your percolator, just remember that little spring is there, working hard behind the scenes to make sure your coffee turns out perfect.



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