Whatever happened to Chock Full O’ Nuts?

by Brian
(Thunder Bay Ontario Canada)

Chock Full O' Nuts

Chock Full O' Nuts


Chock Full O’ Nuts used to be absolutely fantastic. It used to live up to its slogan, "Heavenly"!

It's now virtually undrinkable. I understand that a couple of years ago they increased the percentage of Robusta beans. Could this be the reason?

Is there any way I can still find the taste of the old stuff ("Original" roast)? Perhaps a secret cache of out-of-date cans someone has in their storage room?

Perhaps another brand that comes close? Ever since I gave up on the stuff, I've been trying other brands. They all suck. I guess I'm not as much of a coffee lover as I thought. It was just that particular taste I crave. Help!!!


Brian, hi

I’m afraid I have never tried Chock Full O’ Nuts, so can’t give you a first-hand explanation.

But my guess is that you are right in thinking they have been replacing the Arabica beans will the less expensive Robusta beans.

A lot of other companies have been doing the same, and we have a lot of talk on this site about the declining taste of coffees from Maxwell House, Folgers, Yuban and others.

So...while I can’t really help you directly...I can publish your question here, because my guess is that we have other readers who have had the same experience with Chock Full O’ Nuts.

And maybe one or two of them can suggest alternatives that will match the taste you crave!

Best wishes,


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Was good way back when
by: Mace

Try San Francisco Bay Blend French Roast from the Rogers family. 3rd generation coffee growers, they treat their farmers well and the coffee is outstanding. Costco has it online.
I use a very fine grind and I make it in my Cuisinart coffee maker, french press, italian coffee maker and pourover. Each version is slightly different but all are good.

Chock Full O" Nuts Original
by: Anonymous

My husband and I have bought the Original blend as well for many years and ever since Covid we were buying it at Walmart as we always do, We noticed the Can was a little passed half full and it definitely tasted much different. It was Disgusting and it smelled florally, We threw it out and tried purchasing another one and it was still Disgusting, They also raised the price like everything else, But they definitely changed the flavor in the worst way possible.

by: Anonymous

I I have used your coffee many years without complaint. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, shortages of employees, product delivery, etc.
I would lay down my cup, drink black w/o sugar. It not turn bitter in the cup or.coffee make.
First I always shut the coffee maker off, the cup remained wherever I set it down. Never bitter.
Now it does, around an hour set on the table.
I do not microwave a cup of coffee, drink it as it is. Corporations has raped the public since the pandemic blew up around the country. Companies losing money and the consumer pays for it. Pitiful!

by: Anonymous


Less expensive blend
by: Anonymous

In the 80s Chock made a product called Ultra Blend which used a higher percentage of less expensive Robusta bean and the regular CFON was a more premium blend. Seems like today the regular CFON has become the new Ultra Blend.

Quantity of coffee
by: Anonymous

I do like chock full nuts but you can be more generous with the quantity of coffee in the can. Why can’t you fill it to the top like all the other brands. I actually returned a can thinking it was tampered with because it was only 3/4 filled.

6 Cans $50.00 lost undrinkable garbage
by: Theresa

purchased 6 cans 23 oz. Absolutely horrendous
taste. Perked one can terrible dishwater coffee
poured down sink. opened another same putrid taste. Tried to complain to chock full of nuts coffee but my email did not go thru.

It's chock full of something
by: Anonymous

Chock Full O' Nuts is NOT the same as it was originally formulated. It's been tampered with and cheapened for both production costs and for consumers' taste, but the price has increased.
Upper West Side sold on Amazon is really decaf. Amazon's fine print says so but every other description does not. Buyer Beware. Chock Full o Nuts is inside decaf, with no description anywhere on the box, the inside package, or the pod which reveals itself with the green strip around it.
Chock Full O Nuts is selling this on Amazon for several years. They seem to be dumping their inferior products on the internet. I call it fraud. Junk coffee in a revered name.

WTH happened to my coffee?
by: Anonymous

Been drinking it since the 70s & was a rabid fan. I even wrote a complaint letter to the company when they changed the design after 9/11 by removing what was obviously the twin towers. Still have a can with that design put away for nostalgic reasons.

The past 5 yrs or so the flavor has deteriorated so badly, it no longer is something I look forward to in the morning. Actually first thought it was because I quit smoking but the husband who still smokes said no, it tastes bad to him also. We then thought maybe it was the coffeemaker so we started trying different ones & still no good. Next replaced the tap water & tried bottled water instead but nope! And now, here I am doing a search of the internet & finding this page. It’s clear they changed & now I don’t know what to do. After over 50 yrs of loyalty, guess it’s time to shop for a new brand. What a shame.

Bitter with bad after taste
by: Anonymous

Bought a can of the original today because it was on sale and I remember that's what granny always had at her house years ago and it was always good. After my first cup I got the can and started looking for the type of beans used in production and couldn't find it listed anywhere (not proud of what they're putting in there I guess) I couldn't find it anywhere. It was bitter and not at all what I remember it tasting like . Back to Folgers I go

Try CFON New York Roast
by: -j

I'll bet that Chock Full o Nuts pulled the Arabica beans out of their "Original" coffee to create more flavor options (while making more profit off the Original flavor). The New York Roast is more like the original flavor - it's dark roasted 100% Arabica.

good coffee
by: Anonymous

I've switched to Tim Hortons, It's a great coffee and the only reason I'm buying one can of Chock is to put my ashes in. LOL

It doesn’t taste the same.
by: Be Shiny!


I started sipping on Chock Full of Nuts when I was maybe 19 or 20. My parents drank it and it was delicious. I never drank coffee on the regular but always like to keep some.

I recently bought Chock and I was wondering what happened. I’m a big nostalgia freak so this came as a shock. I’m glad though I’m not the only one that thinks it changed. I will keep searching and get back on here when I find it.

by: Robert Christian

I bought my first can of Chock full o' Nuts coffee a few months ago, I am now on my third large can. I must say, I have NEVER tasted a better cup of coffee in my whole life! I'm 66 years old and drink my coffee black and this is the best coffee I've ever drank, period...

Its def changed
by: DanK.

I agree, it has definitely changed.
My wife and I switched to this brand, after Maxwell house started selling dirt called coffee.
We honestly had to get used to CFON flavor, as it
was a little different than the MH Columbian we loved, but we did get used to it.
When our local food store started carrying CFON Columbian we switched to it.
I always thought maybe it was the metal can, that kept the flavor robust for CFON over MH, cause MH had gone to cardboard and plastic cans.
Now? Naaaahhh.
CFON is just as bad as MH was 10 years ago.
It just took them longer.
No strong coffee odor, no robust coffee flavor, just bland bitter coffee.

Chock ill of nuts
by: Anonymous

Good Evening!
I used to drink Brown Gold coffee which was really good.
Then they changed to pods and don't sell the coffee for
a coffee maker. Dunkin Donuts has 100% arabica coffee
beans but it is expensive - I use the dark roast Dunkin
donuts along withsome Shoprite coffee so it will not be too
strong. Ran out of the Shoprite to mix so will be using
a little Chock full of nuts after reading the posts I will
be less than what I would normallly use.

by: Anonymous

I decided to switch to Chock Full O' Nuts because of price and a memory of friends serving it to me several years ago. What a waste of money. It tastes nothing like I remember. Now I read these posts that they have added Robusta beans to the mix. Yuck, is all I have to say. I'm going back to the good stuff.

This might help!
by: Erika

Hi! I unfortunately I never had this coffee in what seems to be its Prime but I have been drinking it for a year or two now. I make mines with a French press, maybe that would help some of you? I let it bloom in the press for 30 seconds, then let the coffee brew for 3 mins. to 3 mins. & 30 seconds. I hope this helps someone!

Happy Drinking!

Taste is oh so odd
by: Rome

I've been noticing that since they changed to the new label almost all of the cans vacuum seals are loose. This is from different stores loose seal nasty coffee.
Anyone else notice the same?

What Happened?
by: Angry Coffee Drinker

I've been drinking their coffee since high school. The last several years using their pods for the Keurig makers. Suddenly the coffee changed, the pods changed, and they just lost a 40 year customer. Incredibly stupid move.

Us too
by: John and Gail

We tried everything even doubling the amount of coffee per pot (we use a percolator). Finally we switched to their 100% Colombian and after a little experimentation with quantify per pot we think we are pretty close to the old "Heavenly" coffee that used to be the original.
Has anyone else experienced the same?

Suddenly Flavorless
by: Anonymous

Completely agree. We've used CFo'N for 22 years and suddenly --it's undrinkable. It tastes like an entirely different coffee, harsh with very little "coffee" flavor. We're now trying different brands each week.

Acid burn
by: Anonymous

I have loved this coffee until a few months ago when something changed with the coffee.All the sudden I began having bad acid burn after drinking a cup of Chock Full Of Nuts original that never seemed to go away.I have had to change my brand of coffee because of this and as soon as I did no more acid burning.Wish the Company had not changed things.

chock full o cheap
by: Anonymous

Try Don Francisco northwest roast....

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