What's the brand of Coffee with the Highest Caffiene Content?

by Eddie Rankey
(Columbus, Ohio)


What brand of coffee Folgers, Maxwell House, Chock full of Nuts, White Castle, etc., has the highest (or strongest) caffiene content? For example, what brand of coffee has the highest mgs. per once, that you can buy off the shelf at the local Kroger's or local grocery store?


I really don’t know how those brands compare in their caffeine content.

There is information available on the varying caffeine content of coffee beans from different regions worldwide. And the way in which coffee is roasted and brewed can make a difference.

But I don’t know about the caffeine content of specific supermarket brands.

Anyway, let’s get the question out there...so maybe someone reading this will have a better answer and can add a comment below.

In the meantime, check out our page on caffeine in coffee.

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Black Insomnia Coffee
by: Anonymous

Black Insomnia Coffee has a mild taste and 1105 mg per cup of glorius caffeine! Love it!

Devil mountain
by: Anonymous

Black Label – Devil Mountain Coffee Company
Caffeine: 1555 mg per 12 fluid oz. Amazon

Highest at Walmart is death wish 728 mg per 12 oz

Best caffeine yet
by: Anonymous

A few years ago I was dragging at mid day. A barista at Starbucks fixed me up a double espresso latte. By the time I got back to work (5 min.) I was yeehawing, riding a bucking bronco. Man was I alive! Nuff said?

8:00 Alert & SToK Black Coffee Sh
by: Treesnote

I have found in store highest caffeinated is Eight O’Clock "Alert" (has yellow stripe label) w good flavor, but as it sells out moment on shelf,subsidize with a FABULOUS product by SToK cold brew coffee shots! Packaged the same as the little flavored individual creamers (think beside coffee in convenient stores) sold VERY reasonably priced in box right beside fore mentioned creamers in grocery isle? Might overlook, same company that makes the fab cold brew coffee in the dairy isle? But NOT the same in caffeine., Each "shot" declares a warning, notifying you to limit intake of two (2) daily (I use 4 in AM)but true to form, moment I inquired when restock would be? I can no longer find at ANY grocery here, now only convenience stores individually. But well worth the time to locate. Death Wish I can only find online.

by: Anonymous


Its the highest caffinated coffee in the world so far with over 900mg per 12oz

Death Wish Coffee
by: Anonymous

Death Wish has high caffeine and great taste.

Double Brew Baby
by: Bean There

If you arent double brewing your coffee you are leaving a ton of caffeine still in the grounds. The trick is while the grounds are still piping hot repour the coffee back into the reservoir and rebrew it. I use a Keurig with the screen basket and put in the Starbucks espresso sold at Walmart for 8 bucks or so and let me tell you if you want a lift and get moving then this is the way. Dont waste money on high end kiss ass coffee when you can have seriously kick ass coffee for the cheap. Try it ..you will be amazed.

one true brand......
by: Stax

Deathwish coffee is by far strongest in the land. But if your to lazy to order it online then go buy crap coffee from the store. Kicking horse comes close for store bought but who really wants to go out in public anyway? Don't do drugs and drink Deathwish ,get crackin

Coffee thoughts....
by: Anonymous

Grocery store coffee is often augmented (stretched) by various fillers such as coffee pulp, wood pulp, chicory, etc. Even the whole bean coffee is often stretched bu use of low grade robusta. I would think it would be hard to generalize caffeine amts...jm2cw

Dunkin' Donuts
by: JavaMan

I have no actual scientific proof but I've always read over the years that Dunkin' Donuts had the highest caffeine content.

Of course, as years have past and we have been introduced to so many coffee selections it's hard to tell. Years ago I drank Dunkin' Donuts in a pinch and it certainly did the job.

My tastes have graduated and I really love Kicking Horse brand, especially "Kick Ass" and "Expresso."

My brand name
by: Anonymous

The brand I like drinking is Kicking Horse Coffee. The blend is dark roast called "454 Horsepower". It's from Indonesia and has a velvety, earthy and spirited flavor. It's organically grown and has a high concentration of caffeine hence the name "454 Horsepower". I recommend this brand of coffee to anyone especially someone looking for no / low acidity coffee. This is my new favorite. I'm a coffee junkie. I've tried several hundred brands and this is on of the best.

Seattle's Best #3
by: Chris White

I have been drinking Seattle's Best #3 medium balanced for over 3 years.I bought a cup of it from Burger King in Alabama & drove all the way home to Georgia,about 105 miles.It kept me awake the whole time.So I asked them what brand they used & they showed me,"Seattle's Best #3."So I have been drinking it ever since.I can't say this has the highest caffeine content,but it does have a lot of caffeine in it to keep me awake. http://amzn.to/21QV3Mi

CoffeeCrave 5x Caffeine Coffee
by: caffeine5x

If you want a real kick, checkout CoffeeCrave's Fearless Black coffee for 5x the caffeine as regular coffee.

12oz ~ 800 mg of caffeine

Caffeine Class
by: CarieCafe

Colombian beans have the highest caffeine content.
The Arabica beans from the middle east and africa have the lowest.
The italian stovetop moka and pump machines keep the caffeine down by not contacting the beans too long. The longer the hot water contacts the grinds, the more caffeine dissipates into the pot.
Thus go fast and enjoy!
The worst pots are the french press and percolator pots. Also, the turkish, greek and south american style of dumping grinds into a saucer of boiling water increases the caffeine since you hover over the stove and stir and stir, thus loading up the caffeine content in an attempt to add flavor.
However you are adding bitterness and caffeine instead!

Lighter is Better
by: Anonymous

Go for the lighter blends for more caffeine also the breakfast Blends tend to have more also. This is in the store brands you can find in the grocery stores. There are others but more expensive and you usually have to order those brands on line.

highest caffeinated Coffee
by: D.J. Sunny Stream Cavanaugh

I need not say more

Silk Road by Catskill Organic
by: albanydrum@yahoo.com

Silk Road by Catskill Organic was and still is the best. Unfortunately they are out of business.
Anyone know who else sells this?

Strong coffees.
by: I drink coffee

Speaking purely from my experience as a coffee drinker, generally motivated solely by the desire to drink a strong cup of the stuff, I generally go for Lavazza Espresso. But Nescafe Original is very strong too, compared to many others.

taste and kick
by: foodiechick

I read the Consumer Reports article too and started buying Eight O'clock coffee for an everyday coffee and supplementing it with Millstone Kona and other more expensive whole bean a couple days a week. I do, however, get a better caffeine buzz and better flavor from the Millstone Kona. It is more expensive so I will continue with the Eight O'clock and stock up when Millstone goes on sale.

Eight O'clock Coffee
by: Anonymous

I thought Consumers really blew it when they recommended Eight O'Clock coffee. The only thing good about it is the low price. If you are used to good coffee you will instantly realize what a nasty taste it has. But then what do a bunch of Yankees know about coffee anyway??

Old Commercial
by: Thomas

Juan Valdez of Columbia is carrying a huge backpack on a donkey of the rich delicious coffee bean.
I bought some Eight O'clock 100% Columbian
coffee beans you ground yourself and it smells
and taste better than any coffee I have ever
tasted but I noticed more of a caffeine effect.
I should add I am use to chicory so add some
of that coffee to it.

Check out Consumer Reports
by: Scott

The only rating by brand I have found is in Consumer Reports, and it is a great report. http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine-archive/march-2009/food/coffee/ratings/coffee-ratings.htm

However, they do not include every brand. They point out that Millstone and Folgers have around 50mg /cup, but Caribou, Buck County and Archer Farms have over 180mg/cup.

The best tasting was Eight Oclock, and at 140mg/cup, has decent caffeine.

lighter is better
by: Marc the Shark

The darker the roast, the less caffiene there is so in actuality your basic cup of brewed Maxwell House will probably give you more than a French Roast from Star Bucks...Jamaican Blue Mountain gets my vote! The question is can you afford to buy it!

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