Where did coffee originate?

by Patrick
(Okotoks, AB)


Can you tell me where coffee first came from?


The first record of coffee as a beverage takes us back to Ethiopia in the 9th century. Legend has it that a shepherd observed how his goats experienced a sudden burst in energy and appeared to dance after eating the cherries of the coffee plant.

(That’s why you’ll occasionally find coffee shops and coffee blends with the words “dancing goat” in their name.)

When people first figured out that coffee was best consumed after the beans were roasted and ground, I really don’t know.

By the 15th century coffee was being enjoyed across the Middle East, from North Africa to Turkey and Persia.

Soon after, the Venetians imported coffee to Venice, from where the practice of drinking coffee slowly spread across Europe during the 17th century.

Coffee was slow to gain in popularity in North America. It wasn’t until the war with Britain in 1812, and the accompanying restrictions on the import of tea, that coffee really became a popular drink.

I hope this goes some of the way to answering your question!

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coffee origins
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