Why do I suddenly like coffee?

by Susan
(Crofton, BC)


I never used to like coffee, but now I love it. I’m 22 years old and was never, ever tempted when I lived at home.

Both my parents drank coffee first thing in the morning, literally as soon as they could after getting up. I never felt tempted. never once.

So what’s that about? How come I suddenly crave coffee?

I tried some at a girlfriend’s place and next thing I know I’m buying my own coffee maker!

I know it’s addictive, but why would I suddenly like coffee after years of being totally uninterested?



Susan, hi

I’ve heard this before.

Once you get into the habit, it’s no mystery. Caffeine is addictive. That’s why your parents were running downstairs for their first cup of the day. I’m the same.

As for why NOW… it may have to do with the fact that our taste buds seem to change in our teens and beyond. It’s like with beer and wine. They taste gross when we’re kids… and then suddenly they taste good!

Coffee has a bitterness that probably just isn’t appealing to younger palates.

I’m not a doctor or a food scientist, but that’s my best guess.

In the same way your palate matured to appreciate the tastes that come with beer and wine… the same probably goes for coffee.

I guess it’s more of a “grown up” taste.

Now you’re liking it… enjoy it!

Best wishes,


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