Why does coffee taste bad in a 100 cup coffee maker?

by keith


What can be done to make coffee taste better in a 100 cup maker?


A couple of things jump to mind.

First, someone might be skimping on the quality of the coffee. A hundred cups of quality coffee cost a lot more than a hundred cups of indifferent coffee.

Who is buying the coffee? Do you know what it is?

Also, I’m guessing that the hundredth cup of coffee is being poured quite some time after the coffee was first brewed. That’s going to hurt the quality as well.

To be honest, those big coffee makers are created to make large volumes of coffee without any hassle. Nice and easy. They are not made with gourmet quality coffee in mind.

If you are serious about making quality coffee, consider using a smaller machine and making more frequent and fresher brews.

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Why does coffee taste bad in a 100 cup coffee maker?
by: She-brews (D.C.)

I agree with "starting with a clean pot"....a clean pot can make even the worst brand of coffee taste tolerable.

a clean coffee pot is a happy one
by: food-o-holic

I agree with most of the comments about quality and the coffee sitting but coffee making is simple. Pour 180-190 degree H2O over coffee grinds and hello wonderful coffee. I had many a cup of industrial coffee and a clean pot can make the difference.

Making Good Coffee Taste Bad
by: Barry

You'll NEVER get a coffee to a "taste that you need to stop and try" standard unless it's made from a good quality espresso machine. The machine does not have to be of commercial quality however it does need to be a machine capable of producing a quality espresso shot (30ml in 30 seconds)with a rich crema on top.
Coffee left in a "stewed" state (ie through a drip filter machine or vending machine) becomes very bitter and acidic in taste after about about 6 or 7 minutes.
As with all things in life, quality counts and if you use poor quality coffee beans, you'll end up with poor quality in your cup.
An untrained barista (coffee maker) can make the very best coffee beans taste horrible. So get some training from a qualified barista.

U Get what U Pay 4
by: She-brews (D.C.)

Here in the land of laws, statues, bureaucrats and the FBI....coffee has to be on the money if you want anything to go well. However, I have found that when coffee is FREE...watch out!...because quality is the first to go! On the other hand I have had some wonderful cups of coffee here in D.C. coming right out of those 100 cup coffee makers....hmmm....maybe because its D.C.

P.S. We use Foldgers, Maxwellhouse and when we can....Community Coffee from Louisiana

by: keith

Have any suggestion on a brand to use. They are using folgers?

U 'urning for better Coffee?
by: Anonymous

True, those 100-cuppers are not the best pots for brewing gourmet coffee as such, but I always add about 1/2 cup more coffee than the "urn recipe" calls for--AND ALSO add 1 tsp. of vanilla! No one ever complains, but rather keeps coming back for more.

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