Why has my Tassimo brewer stopped working?

by Penny
(Vulcan, AB)

Our Bosch Tassimo Brewer

Our Bosch Tassimo Brewer


I have a problem with my Bosch Tassimo brewer. It turns on just fine. But when I add a T-Disc and then press the big button, it doesn’t brew. This is happening whether I’m just brewing coffee, or put a milk T-Disc in to make cappuccino.

It’s weird because when I press the button, I do hear the machine come to life. It makes the usual noise. But the water doesn’t come through. I have tried turning the machine on and off to “reset” it, but that hasn’t helped.

Do you know what the problem is? I would really appreciate some advice!



Penny, hi

Thanks for the question. You’re in luck…I think. We have had a similar problem with a Tassimo we use from time to time.

I did the same as you, trying to reset the brewer. I also descaled it, just in case.

Assuming your problem is the same as ours was…and it sounds like it might be…the solution is really simple.

You know how every T-Disc has a bar code? When you place the T-Disc in the brew-head, the barcode lies flat on a small area of glass. Or maybe it’s clear plastic. Anyway, beneath that glass or plastic is the barcode reader.

Our problem was that the glass or plastic had become dirty and the reader could no longer “see” the barcode clearly.

As a result, although the brewer came to life – just as you describe – it didn’t know what to do, because it wasn’t receiving any information from the barcode on the T-Disc. So it did nothing!

Here’s what you do. Turn the machine off, lift up the brew head, lift up the thin tray on which you place the T-Disc, and then look for the glass/plastic screen. If it’s dirty, give it a good cleaning.

Once we had cleaned ours, the problem was solved immediately. I hope it works for you too!


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Nov 12, 2017
Foaming milk discs plugged?
by: Anonymous

Opened a recently shipped new batch of foaming milk discs and sounds like pressure building up and no flow. Machine stops cycle and can't get the lid up without a lot of force. Other discs work fine. I've cleaned, descaled, etc., but you can hear the plastic pod expanding. After running the disc, I compared to others and see more pressure needed to push through an empty milk disc than one of the others.

I sent email to Tassimo/Gevalia and see what they say.

Nov 07, 2017
please help
by: katie

My mums tassimo joy machine has stopped working. The cup icon is just static and no noise, nothing is coming on from the machine. Its been cleaned etc but nothing. Any ideas please?????

Nov 06, 2017
Costa Latte Pods
by: Anonymous

I am having a similar problem to one other people have mentioned here. I had two packs of Costa Latte in which the Milk disk would not work at all, you would put one in the machine would make some weird noises and eventually start flashing two red lights, the only way of getting the lid open was to use a bit force at which point the milk sprayed all over the place. I reported it to Tassimo and was sent £10 worth of vouchers to cover the two wasted packs. I have just had the same thing re-occur on another pack, contemplating reporting this to them as well as these things are not cheap and it would appear there is a problem with some of the disks.

Nov 04, 2017
Tassimo not working
by: Anonymous

Can anybody help please.. turn my tassimo on place the disc and nothing happens no noise just the lights on... please help thanks Andy

Oct 28, 2017
Fixed and unlocked lid ... amazing
by: Anonymous

So I wanted to share my fix.as I had a similar problem of using a milk disc, weird grinding and then no milk coming out and lid locked down for 2 days, almost tossed my beloved Tassie several times and tried prying open and banging on it upside down numerous times risking breakage to figure it out! FIX: Reading over and over about the "barcode cleaning fix" helping so many but not being able to access that with the lock down I decided to UNPLUG hold over sink and flush hot water into the spigot and surrounding area where disk was inside. The stuck 2 day old milk started to flow out along with built up grinds and i kept hot water flowing a good 10 minutes. I righted tje machine on a towel on counter to drain out water then plugged in, filled water container, set back inside sink and turned on power --- turned on off several times and held down the brew button ..
It worked! It cycled spewing more stuff and unlocked! I then took out removable parts soaked to clean, UNPLUGGED and turned upside down over sink again and flushed inside with hot sink water and cleaned barcode reader! After reassembling, I plugged back in set it inside sink and turned on power for a trial run and as soon as I did it just pulled water through and up like a fountain with lid open and no disk and no heated water. I let this go and kept refilling water for about 10.refills - I figured maybe the "memory" was full of all the times I hit "brew" over and over kinda like when you hit print over and over on your computer .... anyway, after a bit, I turned off power, stuck a coffee disk in to get it to shift into barcode reading again, like a "hard reset" when your computer goes wonky. It made a mess, just running water, not heating, not stopping
So I would power down, open top (not locking anymore - progress!) make sure barcode reader was clean, put same used tdisk back in, same mess, repeatabout 10 times. Then put in the cleaning disk and it started responding to that ok, so I put in the old (cleaned) empty milk disk that had been stuck for 2 days and HELLO TASSIE! WELCOME BAXK!

Oct 27, 2017
Tassimo milk discs
by: Anonymous

I have had a problem with the milk discs from the Latte pack. Either they explode or do not work properly.
I have wasted 3 packs of the milk and I know that it isn't the machine as I have had 3 machines in a few days. My first was still in guarantee.
All other discs work, i.e.. cappuccino, americano, chocolate and creamers.
The last 2 machines were brand new but because of the exploding milk one was ruined.
I dare not use anymore of this batch of dodgy milk and am sending it back to the suppliers. Which they have asked me to do.
Don't be fooled into thinking it is the machine needing cleaning, my last 2 as I said were brand new.
This was a Costa pack not sure if Kenco would be as bad.
Hope this helps.

Oct 25, 2017
Tassimo Joy has same problem as Leslie
by: HeatherM

MyTassimo Joy was cleaned and descaled on Monday, today it is making weird noises and sprayed the latte milk everywhere. I’ve cleaned everything again but it is still not working properly. Any suggestions?

Oct 22, 2017
Tassimo not working
by: Jacs

Hi Stephen I have similar problem to yours. Did you resolve this? I love my Tassimo and hate to throw it away and too expensive to replace : (

Oct 22, 2017
Works fine for espresso disc, fails on foaming milk discs
by: Gerry

Mine too! I have two machines and both have started playing up when using the milk pods as opposed to any other. I have only noticed this since using the new milk pods. Both machines have started to dispense milk but stopped suddenly and leaked milk when I opened the lid. After which, one of the machines completely locked up the lid and needed a good bit of brute force to get it open again. I stripped out the other machine and cleaned all the parts and actually found that the dispensing spout was blocked with 2 foil discs that had come away from the pod. Despite clearing the blockage it still does the same thing but I find that slamming the lid more firmly seems to sort it.

Oct 21, 2017
Bosch task of machine
by: Marlena

Hi my tassimo is not working the orange light is still on when I put the disc in and press the silver button .there is nothing happening can u help the prob.i have just went out and got all the discs for it.

Oct 21, 2017
Great tip
by: Anonymous

Fab tip back to my lovely coffee. Thank you.

Oct 19, 2017
Unresponsive button
by: Brenna

Suddenly button to brew coffee is completely unresponsive. The light is green but will not respond when pressed. The barcode reader is not dirty. Will try once more but this is the second Tassimo to misbehave. I think it’s headed for the trash bin.

Oct 17, 2017
Tassmio not working.

Hi, I've had my Tassimo for a few years now and I love it. But this morning it started playing up. When I put the 2nd pod in for my caramel latte, water and coffee started leaking from where the pod is inserted. Now when I power up the machine, it makes the noise and water pours from where the podcast is inserted. Nothing happens when I press anything.

Oct 17, 2017
Works fine for espresso disc, fails on foaming milk discs
by: LeslieN

I had a problem where I was using the foaming milk disc to complete my latte. All of a sudden, a weird popping noise happened, and the lid froze shut. The milk never came out. I reset the Tassimo, cleaned the bar code reader, ran the descale process and changed the filter. Seemed to run great when using the espresso disc. However, would still make a noise like it was having problems either sucking up the water or pushing it through the disk. It was a squealing/grinding noise. The milk slowly came out but was not foaming or frothing. The light turned solid as if it were finished. I opened the lid and swoosh! Milk sprayed all over the unit. Anyone else have this problem and if so, how was it resolved? I would hate to have to start over with a brand new machine such as a Keurig as I believe that Tassimo brews a much better product.

Oct 17, 2017
by: Anonymous

Great tip, back to nicely brewed coffee for me!!

Oct 10, 2017
all lights on Braun Tassimo flashing
by: Anonymous

cannot get unit to work.. it is clean but has been sitting for a month unused... cleaning disc does not help with descaler as it won't produce water through the unit. any ideas??

Oct 08, 2017
yup, this worked
by: Anonymous

worked like a charm. Thank you!!

Oct 06, 2017
by: Anonymous

Thanks for a great tip.

Oct 06, 2017
Works a treat!
by: Anonymous

Brilliant, we're back up and brewing! Thank you!

Sep 29, 2017
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your help,I'm back in business !

Sep 27, 2017
JUST a Miracle! ! !
by: Gene

WooooooooW......... boy was that little window covered with junk. Once cleaned......bingo.....
coffee started brewing.

Thank you for being the Coffee Detective. Gene

Sep 23, 2017
Quick clean = perfect
by: Anonymous

Oh I am so glad I checked here. Quick clean as advised and now works perfectly !! Thank you

Sep 22, 2017
Half a lukewarm serving
by: Louise

My Tassimo is only giving me about half a serving, whether it is regular coffee or a late. It is not very warm. It makes its usual start up noises, but does not give it the shot of steam it used to provide. I've made sure that the bar code is clean and it has recently be descaled. Any suggestions? Thanks,

Sep 12, 2017
easy fix
by: Anonymous

Yay!! Easy fix and turned my day around! Thanks for the info!

Sep 04, 2017
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the tip! Cleaning the little plastic window did the trick in seconds.

Sep 03, 2017
by: Anonymous

Same problem for us too. Thanks to your posting all sorted and working again!!

Aug 30, 2017
Back in business
by: Anonymous

Thanks did the trick

Aug 29, 2017
by: Anonymous

I cleaned that glass where the bar code hits. Still no water coming out. Any other suggestions? Judy

Aug 26, 2017
by: Anonymous

it worked!

Aug 25, 2017
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the tip. Fixed in 2 minutes.

Aug 16, 2017
Thanks for the tip!
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem as Penny - all sorted now 😊

Aug 09, 2017
Same problem
by: Anonymous

Thanks, this worked for me as well. Have been pushing the manual fill button for a month. Was about to toss it out. Thanks for saving the day... and the machine... lol

Aug 04, 2017
Lights stay on and will not work
by: Brian bett

When I turn my tassimo on the three lights just keep flashing and the machine won't work any ideas

Aug 02, 2017
Cold Coffee
by: Gloria

My Bosch Tasismo will not heat. The coffee comes out cold. Any suggestions?

Aug 01, 2017
by: Anonymous

Hi, I had the same problem, and thanks to your posting, it works fine again.

Jul 25, 2017
by: BobC

Just made an Americano and a Latte and tried to make a second Latte when the machine stopped after the milk with the orange light on. It would not do anything after that. Switched on off but just the orange light stayed on. Left the machine for ten minutes then it worked correctly. Does this mean that making successive drinks can cause the machine to 'overheat' and shut down or is it starting to become faulty?

Jul 23, 2017
Brand new Tassimo brewer
by: Anonymous

Sounds like it is defective.
Return it to the place where u bought it with the receipt.
Good luck with that.

Jul 22, 2017
Brand New Tassimo Brewer Won't Work
by: Pam

We just took our machine out of the box, followed all the directions and the red water light will not go off and nothing happens. We tried the yellow disc and coffee disks but nothing works. It appears that no water is entering the machine at all.

Jul 15, 2017
Won't stop
by: Anonymous

Hi. The water just keeps coming out. No longer stops once coffee is made. Any hints?

Jul 10, 2017
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the tip, my girlfriend's same brewer was acting up and this fixed it right up. Thank you again!

Jul 08, 2017
Problem With Vivy Machine
by: Anonymous

Hey Everyone, Im having an issue with my Vivy Tassimo machine I think it needs descaling but when i add the cleaning pod the cup light turns red and it wont do anything
Does anyone have any suggestions ive cleaned the bar code reader and its still the same
Can anyone help me please
Many Thanks

Jul 04, 2017
Good as new
by: Anonymous

Ready to toss my Tassimo and read your suggestion to clean the glass where the disk reads the bar code.

Glad I read your suggestion. All is working again.

Thank you

Jul 03, 2017
add water light blinks
by: rick

add water light blinks regardless of all i did and wont descale nor brew

Jul 02, 2017
Dirty barcode reader
by: CJ

I have the same problem ref screen dirty ref reading barcode..I keep wiping over but not sure if I should use some sort of cleaner ?

Jun 23, 2017
cold water
by: Anonymous

My tassimo (Bosch) was showing it needed to be descaled and I did that (twice because the light would not go off). Now only cold water comes through... is it fixable???

Jun 18, 2017
It worked!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much!

Jun 13, 2017
Lights on but no water is coming through
by: Anonymous

Hi my tassimo has stopped working the red and yellow light are on but no water is coming through, I have no descaler tablet in the unit, would that be the reason

Jun 12, 2017
My tassimo lid won't open
by: Fiona

Hi my tassimo my lid won't open I put the cleaning pod in and it won't open . is it knackered

May 30, 2017
Fixed my Bosch Tassimo Joy
by: Tony

After taking the sides off the machine (there is a good YouTube video for that) I opened and cleaned the valves at the bottom and top of the heating element. The top is difficult to get at and involves taking the heating element off its suspensory coils. Both valves need a 30 degree clockwise turn to open. Be careful not to lose any of the inner bits, clean them, and reassemble. Then flush the whole system, with the orange disk in place, with very hot water in the reservoir several times. I found that this cleaned out anything that was still in the system.
It worked for me, but I cannot guarantee it working for everybody. Hope this helps somebody.

May 26, 2017
Still doesn't work
by: Anonymous

The green and red light work after cleaning. But nothing came out of the machine.

May 22, 2017
3 red lights
by: Anonymous

Hi I recently had a tassimo vivy bought for me but when's I went to use it this morning it just keeps flashing with 3 red lightship iv cleaned everything but still nothing.
Can anyone help

May 18, 2017
3 red lights
by: Anonymous

Hi we just got a 2nd hand machine and it won't work when we put any disc in it goes from yellow light to 3 flashing red lights even on the cleaning disk we gave cleaned the barcode reader and still nothing same thing sorry it's a vivy machine

May 15, 2017
+ green cup light
by: Anonymous

Yes ! Cleaning the glass screen worked , one last try before I binned my machine ... thank you 😊

May 15, 2017
Overflowing Bosch Joy
by: Tony

After 2yrs of excellent use, I now have the overflow problem. All seems to work well until half a cup of liquid has been dispensed, then the flow stops and boiling fluid collects in the bottom of the drip tray. On taking the sides off the machine. I can see that the collection is from an overflow tube from the pod unit to the drip tray. I feel that there is something in the pod unit which ‘ball-valves’ and so stops the flow or there is a pressure valve deep inside the unit which closes as the steam pressure begins to fall during the dispensing flow. No amount of cleaning or descaling has made any difference.
Has anyone any suggestions beside buying another unit?

May 07, 2017
siezed lid problem
by: Anonymous

I gave my machine a very good cleaning.
Descaling as well.
Made sure the bar code area is very clean.
It works well now.
Hope those ideas will help u out.
I also had to deal with a siezed lid for one week.

May 07, 2017
Seized lid
by: Maureen

I went to make a coffee this morning and all seemed to be okay.....but at the end of the brewing, I heard a hissing sound and coffee spit out. Then I tried to open the lid and it seems to be seized - cannot open it to get the disc out or put a new one in. Any ideas??

May 03, 2017
by: Anonymous

Tassimo green light won't come on its not working been thoroughly cleaned

Apr 27, 2017
Tassimo vivy
by: Hannah

I dont regularly have a cuppa from my machine but i know its not dirty.i made an oreo drink this morning and only a red light popped up next to the top cup emblem so proceeded and i got a measly have a mug,ive tried pressing other buttons with another milk pod in but it just wasnt readind so then i decide to clean it with the cleaning pod thing and no matter what i was pressing nothing was happening.
To top it off i am drinking my oreo drink only to find part of a very small peice of red plastic(the sams colour as machine)which could only have got into my drink through the nozzle.
I have no receipt only the instructions. Help please

Apr 26, 2017
Small amount of water comes out
by: Richard

Tassimo vivy. was working fine but now only small amount of water comes out about half a cup. Clean reader and descaled but nothing happens still only smaill amount of water. Any ideas

Apr 25, 2017
Red light
by: Charleen

Sometimes I have the same problem as u with red light.
I think it sometimes doesn't read the code right.
It It can be quite sensitive.
I keep working with it until I get it working.
Take lots of patience.
Good luck with that.

Apr 23, 2017
Red light
by: Anonymous

Red light comes on when I close lid, I cleaned window and all removable parts, still not working and also doesn't recognize yellow cleaning pod!? What should I do?

Apr 23, 2017
lid locked
by: Charleen

This morning i managed to open it up without any problems.
Gave it a good cleaning & descaled it as well.
My green tea latte tasted great.
Regular cleaning really makes a big difference in any coffee maker.

Apr 21, 2017
by: Anonymous

ON off button not working donthey burn out tried cleaning can't drscalexas button not working

Apr 15, 2017
lid locked
by: Charleen

I am dealing with the same problem.
I have a pod in there now & I have no idea how to open it up.
So I am very stuck too.
I have a T-55 model.

Apr 09, 2017
Bar code reader.
by: Anonymous

I have a Tassimo T65 cleaned the bar code glass and descaled it does not make a difference as when i make a capucino only half the milk is dispensed. Is the reader faulty? Is it replaceable?

Apr 04, 2017
by: Anonymous

I have tried to Clean my machine but I took the piece of paper off which has the bar code on does that mean it won't clean because of that.

Apr 01, 2017
Water leaks?
by: Anonymous

My Tassimo Suny is leaking water from the slot you put the cup holder in,some coffee pours to cup but half the water leaks out under it? Any solutions?

Mar 31, 2017
Orange light but no activity
by: Chris A

The orange light comes on but nothing happens.
I've dried under the water tank, emptied and refilled the tank, stripped the nozzle out to clean, wiped the barcode scanner and flattened the barcode on the pod.
I have only used it four times and it's stopped.
After a the hype on TV advert, I find I'm very dussappinted!

Mar 27, 2017
red light wouldn't go off
by: glider53

Thank you to the gentleman who suggested cleaning the bar code reader... ITS WORKING AGAIN :)

Mar 27, 2017
Assistance required
by: Anonymous

The red light for the water reservoir is on and I cannot seem to proceed with anything until it resolved. Can you help at all?

Mar 17, 2017
Half volume
by: Roger

I only get half a cup of strong coffee. It also only gives half the milk when using for a capachino, there is always some left in the disc.
I have cleaned everything, run the program in the instructions etc. Can anyone help.

Mar 16, 2017
by: sandra

the red lights stayed on after I used the cleaning pod what can I do

Mar 16, 2017
Not working
by: Norman

I have had the machine about two years very good .one pod leaked coffee all over it and stoped ,have cleaned every thing but will not switch on .

Mar 11, 2017
by: melissa

hi my problem is a bit different the light that looks like sun shine on the left flashed red when i go to use is and i can't find out why! and now it has stopped filling the cut up properly! help!! please!!!

Mar 10, 2017
Frothy milk
by: Wendy

Hi, my problem is the flow of milk coming out of the machine. It is only coming out one side of the hole and the milk isn't frothy like normal. I have descaled the machine but this hasn't helped. I noticed there was a lot of water in the hole at the top (where the water runs through the pod into the machine).

Mar 08, 2017
Short measures!!
by: Anonymous

My machine seems to be only producing half the volume it should. Have cleaned and descaled. The barcode reader is clean. Any hints anyone?

Mar 06, 2017
Please HELP
by: Anonymous

I've just purchased a Bosch Tassimo machine and have followed the step by step setup guide.

It Turns on Fine and shows the orange indication light but when I tried to clean it with the yellow service cap in the back of the machine it wouldn't turn green to allow the machine to clean ready to make my first drink after trying the same procedure about ten times it finally did the clean cycle but once I tried to put a Costa latte cap into the machine it is continuously staying on the orange light and not moving to the green light.

I am completely Stumped all I want is a latte can anyone help it is brand new and never been used am I doing something wrong I've tried following online tutorials and can't seem to see what I'm doing wrong.

I've cleaned the bar scanner with a damp clean cloth ive checked all connection sections are secure I'm completely puzzled on this one

Mar 05, 2017
Foil blocking nozzle
by: Jeffo

My machine was playing up. During cleaning I noticed a small piece of foil from a pod had lodged in the nozzle. Once removed the machine worked fine.

Feb 27, 2017
Thank you!!!!!
by: Karen

Thank you! Bang on!!!

Feb 23, 2017
Thank you so much
by: Anonymous

Your instructions solved the problem.

Feb 19, 2017
Tassimo T45 switches on but doesn't work!
by: Elliott

My tassimo T45 has stopped working recently. Since we bought it, it has been working fine no matter how many coffees we made each day. Normally we'd make 3 or 4 coffees a day in it. However as of recent it has been switching on okay but whenever I put a pod in and hit start nothing happens. I've used my service disk, cleared the barcode area, flattened the barcode, took the nozzles out and cleaned them myself. Replaced the water but nothing is happening. It worked once to clean in the last week but since then I've been unable to make coffee. It's only 2 months old so can't be in any bad shape from 4 coffees a day? Help please!!

Feb 17, 2017
Simple but clear instructions - thank you
by: Anonymous

thank you so much !!! Simple, clear instructions that worked .. after trying to define the problem and not getting anywhere on the videos and tassimo site ... it was such a pleasure to find your site...

Feb 14, 2017
Nothing happens
by: Elliott

My tassimo is barely 2 months old. Only used once or twice a day. Recently it stopped working. The cup light is on as usual, the filter is on at the back as usual however when I put a disc in it does nothing when I hit start. The water is full, the barcode is completely clear. I've switched it off and on used different pods but to no avail. Any help?

Feb 07, 2017
Tassimo not working
by: Joe

Went to put my tassimo on nothing there at all change fuse over still nothing there can you help please.

Feb 06, 2017
by: Anonymous

Thankyou so much Nick. YOur solution has solved our problem too. We were just about to throw the machine.!!

Feb 05, 2017
Can anyone help
by: Anonymous

I've had my Tassimo for a year now. A couple of days ago I put my disc in as usual and pressed the button. The coffee went everywhere and it made a funny noise. I turned the machine off cleaned the coffee up and then made two drinks with it and turned off again. This morning I tried to turn the machine on and nothing happened. None of the lights turned on and no noise,just dead. Any ideas?

Feb 01, 2017
Red light
by: Anonymous

I've cleaned my machine.... rescale it... rinsed it but still the red light keeps coming on...
Can anyone advise what to do now ?

Feb 01, 2017
Not working
by: Anonymous

My bosch Massimo machine not working no light on the machine attall

Jan 30, 2017
tassimo not working
by: Anonymous

Plz help me. My tassimo T47 can switch on but does not work the cup appears but there is no noise that shows it is working. Sometimes the fill the water tank icon appears. The water tank leaks.

Jan 27, 2017
Watery drinks
by: Anonymous

I had my tassimo for Christmas and everything was going fine, we loved it but all of a sudden the drinks taste watery and I don't think all the coffee is being taken from the pods. Any ideas?

Jan 27, 2017
Tassimo Stopped Working
by: Anonymous

Thank you. Cleaning the reader worked like a charm.

Jan 26, 2017
Barcode on pod was the problem
by: Jan

Couldn't get the machine to work at all, I tried everything, in the end I smoothed the barcode flat on the pod with my finger put it back in the holder and the machine worked again. The barcode reader under the pod holder couldn't of been able to read the barcode so it stopped working..

Jan 25, 2017
Not brewing
by: John best

When I put the tdisc in the brewing light does not come on

Jan 21, 2017
Old water left in tank
by: Anonymous

Our beloved Tassimo machine went unused for a few months while we were out of the country, and some idiot (me) forgot to empty the water tank before we went.

Now the bottom of the tank is covered in crusty bubbles and the small disc that measures water depth is a weird greeney-grey colour.

Is it safe to use? We ran the cleaning cycle and changed the water but the coffee still smells and tastes a bit weird.

Jan 20, 2017
Another issue
by: Dave

Is if you spill a load of water at the back... how it knows? Not a clue but dry up the machine where the tank goes and it works again.

I have dealt with every issue here but 3 years later it's still working.

It's aggravating at times but in general really good

Jan 18, 2017
Problems with Tassimo Joy
by: Anonymous

I was about to return the second machaine I have bought in the last 6 months. Your comments below stopped me from returning the second one. Yes the order in which you do things is important. Turn machine on and then put in disk.
The first machine I had problems with the T disk. Was told by customer services to flatten the bar code with my thrumb which didn't work. Then to clean the bar code with cleaning liquid. So it worked for a few cups and then stopped again. Very frustrating and why doesn't Tassimo give clearer instructions? But thanks for useful comments below

Jan 17, 2017
Small drinks
by: Anonymous

I've had my tassimo for about a year and I buy the same pods each week.

A few weeks ago the machine started to make much smaller cups of coffee. I would guess about half the amount that it would usually make.

It is regularly descaled and the barcode reader is clean.

Any idea what is causing this?


Jan 15, 2017
Short measures
by: Anonymous

Seen same question asked before but can't see any answer. Bar code reader cleaned de scaled etc etc. Machine only produces roughly half measures. Any suggestions?

Jan 14, 2017
Tassimo Start button sticks
by: Anonymous

My Tassimo machine works but recently the Start button is a little difficult to push to activate and it is clicking like it is about to stick and stay stuck.

Before I try to take it apart, if I can, to fix it I thought I would ask if anyone else had this issue. If so how did you resolve it?

Thanks in advance,

Love my

Jan 13, 2017
Not working
by: Anonymous

the Orange light is on. I've cleaned the glass for the bar code reader and repositioned water tank but still not working any other suggestion? Please I'm missing my coffee

Jan 08, 2017
Not read pod barcodes
by: Anonymous

I had my second tassimo for Christmas. All working fine then suddenly it decided it wasn't going to read the Bircotes on the pods or maintenance disc. I did a thorough clean and paid special attention to Bargoed reader, still nothing but after a lit for fiddling I have found that it a put a little bit of pressure on the pod lid I hear a click, and the the orange light goes off and the green one lights up and it reads the codes. Obviously this means I have to stand there with my hand on the lid for it to work. Hoping it's a simple adjustment and I don't have to return to repair. Anyone got any ideas?

Jan 02, 2017
Tossimo not brewing
by: Anonymous

I thought I should share the solution to my tossimo..
The first time i turned it on the yellow button(ready) was on although the water was full. I cleaned the bar code scanner, re position the cleaning disc. But still not brewing. Water was full. Not brewing. Finally I had lifted the water container at the back and repositioned again. Boom! It brewed!
Hope this works for your tossimo. Mine works perfectly! Thanks for all the tips here.

Dec 31, 2016
Cold water
by: Anonymous

Have desalted but dispenses only cold water and weak cold coffee.

Dec 26, 2016
Thank you
by: Anonymous

I had removed the bar code as i didn't realise it was important and just thought it was another bit of packaging. This saved Christmas! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

Dec 13, 2016
Tassimo quit working
by: AnonymousRena

Green and red light stay on. Will not work at all. I love my machine and have had it for a while. Help

Dec 10, 2016
Tassimo won't work
by: Anonymous

Took me quite a while, but I finally realized that the order of operations is the most important fix. Turn the machine on, before you put the disc into the machine, especially if you are using the Service T Disc. I was leaving the Service Disc in the machine while descaling or cleaning. Once I turned the machine off and on and then put in the disc, the Tassimo performed beautifully. None of the directions show this very important simple step.
Hope it works.

Dec 05, 2016
All lights flashing
by: Phil love my coffee

I noticed other people have mentioned all lights flashing but could not read any further?! Is it the end of my Tassimo or is there a fix? Model is pre bar code reader!!

Dec 05, 2016
new vivy machine not working
by: Anonymous

I brought this machine and have tried to do the initial running of the cleaning the machine numerous times. The cup light comes on but nothing else happens despite me making sure that everything is done right.

Dec 03, 2016
Fill light fix
by: Anonymous

If your machine won't work and the fill
Light is on even though its full...
In the water tank is a float at the bottom.
Take it out and rub it with another stonger
Magnet for about two minutes. Then put it all back

Nov 28, 2016
No water flow
by: Dale

I have a Bosch Tassimo coffee maker. And the motor runs but no water comes through. I've tried decalcifying but no water comes through in that process either. I've tried resetting the machine but that does not help. I've cleaned the bar code reader window, but that does not help. Would appreciate advice. Perhaps there is just a blockage somewhere and there's nothing to correct it?

Nov 23, 2016
by: Anonymous

I have been stood here for half an hour trying to get my tassimo to work, no water would come through. Read the advice about cleaning the plastic so that it can read the pods barcode. Awesome advice, worked straight away 😁

Nov 22, 2016
Basch Tassimo 'fill water' message on but IT IS FILLED WITH WATER
by: Anonymous

I have a problem with my Bosch Tassimo brewer. It turns on just fine. The reservoir is filled with water but the read-out says 'fill water'....I don't know what to do??

Nov 22, 2016
cold coffee
by: Anne

Coffee maker cleaned and descaled even thought the descaler light will not turn off...now serving luke warm coffee....help....I need my fix...any advice greatly appreciated..

Nov 20, 2016
by: rachel

my tassimo machine runs through as normal but the coffee is cold the the descaler and more water red lights flash HELP????

Nov 20, 2016
Lid Locked
by: Anonymous

The Tassimo Vivy has decided to put a permanent orange light on and lock the lid so now its a block of plastic and metal scrap!

Nov 19, 2016
by: Anonymous

Tried cleaning it not much help put a different disc in worked perfect? Maybe a faulty disc but all the comments on this thread helped solve it so thanks

Nov 19, 2016
All light flashing
by: Anonymous

When i turn on my taddimo all lights are flashing and it does not wor

Nov 18, 2016
by: Anonymous


Nov 18, 2016
red and green flashing lights
by: anne bramwell

both the red and green lights are flashing on my Bosch Tassimo machine I have cleaned the glass checked the water what else can I do

Nov 18, 2016
Very noisy Tassimo
by: Anonymous

When switched on my tassimo makes the two or three short noises but when it starts to brew the noise at the front of the machine is horrendous. I cleaned the reader and I also used Bosch cleaning tablets. Is there anything I can do?

Nov 14, 2016
red light staying on
by: Anonymous

I have followed the cleaning and descaloing instructions in the user manual of my tassimo sunybut the red light is still on,and it is not brewing properly.what do I need to do?

Nov 08, 2016
Tassimo not working
by: Tonya

I have the tassimo t45 it turns on fine, no flashing lights. I've cleaned it, reset, descaled, everything and it's not working properly. It doesn't brew hot water at all and it just runs and runs water non stop. Any suggestions?

Nov 07, 2016
by: Anonymous

The red lights on my tassimo continue to flash and will not perk ..why....could really use some help

Nov 05, 2016
Both lights flash
by: Anonymous

My tassimo starts filling up the cup it's not hot water and it stops mid point then both red lights flash. I have cleaned it and checked the bar code reader and reset it but nothing changes what do I do

Oct 26, 2016
by: Lee

Turned on. But red light keeps flashing.. please help..

Oct 18, 2016
by: Dave

Thanks for the advice! It worked! THANK YOU FOR THE POST! My partner is now going cartwheels in the kitchen once again!!!

Oct 16, 2016
Bosch Tassimo
by: Anonymous

Coffee mug will only fill up a quarter, we have cleaned the bar code reader as the instruction manual,descaled,cleaned it & still no change, it seems as though it is missing a process during the filling cycle, tried different pods & still no luck, any ideas.

Oct 02, 2016
Easy when you know how!
by: Stu

Hi Nick

On your advice checked out the bar code glass and sure enough it was filthy! Cleaned it up, retried.

Thanks so much for sharing this fix!


Oct 01, 2016
thanks, worked a treat!
by: tim

Thanks, worked a treat!

Sep 14, 2016
green lights stays on
by: elsie

My Tassimo suddenly quit giving a cup of coffee.
Yet, the green light stays on. It does not make any noice when it is switched on.

Sep 14, 2016
Thanks thanks thanks
by: Gary

Son took his Tassimo to University and it has not worked after 2 days. Brought it home and we just fixed it! Thanks so much

Sep 13, 2016
Thank you !
by: Narumito

My mother is making everyday coffee using this machine and she had this problem too and I was able to fix it after cleaning the glass thing . Thank you again !

Sep 12, 2016
Bosch tassimo coffee maker
by: David

Thanks so much.Fixed the problem immediately.

Sep 03, 2016
user in France
by: barry

Thank you, our machine is 1 week old, we hadnt a clue till I asked the internet search, wiped the window and it works fine.

Sep 02, 2016
Warter not going through
by: Anonymous

Where are the four screws located on coffee maker I want to check the warter pipe not blocked quorum quo

Aug 30, 2016
Thought I'd die of thirst
by: FoxyLoxy

Had my Tassimo as a present.....omg what a difficult machine to get used to. As new I descaled it obviously, then I went to make a cup of coffee....it took me virtually 3 hours to understand it, in the end I found it quicker to watch Youtube in French, than read the instructions. Couldn't get it to brew earlier, but, wiped the pkace where the barcode reads.....and I've a lovely mug of tea lol.....maybe a bit of patience is needed from, me

Aug 29, 2016
Will not start
by: Lori

when I turn my machine on, it only shows the standby in yellow and the descaler in red and won't turn on. I've tried the service disc and it still won't change, and I've held the start button down for a few seconds, still no change.

Aug 28, 2016
My tassimo red light keeps coming on saying add water. The water level is full! Help
by: Kaitlyn

My tassimo red light keeps coming on when I turn it on and says add water. The water level is full. It won't work at all or brew anything. What does this mean? Time to toss and get a new one?

Aug 23, 2016
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much was about to buy another one thinking its now gabage.

Aug 23, 2016
by: Anonymous

Yes your remedy worked, gave the reader a wipe or 2 and it worked. Thanks. Also to the person that said dont know why it read the descaler and not the coffee disc, what i also noticed is the barcode on the actual drink tdisc can become slightly crumpled but the descaler this doesn't happen because its solid plastic therefore stays flat,maybe this is a factor too because i straightened out the barcode on mine also.

Aug 16, 2016
Saved me buying a new one
by: Anonymous

Had the similar issue, I wiped clean the window area for the barcode but no change. Then I decided to try another disc, and it worked. Perhaps the disc was just bad, but either way, I'm brewing again and have $100 in my pocket to keep.

Aug 15, 2016
coffeemaker does not make coffee
by: frustrated coffee maker

cleaned the barcode on tassimo coffeemaker and it still does not make coffee,makes noise ,but no water comes through the spout. what can I do next?

Aug 10, 2016
Fab tip !!
by: Tracy

Thank you for the tip, was just about to throw mine out of the window, tried your tip and it's working 😃😃😃

Aug 04, 2016
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you soooo much! Like previous comments, our machine has been unusable and it was so simple to put right!!!

Aug 02, 2016
by: Deejay

Your recommendation worked perfectly… Thanks!

Jul 31, 2016
T-Discs Not Recognised
by: Carol Channon

So logical and the answer to my problem. I just couldn't understand why my machine accepted the descale disc, but not the coffee pods. Thank you so much.

Jul 25, 2016
by: Gerri

Before Google it would have cost me a new machine...Thank you worked like a dream :)

Jul 04, 2016
Tassimo stopped working suddenly!
by: Manda

Brilliant! THANK YOU Nick! I don't know what we will do without the internet!!! Works 100% again :-)

Jun 30, 2016
Barcode window
by: Debbie

Just bought a brand new machine same problem thanks it works perfectly now after wiping with a piece of kitchen towel 😄

Jun 15, 2016
Not Brewing
by: Frans Hals

Tasimo will not brew when activated. Green light on.

Jun 12, 2016
by: Wanting

The light change from Orange to right when I make caffee , I tried to clean the barcode glass, it doesn't work, help!!

May 28, 2016
Tassimo not worker
by: Anonymous

My Bosch tassimo vivy has a constant orange light which turns red when I try to descale or make a coffee help

May 14, 2016
Thank You!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much! I just cleaned the barcode reader and it works like a charm. :)

May 10, 2016
Machine not working
by: Anonymous

Worked for me too, thanks. The barcode reader didn't look dirty but obviously it was.What did we do before Google?

May 01, 2016
by: Anonymous

hi I had the same problem on my tasimo too and I google the problem and this page came up so I was reading and I saw your advice and then tried then it worked and now works perfect so thank you

Apr 23, 2016
barcode problems
by: Adrian H

All too often it is quite easy to blame the machine for not doing what it is supposed to do when its possible to be the disc at fault. Dirty barcode window is on the right track but not always the fault, I have discovered that the barcode on the discs sometimes do not sit quite as they should and that by using your finger gently rubbing the foil where the barcode is to flatten it works. Hope this helps

Apr 10, 2016
Absolute rubbish
by: Really annoyed!

I too seem to have the same problem everyone has, inasmuch that there is very little water coming through. I have tried all suggestions previously mentioned but to no avail! I only purchased this one month ago, so it can only be faulty from the outset.
I am very very disappointed that Bosch have manufactured such a rubbish coffee maker .... And by the sounds of things I am not alone in thinking this.
If anyone has any other suggestions besides cleaning the bar code I would love to hear from them.

Apr 06, 2016
Tassimo pods retaining water
by: Crissy

When trying to make a cappuccino and having placed the coffee pod in the machine, the unit clunks and gurgles and eventually water starts to come through but nowhere near enough as it should . On checking the pod it is full of water. Works ok on americano pods !

Apr 05, 2016
coffee flat
by: k

Hi can any one help manchine has been great untill now and coffee keeps coming out flat cleaned it descaled it cleaned the scanner bit but still coffee is flat please help

Apr 02, 2016
Not working
by: Anonymous

My tassimo showing the descaling light but wen i start process the tassimo hums the start light and descaling light flash then nothing. Has full water clean code reader

Mar 19, 2016
Stopped frothing
by: Anonymous

Hello my Tass was bought at Christmas last year and was fine until recently it stopped frothing the coffee. We cleaned it etc as per advice on here. Made a new coffee today a little froth and tastes horrible. Help!

Mar 16, 2016
Brew Strength
by: Anonymous

My Tassimo has stopped brewing at the same strength. the amount of water is the same dispensed but it comes out into the cup as a transparent tinged brown water and has no flavour. I've tried cleaning decsaling and running vinegar through my system and still no solution.

Mar 11, 2016
Short water measure when brewing
by: Mel

My Tassimo 2012 has been out of use for 18 months (we moved and it didn't get taken back out of its box)
We have run the cleaning disc, descaled, cleaned the water pipe and scanner. When we run the cleaning programme the correct amount of water runs through (200ml), however when we put the T discs in it is making 175ml or less sometimes for the Cadburys hot chocolate (should be 215ml) and for the Americano Grande which should be 275ml it is producing anything between 165 and 195ml.
Has anyone had a similar problem and were you able to resolve it?

Mar 06, 2016
by: Anonymous

working fine now thanks

Feb 15, 2016
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

I was thinking I would have to dispose my Tassimo but after reading this a quick 30 second wipe and it's saved ! Delighted

Feb 11, 2016
water everywhere
by: sj

My Tassimo starts okay makes half a beverage and the rest of the water winds up on my counter. I tried cleaning out the machine, cleaned off the reader window, changed the water, unplugged it, turned it off and on, used the water disc and still it doesn't work properly.
Also, it is the very first model of Tassimo.
Can you suggest anything I haven't tried?

Feb 09, 2016
Clean the water pipe
by: Anonymous

Hi , Ive cleaned the bar code, still not dispensing enough water. It was plain to see that lime scale had got into the main pipe leading from the tank to the dispensing end.
Had to remove the 4 screws under the pad unit, then remove 2 screws holding the water pipe. Low and behold it was blocked with lime scale.
I removed the plastic end of the pipe, let out the lime scale, put it back together and......yes Coffee.
It's clear that if water is not getting through the clever machine stops working.
Hope this helps

Feb 09, 2016
by: Ruthie

Thank you for that tip, it worked for me too. I was also going to ditch the machine and replace it .

Jan 24, 2016
Red light
by: Anonymous

When I press to brew the orange light turns red no other light comes on ie water descaling I've tried cleaning barcode reader flatten out barcode stripped nossel it won't clean or anything help

Jan 24, 2016
It worked for us too! Thank you!!
by: Anonymous

Perfect solution!!! Thank you so so much!! xx

Jan 18, 2016
No green brewing light
by: Pam

Thank you we were having meltdown because it wasnt working and this has solved the problem

Jan 14, 2016
Nick's tip
by: Pascal

Thank you Nick for the answer...
Perfectly fixed my issue with Bosch machine !!

Jan 11, 2016
by: JT

Thank you so, so much for the advice which worked a treat! I was pulling my hair out (the small amount left of it!) and was having to resort to instant coffee - yuck!! Now in business again - hurrah!!

Jan 10, 2016
by: P

my coffee is not filling all the way to the top any more ..i just finished descaling. thanks

Jan 02, 2016
it works
by: Anonymous

yes the tassimo window was clouded over and couldn,t read the disk, we took a clean soapy q-tip and immediately the machine worked again..... thank you

Dec 27, 2015
Red spinkle light comes on
by: Anonymous

When o lifted up the part of tassimo to clean out old coffer ground it stopped work un properly. The green light doesn't come on only the red sprinkle light on the left side when facing machine. It will sometimes work with red light on. Not sure how to fix it. I cleaned it with the Barcode disc but green light still doesn't come on

Dec 20, 2015
by: Kim

Opened my new Tassimo brewer and won't brew and water dispenser leaking all over... an electrical hazard. I did have my previous Tassimo for almost 5 years, used it daily and never any problems...this one is going directly in the trash as someone may get hurt if I recycle and they try to use it...

Dec 17, 2015
not hot
by: Anonymous

I got my tassimo in Oct (not even weeks) and it now isn't hot water. Can you tell me what to do?

Dec 09, 2015
by: Anonymous

I have a question. When the descaling alarm flashes I know I should dascale it but my question is if it is normal for the machine not to work then? I thought that the machine should be working despite the alarm but I should not use it before descaling it for a better performance and longer life.

Dec 02, 2015
Tassimo overflows puck dispenser
by: Andy

We are experiencing a problem with the hot milk or hot coffee not all getting through the dispenser into a mug below. The excess simply flows out around bottom of the pierced puck and all over the place. This would indicate a blockage of some kind. How do we fix this please?

Nov 07, 2015
Why has ny Tassimo brewer stopped working
by: Sarah

Thank you Nick, this worked for me, good way to start my Saturday!

Oct 31, 2015
Thank you!
by: Jan

Thank you so much. Problem solved. It was indeed the little reading glass thingumyjig that was dirty.

Off to my coffee making again!

Oct 28, 2015
Pre paid pods?
by: Sally

We have a Tassimo brewer at work but I can't afford that for one cup of coffee so I bought my own pods but I can't get the one at work to brew, is this something because of the prepaid pods?

Oct 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

Thanks very much for that information saved ours from going to tassimo heaven and money

Oct 20, 2015
by: Caron

Thanks for the information it works perfect now

Oct 14, 2015
Water coming out sides of brew head
by: Tim

My wife's Tassimo is having the issue of the brewed coffee spilling out the sides of the brew head and not through the spout. She looses half her coffee down the sides. Any idea why?

Oct 08, 2015
Tassimo has Stopped working
by: Anonymous

Brilliant , tip has cured the problem . Huge thank you : )

Sep 21, 2015
My machine won't stop
by: Ann

Turned my tassimo machine on with pod in and it just kept on running with the stand by light still on I had to turn the power off because it would not stop
I ran the cleaning process through but it just kept on going and would not stop

Sep 06, 2015
No green Light for go .
by: peter foster

Help my Tassimo coffee maker does not work as soon as I add my pod I get no green light & nothing , I have descaled, cleaned the barcode window many times & now I, ve ran out of idea, s ? I, m lost without my coffee machine , I, m a carer for my wife& we both love our coffee , can you help please . Thankyou

Jun 07, 2015
over fill
by: Hugo

after de scaling my Tassimo I now find the amount of water dispensed is the same as when the disc is in place, therefore over filling when I'm trying to make an espresso, I cleaned the bar code reader makes no difference, just wasting the coffee. Can anyone help please.

Apr 23, 2015
Not Brewing
by: Len


Thanks for your comment on cleaning the barcode reader on the Tassimo. You saved my coffee maker from an early death. Thanks again

Apr 11, 2015
Fix for Tassimo not reading bar codes
by: Anonymous

I've had this problem several times. Eventually normal cleaning of the sensor window failed.
Looking at the sensor window showed it had clouded over - not sure why, because I always followed the Tassimo instructions and only ever used mild plastic safe cleaners.
Anyway, I bought some fine grade acrylic/plastic polish and this worked a treat to restore the machine.

Feb 05, 2015
by: Rebecca

Cleaning the barcode reader worked a treat! Thanks

Dec 04, 2014
Fix for Tassimo
by: Jan

Thank you so much - have fixed my Tassimo.

I never thought of doing that, and it's such an easy fix.

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