Dolce Gusto vs Keurig

by Val
(Houston, TX, USA)


How does the Dolce Gusto compare to the Keurig?


Well, as you know, both are single serve brewers. And both use proprietary brewing systems. The Keurig brewers use K-Cups and the Dolce Gusto brewer uses “capsules”.

If you were to compare them side by side in a competition to brew the best cup of regular coffee, I don’t know who would win. I know the Keurig brewer makes great coffee, because I have one myself and use it almost every day.

As for the Dolce Gusto, I have only ever tried it once, and that wasn’t to make a straight coffee, it was a cappuccino.

And that brings us to the principal difference between the two.

If you want a single-serve brewer that makes great coffee, go with Keurig.

If you want a machine that can make you cappuccinos and other exotic coffeehouse beverages, go with the Dolce Gusto.

Unlike the Keurig, the Dolce Gusto also provides milk capsules. So when making a cappuccino, you add one coffee capsule and one milk capsule to the machine.

So if you would like to be able to make the occasional cappuccino, Caffè Lungo or Latte Macchiato at home, choose the Dolce Gusto.

Otherwise I would go for the Keurig.

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Comments for Dolce Gusto vs Keurig

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Sep 20, 2014
Dolce Gusto for me
by: JP

I'm going to have to cast my vote for the Dolce Gusto for all coffee purposes.. I own the DG machine and have used it over the past year or so. I have the Keurig in my break rooms at the company offices along with the Jura automatic espresso machines.

My personal taste preference goes to strong, almost espresso coffee. Not a big fan of the flavored combo drinks from the cafés but I do like an occasional cappuccino now and then. My usual order at Peet's or Starbucks is a bold house (or Americano) with an extra shot.

Dolce Gusto:
High pressure pump delivers a true crema, no matter how strong or weak you make it.

You can fine tune the strength of any pod by adding or reducing the "on" time in 20% (of 6oz) increments then add more again after it resets.. With the keurig it's 4, 6 or 8 oz only (at least the machines I've used)

I buy the Americano pods for all drinks since it has the most coffee per pod and use the above method to regulate the strength.

Can't buy the milk pods separately from the company but you can on amazon. You can also get European flavors on amazon and I recently found I can get same day delivery, for a fee, from amazon.

My machine has a small water tank which is a bit of a pain but they do make machines with a larger tank. It's perfect for the RV.

Instant on (15 second warm up) even while filling the tank, no recovery time. (It's a pump machine)

I do wish I Gould order different brands of coffee.

Great flavor selection, available everywhere including costco.

Big high volume machines. Once warmed up, just push and go.

Attractive design.

Cannot get a true espresso from this machine which is a deal breaker to me.

Aug 04, 2011
Krups vs dolce Gusto
by: Anonymous

Krups is great

Jan 29, 2011
by: Cappucino4me

I did a thorough comparison of the two and concluded that the Dolce Gusto makes a pretty darn good cappuccino. It dispenses under high pressure,making a nice crema. The espresso is nicely prepared as well. I no longer use it for coffee because the serving size per pod is less than 8ounces and I don't prefer their house blend. Keurig provides much more variety. I like a strong cup of Kona or Sumatra in the A.M.
So, if you like cappuccino and espresso with an occasional cup of coffee, Dolce Gusto is the way to go. If you need your morning cup of coffee, then get a Keurig.

Jan 06, 2011
capsules vs kcups
by: misty

Does anyone know if the Dolce Gusto capsules work with the Keurig machine? they look similar in size, but did not want to waste an entire box finding out.

Editor's Note: No, they don't.

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