Coffee questions and answers from 2007.

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Below you will find the questions and answers from 2007.

It used to be that all the questions and answers were on one page. But we have hundreds of questions and answers on the site now, so listing them all on one page was making it hard for people to find the answers they were looking for.

So now we are archiving questions and answers by the year.

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Questions about coffee, and our answers, from 2007.

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Why can't I make a "hot" cup of coffee? 
QUESTION: Whether I go to my local coffee house or restaurant for breakfast, the coffee is always hot and stays hot for quite a while. At …

Advice on how to make coffee wine? 
QUESTION: I'm trying to figure out how to make coffee wine. I was wondering if you had any suggestions to prevent over extraction of the beans. …

What proportion of coffee to water should I use? 
QUESTION: What is the "correct" coffee to water ratio to use to brew coffee? ANSWER: The ratio is the same, whether you are using a French …

Coffee that tastes like Eight O'Clock Coffee? 
QUESTION: What brand of bean would come close to the Eight-O'clock brand? ANSWER: It's never easy trying to buy beans that match the …

Where can I find an all-metal or all-glass coffee maker? 
QUESTION: Are there any all metal or all glass coffee makers that are any good? I find that the plastic on coffee makers can add a off flavor to …

Does dark roasted coffee stain your teeth more? 
QUESTION: I am doing a science fair experiment comparing how different types of coffee affect staining your teeth. Does dark roast coffee have …

New seal for the Sunbeam C-30A vacuum coffee maker? 
QUESTION: We just purchased a C-30A at auction -- the rubber seal was so hard that it broke. Any ideas on how we can repair? Also, what is the …

Why doesn't Dunkin Donut coffee taste the same at home? 
QUESTION: Why does store-bought coffee smell and taste better at their location than at my home? I use a French press coffee maker. I bought the …

What is a Muggaccino? 
QUESTION: I would like to know how much coffee would go into making a Muggaccino. Can you help? ANSWER: A Muggaccino is simply the name …

What is the correct water temperature for brewing coffee? 
QUESTION: When I make coffee with my drip brewer, it heats up the water and, I guess, it's at the right temperature when it brews the coffee. But …

What is the full life cycle of coffee? 
QUESTION: What is the lifecycle of the coffee bean....from bean to tree to bean again? ANSWER: Growing coffee is not a simple task. The …

More questions about coffee and coffee makers 
QUESTION: Is it really worth the time and trouble to frequent places such as The Beanery, or are they known to take short cuts and sell an inferior …

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