Why doesn't Dunkin Donut coffee taste the same at home?

by Mario
(Centerport, NY USA)

Dunkin' Donuts Coffee.

Dunkin' Donuts Coffee.


Why does store-bought coffee smell and taste better at their location than at my home? I use a French press coffee maker. I bought the grinds at the same location as I buy the coffee in a cup.


Interesting question! I think there may be two reasons.

In part, perhaps it is the influence of the aroma and atmosphere in a coffee shop. There's something about the strong aroma of fresh-brewed coffee that just permeates the whole place. The environment of coffee-making, donuts and people likely combine to make the coffee taste a little bit better.

It's probably the same deal at Starbucks. You can buy their coffee too, and make it at home. But I bet it tastes better in a Starbucks store.

The second reason may be that the coffee beans being used in the store are almost certainly fresher. By the time you get that can of ground coffee home, it's probably quite a bit older, and a little staler, than the coffee used in the store.

Or, it's possible that the coffee they use in their stores is not exactly the same as the coffee they sell in their cans.

As for your coffee maker, a French press is an excellent way to make coffee. So I don't think you would have a problem with the brewing process itself.

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Nov 19, 2023
To those that tried and tossed.
by: Anonymous

Huge mistake. Along with the temp of the water and quality of the covfefe the ratio of grounds to water and rate of flow can make a huge difference. Flow and amount of water are kinda set by most machines but you can play with the ratio by changing the amount of grounds. Too little grounds and guess what, it's bitter and weak. To much grounds and it's bitter and strong. Notice it's bitter either way. I sacrificed an entire bag of DD store bought to figure out exactly how much my maker needed to make it decent. A 1/2 TSP made a difference so you can't be cavalier with it. I got it to not be bitter but yeah, it still wasn't as good as in the shop.

Sep 02, 2023
Water temp is important too
by: Anonymous

I have found that for DD or any other coffee brand (esp fresh roasted and ground beans) that water temp and pour rate are important. I seem to get best results at water temp at 205-208F. I do a manual pour-over- beats most coffee machines. I’ve also tried difft paper filters- they are also not the same.

Jul 30, 2023
Not True
by: Anonymous

I can make coffee at home using DD whole beans which I grind myself and it tastes exactly like the stores. But you must buy the whole bean they sell at the stores and filtered water. My coffee maker is a Mr Coffee with a water filter plus my fridge where I get my water from also has a water filter. It's not just the coffee but the water taste as well

Aug 15, 2022
67-year-old, new coffee drinker
by: Mike

Only began drinking coffee at age 67 in Nov. 2021. Between Krispy K. and DD, the latter was better. Just bought my first-ever coffee maker (Bunn, MADE IN THE USA). Tried Maxwell House (breakfast brew) & Chock Full O' Nuts (medium roast). MH was garbage; CFN is better, but doesn't replicate the DD shop taste. WON'T buy "sheet from china" (long before covid), so I guess home-grinding or a French press is out. Will try DD brand at its shop and try to gently squeeze info from a friendly DD manager as to their secret taste.

Jun 09, 2022
Made by the Smuckers company
by: Anonymous

Not even the same coffee add the donut shop. They just sell the licensing for someone else to make under it. The shops, though, are the original creation.

Jun 09, 2022
The coffee is different
by: Anonymous

The pre-packaged "Dunkin Donuts" coffee that is sold in grocery stores and on the shelves at Dunkin Donuts is not the same coffee that is brewed behind the counter. The branded coffee in stores is made by J.M. Smuckers which is the same company that makes Folgers coffee. The coffee that is brewed in a Dunkin Donuts store is licensed by Dunkin Donuts themselves. If you don't believe me, compare the 2 side by side, there is a huge difference.

May 18, 2022
Brewing methods
by: Anonymous

Have you ever seen the coffee pots used at Duncan in anyones home???
Thats the difference. And if you ever do, there are more methods to keeping the coffee fresh. It has to be stirred every so often.
So go to your nearest restaurant supply store and ask to buy one.I believe they run between 500-600 a piece.

May 13, 2022
Because they are not the same coffee.
by: Anonymous

The coffee labeled and sold in the supermarket is produced and marketed by the Smucker Co., known for jams and other products.It is stated so on the package
The coffee served in the stores is blended and roasted specifically for and by DD for DD. The ground, whole bean, or K-cup coffee sold in DD stores is their own product and is sold only in their own shops. It is NOT a Smucker product.

Apr 21, 2022
You Really Just Made That Up, Huh?
by: Anonymous

People are asking a legit question as to why their coffee at home does not taste like the coffee at Dunkin Donuts, even though that is the brand they bought. They are looking for an accurate answer, not a guess. And this "coffee detective" honest to God just sat there and made up a whole psychoanalytical unbased theory in their head, and did not bother to actually research or answer the question with factual, evidence-supported information; which was as readily available to them as it was to the people in the comments who are responding with the correct answer. I'm sorry, but this was just too lazy and pretentious not to comment on. And honestly I just can't stand people who cannot admit that they don't know something. They would rather make something up on the spot than to tell someone that they don't know, they're going to have to research it and come back to them. And the wonderful thing about the internet is that you don't have to do that, you can just do the research real quick (in another internet tab, even) and then answer the question, it is not like you're put on the spot.

Anyway, to close my petty little comment, I thought I'd reiterate why it doesn't taste the same. The reason is: it is not the same beans or brand that they serve in Dunkin Donuts and if you want it to be the same, you have to buy it from the restaurant directly and not from a retail or grocery chain. Perhaps ordering it from the Dunkin Donuts website is possible. Good luck!

Mar 31, 2022
Stale with slight taste of hazelnut
by: Anonymous

I live in Southern California where we have a few Dunkin Donuts in my city. I bought a bag of original whole bean coffee to make at home. Upon opening the bag I noticed the faint aroma of hazelnut. I had to double check the bag to make sure I had the original blend. At first I thought the smell was coming from the outside of the bag, perhaps due to it being stored with bags of hazelnut coffee. Nope. After grinding and brewing the faint smell and taste was still present in the brewed coffee. Yep, no more D&D coffee for me.

Jan 19, 2022
Bitter, flat and $$$ wasted...
by: Anonymous

I ran out of coffee this morning. My neighbor was at the donut shop so he picked up a small bag of DD coffee for me. Not what I ordered but I figured how bad could it be? Fixed my brew as I always do. After a cupla tastes I had to check the bag as it was so bitter I thought I was drinking coffee made from the ROBUSTA bean. Dumped the coffee down the drain and threw the rest of the bag straight into the garbage. NEVER AGAIN...

Sep 29, 2021
I have your answer as to why
by: Anonymous

I was regional manager for D & D and actually am a certified Cupper or Professional coffee taster . I am also certified through (Don’t laugh) Dunkin University’. Yes that’s real. As far as , " lWhy doesn’t Dunkin coffee taste the same at home?" They are not the same beans and are fresher . Dunkin sells a mixture of the one in the store with a lower bean brand . By the time it’s roasted , packed, ship and shelved . Then bought it’s been over (on some not all) a month . Where as Dunkin immediately receiveds the coffee after roasting within days . Every company that sells their brand coffee OTC does this . Think about it as a Corp executive. If you had the exact coffee sold in stores would you go to buy it from the bistros? No you won’t. They tease you to come back for more. Sometimes if you ask a manager (on the side) if he can give you a filter filled with ground coffee do a taste test .

Aug 03, 2021
Bunn-O-Matic myth
by: chunkey

Ok, so I keep reading "you need to get a Bunn-O-Matic commercial coffee brewer-First of all Dunkin doesn't use Bunn's-(we serviced Dunkin stores so I know)-second of all, a Bunn is a waste of money for home use-I retired from the Food Service Industry as a service tech and parts sales person. The Bunn units work no differently that most domestic units-they heat the water to about 180 degrees-you put in a pot-it forces the preheated water out-the more expensive units use a solenoid with a timer that forces water into the tank bottom while the preheated water comes out the top into a spray nozzle. Very simple. A Mr Coffee will heat that water just as well and is a fraction of the Bunn price. Yes the Bunns use heavier elements and stainless tanks (and are great units for commercial use) but those are really overkill for your home!

Jul 18, 2021
by: Christy

It doesn't treat better than the coffee you get at Dunkin Donuts. It's worse it taste like an off brand coffee. Which is why I go in and by the coffee straight from the Dunkin Donuts.

Jul 02, 2021
Why the change
by: Anonymous

I love DD coffee. Have been drinking it for years. I buy my coffee at my local DD coffee shop. The aroma and taste were always amazing at home. The last two batch
I purchased do not have the amazing aroma and the tase is much weaker and less flavorful. I have we used I will find another brand. My husband who is not the lover that I am even noticed and mentioned it to me. Don't know what you've done but it won't be my go to in future. We have 2 local coffee shops O will give them a try.

Jun 24, 2021
NY Dunkin Donuts
by: Anonymous

O , how I tried to figure this out....
My take....they use a Bunn Commercial Brewer and its a 10 cup glass carafe . Nothing special...the water cant be different because we have some of the best here....So with that said....

They do use a BAG of Coffee to refill brewers and it looks like they use a lot more than I usually do...So bottom line its got to be the coffee and how much they brew at a time....

May 23, 2021
Coffee bought in store not the same
by: Anonymous

The Dunkin’ Donuts coffee bought in the stores is not real Dunkin’ Donuts . Not even close its cheap crappy coffee its roasted by Smuckers they bought the name . If you want real Dunkin’ Donuts coffee beans you must get it from the dunkin donut shops! Don’t waste your money in the grocery store for the knock off Dunkin’ Donuts bean

Apr 16, 2021
Ground Youre Own
by: CPP

If you want your coffee to taste a lot like the in store Dunkin shop cup, buy the beans at Dunkin and grind your own. . Dunkin’ also boasts that its coffee comes from "100% Arabica beans from Central and South America."

From a Dunkin site:
1) Use only the freshest coffee possible. Once the package is opened, ground coffee will remain fresh for about 7 days, while whole bean coffee will remain fresh for up to 20 days. If you're using whole beans, grind your coffee just before brewing. Finely ground coffee yields a stronger flavor, while a course grind will yield a weaker flavor. We recommend measuring out 1.5 tbsp. of coffee grinds for every 6 oz. of water

2) Clean your coffee brewer and carafe. You want to make sure that there isn’t any coffee residue. Also make sure to use fresh, cold water for brewing. Cold tap water is perfect, doesn’t have to be fancy. Also, washing your brewer monthly with a white vinegar solution will help to keep it clean.

3) Never let your coffee sit on the burner for more than 20 minutes. Leaving it on the burner for too long will change the flavor and aroma attributes. If you plan on holding onto your coffee for more than 20 minutes, use an insulated mug or tumbler to avoid reheating.

4) Store unused coffee in a cool, dry place at room temperature. Coffee should be stored in an airtight container that’s not see-through.

5) Do not store unused coffee in the refrigerator or freezer. The unused coffee could absorb food odors and condensation, altering the flavor of your coffee.

Nov 17, 2020
Dunkin & McD’s K Cups
by: Mike

In my opinion as a non smoker black coffee drinker is the K cups from Dunkin and McD are not the same beans. Look on the bottom of the box and you’ll see Smuckers as the distributor. I called Smuckers 800 number and the rep wouldn’t admit the beans are different but my taste and aroma buds say different. I’m willing to bet that they pay Dunkin and McD’s a totality to use they’re name. The coffee is bitter and aroma is non existent. Just to be sure I went to a Dunkin store in Burbank California and had a fantastic cup of coffee. So in short, before you buy a box of K cups of your favorite coffee check the box to see who’s selling this coffee.

Nov 12, 2020
Supermarket Dunkin is not the same coffee
by: Anonymous

NEWS PROVIDED BY Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc.

The J.M. Smucker Company currently manufactures and distributes Dunkin' Donuts® brand premium bagged coffee where groceries are sold under license from Dunkin' Donuts.

Under the new, (2015) multi-year agreement, Smucker will distribute and market Dunkin' K-Cup® packs exclusively to grocery chains, mass merchandisers, club stores, drug stores, dollar stores and home improvement stores.

U.S. Keurig is the exclusive producer of Dunkin' K-Cup® packs

Keurig will distribute and market Dunkin' K-Cup® packs to specialty stores and office superstores.

Aug 28, 2020
Maybe I'm paranoid, but maybe DD doesn't want you to buy their ground coffee
by: Anonymous

Maybe I'm paranoid, but maybe DD makes their ground coffee to be much lower quality because if people make their own "DD" coffee at home with DD ground coffee instead of going out to a DD's, then DD's could lose a lot of sales (coffee, donuts, bagels, etc etc).

So they make the ground coffee much lower quality than at a DD store. ???

Aug 21, 2020
Sour and Acidic Dunkin Doughnuts
by: Anonymous

I am so sick of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. My poor doctor is a medical student on rotations and drinks it every morning because we were given two huge containers of it from a friend who hated it. The coffee is so sour it ruins my whole morning when I drink it. I tried adding more than three scoops and it just makes it intensely sour. I think this is an example of coffee coming from a Third World country where they are putting something in it that we do not know. I have never tasted sour coffee until Dunkin’ Donuts coffee was given to us and we put it in our coffee maker. Folgers & Maxwell House never tasted this bad. 8 o’clock coffee is much better too! I think I’m going to throw out this coffee we were given. Now I know why our neighbor handed us two huge containers of this coffee. She said that it was sour when they made it and I didn’t believe it until I tried it. Yuck!

Aug 05, 2020
Dunkin donuts versus Maxwell House
by: Anonymous

I I feel exactly the same way. Seems at Dunkin donuts the Coffee taste better that at Home. I have tried different brewer's today even tried bottle water. Can seem to find it. I think I will just go back to "Old Dependable"
Maxwell House. In my estimation makes the best Home coffee. It reasonable and gives the most "BANG for the BUCK!"

Apr 10, 2020
Cheapest coffee out there
by: Bill k

Star bucks uses the cheapest coffee bean they can find and charges the most look it up

Jan 22, 2020
Ripped off
by: Anonymous

Dunkin donuts waters down their coffee for profit.....it's horrible...3 bucks for a cup of hot water

Apr 24, 2019
The solution!
by: CThomas

forget all the expensive Bunn-O-Matic, Cuisinart, Bloomfield commercial blah blah blah-just buy a $29.00 Aero-press and a bag of beans from Dunkin Donuts (not the grocery store)best cup of coffee I have had in my life-as good if not better than Dunkin Donut's drive through-and MUCH cheaper.-The Aero-press comes with filters which I think is the key-I tried a regular french press but it's always bitter-read the Aero-press reviews and you'll find many many satisfied customers!

Editor: You can get the Aeropress here: https://amzn.to/2DxpI9S

Apr 16, 2019
Commercial coffee brewers
by: Anonymous

for those of you pushing a commercial coffee maker-hoe you realize that a commercial unit is filled with water in a tank before you plug it in-then when you pour in a pot or click start on the solenoid models, water forces the preheated water out the brewing tube. The water stays in the tank until your next use, so if you go days without using it your water has been in there for days or weeks-Commercial users don't let that happen! This system is used with Bunn and Bloomfield, as well as several others.

Mar 13, 2019
Better at home
by: Anonymous

The Dunkin coffee I make at home is better than the Dunkin coffee I get from Dunkin Donuts. Your always rolling the dice at the store. The coffee may have been sitting there.

Apr 02, 2018
Paper Disposable Filters for iCoffee Reusable Metal Cups
by: Annette

I'm looking to find the best paper filter to use in my "reusable" metal icups in my iCoffee. There are always "dregs" in the bottom of my cup which would normally be filtered out with a non-reusable cup.

Below is the link to the ones they are selling on Amazon. I use Dunkin Donut coffee & know it would be better if I could filter out this stuff. Great to see you at WCI.


Jan 20, 2018
It worked!!!
by: Charlie

I purchased the (BUNN Pour-O-Matic VPR Coffee Brewer) paid $285 and problem solved! No more oily Dunkin’ Donuts coffee ☕️ I recommend everyone reading this to buy it trust me when I tell you you will not regret the money spent. It’s used more for small businesses so it does have that kind of commercial look but it is really small and it doesn’t look bad it’s about the size of a Mr.coffee Brewer machine. If you’re a real coffee lover like I am you will love this Bunn. Best part is Walmart sells it just copy and paste BUNN Pour-O-Matic VPR Coffee Brewer onto the search bar on Walmart.com and you’ll be on your way to the best coffee without having to take a drive or walk to your nearest Dunkin’ Donuts 🍩

Jan 18, 2018
Dunkin coffee
by: Bill

I buy Dunkin whole bean, grind half a bag at a time to keep it realitivly fresh. The quality of the water is very important. My water is ‘well water’ and much better than ‘city water’ that contains clorine, and a simple ‘mr coffee’ type coffee pot. I drink my coffee black most of the time and it tastes the same as the local Dunkin Donut where I go 6-7 times a week (with a bunch of guys). If you use condiments, Dunkin has their own brand of light cream and that does make a big difference in taste over half and half.

Jan 15, 2018
Orignal blend cups are bad tasting lately
by: Anonymous

Same issue: law firm has ordered and went directly to purchase k cups for partners with "horrible" dirt/chemical flavor in k-cups orginal blend.
boxes marked March 18 and Aug 18 use by date.

McF in GA:

Dec 26, 2017
DD Kcup tastes like rubber
by: DC in NR

Received Keurig with several different boxes-brands of K-Cups ( purchased separately) to use in my machine as Christmas present. All were good till we tried the Dunkin Donuts original blend.
The coffee tastes and smells like rubber???
Anyone else getting this "special taste and aroma" from their DD K-Cups ( box best if used by date is 8-10-2018). This is our first time with the Keurig and K-Cups. If this is what I can expect in the future from this coffee or other brands... then I'm going back to my good ol coffee pot~!

DC in NR

Nov 12, 2017
Coffee Machine
by: CDP

The machine they use to brew with does not pour hot water threw the ground coffee in a filter instead it steam's it and the condensation drips making a better flavor About $1,200 for a real coffee machine not gonna get it from a $200 or under machine.

Nov 09, 2017
Oily coffee?? Read on
by: Anonymous

Dear Dr. Brew:

I recently posed the oily coffee question to the Tennessee Division of Water Supply and received the following explanation I thought you might find interesting:

"The Division of Water Supply has received your email regarding an oily substance that appears in your coffee and tea. From your email, it appears that the oily film is caused by the hardness of the water. The attached .pdf file explains the reaction of hard water and coffee. It is similar with tea as well."

The .pdf file (which I have lost) from Chemical Technology and Consulting explains that the calcium in hard water binds with the fatty acids that are released from the coffee during brewing (see transcription below). The lower calcium levels in soft water don’t have this effect which explains why coffee/tea that I brew with bottled water doesn’t produce the oily film. I’m currently in the process of trying to determine which type of water softener is the best to effectively solve this problem in a cost effective, reduced labor manner.:)

Explaining the Oily Film Observed on Coffee. Coffee beans naturally contain coffee oil up to 15% on a dry basis. This coffee oil is comprised of approximately 71% fatty acids or, in other words, oils much like those which would be found in margarines or soaps. These fatty acids contain a hydrophilic area and a hydrophobic area. Because they contain a hydrophilic area, fatty acids are somewhat soluble in water. When water is poured through ground coffee, this naturally occurring coffee oil is dissolved into the water and is carried to the pot which stores the coffee. Here, the oil may remain dissolved and pass unnoticed. This usually the case when the water used is of low hardness. When the water is hard, however, calcium bonds with fatty acids to precipitate them, even though they are usually soluble. Hot water from the coffee maker helps this bond to form more readily, and thus, the precipitated oil is even more pronounced.

A good analogy is soap. Much like the soap molecule, which is sodium or potassium salt of a long chain carboxylic acit (fatty acid), hard water calcium substitutes with the sodium or potassium to form the insoluble scum. In coffee, there is no substitution, but the calcium simply bonds to the fatty acid. The (CH3)(CH2),COOH+Ca2 is the oily film seen on the coffee. It is also the soap scum seen in bathrooms after calcium has bonded with the fatty acid chains in the soap. This is seen in hard water because there is enough calcium present to precipitate the fatty acids. Soft water does not contain enough calcium to precipitate fatty acids. In general, the use of very hard water increases the oily film formation seen on coffee. I hope that you and your readers find this information useful.

Sep 09, 2017
The Fine Grind
by: Anonymous

Well, there are several things:
1. The grind: The ground coffee in the store is
ground "standard Drip grind" which is
typical "American style". The bags at DD are
ground finer and you will get more aroma and
2. If the shop grinds their own , their
Burr coffee grinder is about $2200 and yours
will be about $100.
3. Beans like what was said before may not be
from the same producer. But, Ground finer
most beans will taste better
4. The Bunns do make better coffee than what
home machines will do. They are at the
right temperature, but more importantly,
they deliver the right speed. Too slow and
and it is too acidly, and too fast is too
5. The finer the grind, you must drink it
soon, or it will cook fast on the heater
I had a Cuinart with an adjustable burner.
Nice...no cooked taste.

Aug 23, 2017
Bagged Coffee
by: John

For over 2 years I've been trying to get an answer to this question without luck. Why does the bagged coffee purchased at a Dunkin Donuts taste differently than the bagged coffee you purchase at a supermarket. The supermarket bags are made by Schmuckers. Who make the bagged coffee sold at Dunkin Donuts.

Aug 13, 2017
Dunkin - Any way you want to drink it!!
by: Anonymous

Anonymous, apparently you have never heard of Dunkin Donut’s coffee’s such as Caffe au Lait, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Latte, or Mocha. People drink coffee any way they want to and the above are all mixed with milk and some with sugar. If someone drinks their coffee with honey, it’s their prerogative to do so and not yours to criticize. I only drink Dunkin Donut’s coffee with cream and sugar and proud to do so. Guess what…I know the difference between coffee’s, the way I drink it.
Anyone drinking coffees with their preferred added ingredients are just as acceptable as someone that wants to drink whiskey straight or in a mixed drink. Don’t be a critic, especially when you didn’t even have a say to what the originator of the question asked for.

Aug 08, 2017
Cream & Sugar?
by: Anonymous

Well I'm seeing a lot of comments on here suggesting cream and sugar in a cup of coffee,well you shouldn't be giving advise on coffee because you are just destroying good coffee.Putting cream and sugar in quality coffee makes about as much sense as putting ice cubes in quality beer.

Jun 01, 2017
water temp
by: Anonymous

Folks when you make coffee, NEVER, I repeat NEVER bring the coffee to a boil. The coffee gets bitter.

Apr 15, 2017
I use 212 degrees F and it makes no difference.
by: Anonymous

I use 212 degree boiling water and it makes no difference in the brewing of the coffee. The old dripolator coffeemaker uses boiling water and drips down on the coffee. It's the beans and perhaps the cream they're using (sweet cream? - I "dunno")

Apr 15, 2017
A Little Tip
by: Angela

Told by a friend who owned a couple of DD's, that it was the water temp. They have to brew at a very high temp. and keep it there. Plus it's easy to do as they use it up quickly. Temps.can't be duplicated at home.

Mar 09, 2017
Where's the heat?
by: Anonymous

Many people have posted that the "ideal" coffee brew temperature is 195-205 degrees. Also, they kept talking about Bunn. So, I went to the Bunn site and looked at the 191 commercial models they sell. Almost all the models do not mention anything about brew temperature. Several that I did find stated that the brew temperature could be set between 175 and 190 degrees. They were over $1,100.00. That was the highest temperature they specified. Based on that, Bunn does not even make a brewer that reaches the "ideal" temperature. My old Cuisinart gets up to 180 degrees (using an instant read thermometer). My Keurig 2.0 only a paltry 170 degrees.
Hmmmmm . . .

Oct 18, 2016
Supermarket vs Restaurant
by: John

The coffee beans that are sold in the supermarkets are processed by Smuckers. Who processes the beans that are sold at the Dunkin Donuts restaurants.

Oct 04, 2016
DD coffee at home vs store
by: Anonymous

The beans in the store are totalky different from the beans sold in grocery stores. Only thing simular is the name on the package

Oct 03, 2016
by: Tom

Dunkin donuts k cups and u buy at store is made by folgers a the coffee is not the same they use a coffe u can buy at your local supper market called New England blend.

Sep 02, 2016
Clean pot, freshly ground beans
by: Anonymous

We use a four cup Mr. Coffee, medium grind done in a Hamilton Beach grinder on a medium setting and thoroughly wash pot,basketsand wipe out the grinder after every use. Pretty much no-fail. Oh and one tablespoon beans per cup.

Aug 15, 2016
Dunkin coffee
by: Anonymous

I think it's the coffee itself, I got fresh bean arebia coffee from Costa Rica, it tested like Dunkin coffee even with old plastic made brewer. Bought whole bean coffe and ground twice at fine setting. Use three table spoon for two cups of coffee

Jul 22, 2016
its the coffee beans and the half and half combo
by: trust me lol

I bought an economy size bag at woodmans and before I was finished I bought another at Costco. Costco bag was not nearly as good. My humble opinion is. I think its the beans at the time of packaging. happy brewing. I'm going to woodmans today to buy another bag Duncan original medium.
I do believe I figured this out today. lol

also I am a half and half snob, by far the best is land o lakes.

And again they have slight taste differences between lots but for all around always being the best tasting highest fat content out there.

I'm surprised that deans half and half is so putrid.

I'm very poor with no education. but would rather drink hot water than foldgers coffee with coffee mate added for creamer.

kwik trips gas stations brand of half and half is above most. I usually buy it when I'm not in the mood for woodmans.

Jun 28, 2016
Here is how.
by: Anonymous

A- You need a Bunn pouromatic commercial coffee maker, used 100-150 bucks.
B- Ratio is:
medium 3 cream, 3 sugar
large 4 cream, 4 sugar
XL 5 cream 5 sugar.
This is using an average size spoon, leveled off.
C- Coffee beans must be fresh ground through burr coffee grinder.
D- Purchase beans at dunkin store.
E- Do not use tap water.
F- If you want to be really picky purchase the DART container cups & lids at a restaurant supply store.
It took me months to perfect, but i can make a better cup of coffee than they can now.

Jun 13, 2016
DD Restaurant Bag vs Supearket Dd Bag Coffee
by: John

I am talking about the difference in the 1 lb bag bought in a Dunkin Donuts restaurant and the 12 oz bags bought in a supermarket. The supermarket product is from JM Smuckers. Who processes the restaurant bags. There is a definite difference in the taste of the two coffees. I have tried to get an answer from Dunkin Donuts without any luck.

Jun 10, 2016
by: aldona

Dd coffee pot cleaner is perfect. My ss cuisinart makes perfect dd brewed coffee as good as in store. Why isn't it sold in dd stores or anywhere? Aldonagerman

May 27, 2016
coffee taste weak and bitter
by: Anonymous

i have been brewing dunkin donut coffee at home in my coffee bot (braun) for several years..changing pots regularly and cleaning them properly and using the same 1/2 and 1/2 NO PROBLEMS TASTES WONDERFUL...HOWEVER, in the last 3 months,March, April May 2016 no matter what i do, the coffee tastes bitter and weak...tried everything but no good...has their plantation changed? or something? process?'

May 25, 2016
by: Anonymous

After trying Dunks beans in a French press and my regular coffee maker, I couldn't get good results. I tried different water temps, brew times, and grind levels (fine, coarse, and everything in between.) I kept getting a very acidic and bitter taste. Almost undrinkable, and acid reflux was always a problem.

I saw someone reply in a post similar to this one that a regular Dunks coffee just tastes like Brazilian coffee with a lot of cream. They suggested going and trying a few Brazilian blends.

I think they nailed it for me; I picked up a bag of Peet's "Brazil Mina's Naturas" and it's almost exactly what I was looking for. I'm still going to try some others, but now I have a baseline go-to coffee, for when I just need to wake up and get out.

May 10, 2016
The key is the machine
by: Tommy

You need a Bunn or Bloomfield commercial machine.The water temperature achieved will be the same or as close to dunkin. A good used one can be picked up on eBay for around $100. It is a good investment; Because it is a commercial machine, It is built much stronger and will outlive any retail machine !
A separate burr grinder is also needed to grind your beans moments before brewing.

And finally , use cream ,not half/half. Also the cream under the dunkin label in the supermarket is not the same as what they use in dunkin. save your money and buy the coffee creamer in the dairy section without paying for the brand name.

That is the formula, you have to experiment with the ratios,the coarse of the grind,and the amount of coffee to water to achieve the taste you desire

May 09, 2016
Cup size
by: LgG

When did Dunkin Donuts medium coffee go from 16 oz to 14 oz. I live in Nassau county NY.

Apr 27, 2016
by: Jenny

I live in NJ, and always used to buy my morning coffee at Wawa, but their coffee started to taste bitter. I now go to DD, and coffee seems smoother. I asked DD employee what kind of cream/how much cream, when I get coffee made for me at drive thru.
They use premeasured amounts of cream, milk, sugar.
They do not use half and half, they use light cream. I believe 3T in a medium. Light cream has a slightly higher fat content, with a creamier, smoother "mouth feel." That is why DD coffee at the store tastes better. After I found out that they use 3 T of light cream, I ask for 1 cream, which is 1 tablespoon. Watching the fat grams! Still tastes good, though obviously not as light.
Yes, I have found that home brewed coffee does not taste as great as in the store. Think it is their brewing machines, coffee turns over quickly, so fresher. Who knows, it could be the paper cup, too. I once poured my DD coffee from its styrofoam cup into my mug at work, and it tasted different!!

Apr 03, 2016
Different beans?
by: Anonymous

Did DD Change their coffee beans? The taste is too light and tastes like garage coffee. I tried several locations and finely stopped going. Several people at work have said the same thing.

Feb 14, 2016
Dunkin Shop coffee vs supermarket coffee
by: John W

Packaged coffee purchased at the Dunkin stores tastes different than the supermarket version. Smuckers makes the supermarket version. Who makes the Dunkin store coffee?

Feb 09, 2016
Secrets for good home coffee
by: Home Roaster

I've read somewhere that the Dunkin' bag coffee sold at Supermarkets was actually put out by Folgers, and not the same stuff you'd get at a Dunkin' shop. I can't vouch for the accuracy of that, but they would not be the first to use that type of business model.

If you're unhappy with your home-made coffee, there are some steps you could take that could make a big difference.

1. Buy a coffee grinder so that you can grind your own coffee. Ground coffee loses it's freshness much faster than whole bean coffee.

2. 'Brew' a pot of hot water (no coffee). Put an instant-read thermometer in your carafe right after brewing. If it's reading less than about 190F, then your coffeemaker's a dud. Ideal temps should be 195-205F for brewing coffee.

3. Try other brewing methods. A pour-over filter-cone that uses disposable paper filters can be had for less than $5. Try a French press or an Aero-press for a more rustic cup.

4. Get better, fresher coffee. As a general rule, better beans make better coffee. If you have a local roaster, your beans will be much more freshly roasted. In supermarket coffees, I've had the best luck with Gevalia, Peets, and Starbucks whole beans.

5. Experiment. If a coffee tastes to weak, add more. Too strong? Use less. Also, try different roasts. You might like the deep dark taste of a French Roast, or the lively, fruity tastes that show up in light-to-medium roasts.

6. Maybe you'd like to buy green coffee and roast at home? This guarantees that the coffee is as fresh as can be, and can open up a whole world of coffee bliss. Try visiting sweetmarias.com...they have tons of information about how to get started. Home Roasting is not for everyone, but I can attest that the results are pretty fantastic!

Dec 18, 2015
DD beans....good stuff!!!
by: Anonymous

I recently started really getting into coffee and experimenting with several different methods of brewing. I've also read a ton of information and watched hours of videos. One thing I've realized is that good coffee is a science, not an art. Grind consistency, ratio of coffee to water, temperature of water and extraction time are the key variables and if you control these correctly, you'll get a good cup of coffee. My understanding is that most home drip machines brew at a much lower temperature than is recommended for good extraction (195-205 F). That variable alone is probably a huge reason DD's coffee tastes better in the restaurant. Commercial equipment can brew at the correct temperatures.

I prefer the French press and I just finished my third bag of freshly roasted beans (<1 week old). Last night I grabbed my several week old bag of grocery store bought DD beans and brewed some in my French Press. In all honesty, there wasn't much difference in quality between this (likely) months old coffee and the stuff I drank three days after being roasted. In fact, the DD beans showed more off-gassing than the fresh beans! I simply controlled my variables (emphasis on 200 degree water) and the coffee came out excellent.

The only way I would consider going back to a drip machine is if I tried one of the really expensive ones and was satisfied with the quality of the coffee it brews. Even then, I might not do it because drip machines use paper filters that prevent a lot of the oils from the beans getting into the final product and I believe that oily taste and mouth feel are what make the French Press "the best" brewing method in many people's opinions.

Dec 13, 2015
my experience
by: Anonymous

I used to have a small sandwich shop back in the early eighties and the farmer bros representative suggested that I add salt to each coffee pot full of coffee. Could be salt maybe even monosodium glucanate.

Oct 30, 2015
Coffee, water, Heat
by: Cowboy Bob

Coffee, water and heat are the three variables.
1)Coffee from Costco or supermarket is a lisenced product and not the same coffee as the shop coffee. Freshness and turnover also affects taste.
2)Water makes a difference. Water in shops goes through a filter prior to making coffee. Use filtered coffee. Also, coffee maker must be clean. Use vinegar to clean machine or pot at least once a month.
3)Heat is the third variable but usually cannot be adjusted

Oct 26, 2015
Don't Buy Grounds
by: Anonymous

Buy whole bean and grind yourself, not grounds. As long as you have an even medium of the road coffee maker it will be a near exact match. Actually it may taste a little better with a little less bitterness since your coffee maker is likely cleaned between each brew.

Oct 25, 2015
You get a bad pound or bad cup
by: Steve in Troy NY

I drink Dunkin Donuts Decaf coffee both purchased at their store and at the grocery store. every once in a while, I get a cup that seems to be weak and it does not taste very well....

I think the same thing happens when you buy a pound at the grocery store and brew it at home. You get a bad batch and the whole pound is worthless. I just took a bag back to my local grocery store for that very reason...

Once in a while you get a bad cup of Decaf or a bad pound of Decaf.....

Anyone have a similar experience????

Oct 09, 2015
It's not the water but either the coffee or creamer.
by: Anonymous

I hate to inform people here, but water will only heat up to boiling temperature (212 degrees) and go no higher unless it turns into steam....so no magic here!!!

I've used boiling water, 190 degree water, and machine set water, slowly pouring it into the filter to dispel that HOT water MYTH.

I was watching my local coffee shop/restaurant and their commercial Bunn coffee maker this morning. Their Bunn drains the coffee into the pot in exactly 4 minutes flat. Anyone wanting a commercial BUNN can pick one up in Walmart from $88 to $225 for their commercials. There's no magic to Dunkin Donut's coffee makers.

It's either the coffee and/or the creamer. PERIOD

I drink the coffee with half and half so I can't tell if it's the creamer.

Someone that drinks coffee BLACK should be able to tell us if it's the coffee.

Where are these BLACK coffee drinkers here?

Oct 06, 2015
It starts with the coffee
by: Anonymous

Try this: Purchase a Toddy coffee maker on line. It is a plastic bin that holds a pound of coffee, a reusable filter fits in the bottom and a rubber "cork" on the outside bottom. Pour in ground coffee with a amount of water as directed. Let sit for 10 hours and then place carefully over the included glass carafe. Take care to remove the rubber cork from the bottom. The coffee flows through the fiber filter into the carafe. It leaves acids behind in this cold brew process and gives you an extract for coffee drinks and recipies. I add two ounces to six of filtered water. Heat up to taste or use cool in iced coffee. Use a coffee that you enjoy.

Oct 05, 2015
My best friend is regional manager for DD
by: Anonymous

I was trying to get my hands on one of there machines to put in my house as my wife is sooooo picky (i am not a coffee drinker). Basically what he said is that is the only was as another comentor posted their machines are superior. My friend told me you will never get it to taste the same at home because the machines they use heat the water to a much much much higher temperate then any of the ones you buy for your house.

Jul 22, 2015
Difference in taste.
by: Anonymous

Maybe you are not using the same amount of coffee in your coffee pot as they are.

Jul 21, 2015
Dunkin uses,local creamer
by: Anonymous

The Dunkin Donut girl told me today not to waste money on Dunkin's line of creamer at the grocery store.too expensive. In Massachusetts, they used Hood creamer you find in the grocery store. That's why it taste's great.

Jul 20, 2015
Pinch of Salt
by: Gramma

Someone told me that they add a pinch of salt to the coffe when making it. I did this at home & one person said the coffee tasted better. I couldn't tell a difference .

Jun 06, 2015
Creamer is my suspect
by: Anonymous

In my opinion It’s not the "coffee"
taste from Dunkin but a distinct
"creamery taste" that makes
Dunkin coffee taste different.

Sure, their coffee has to taste smooth
but the taste we like is the additional
creamery taste that’s to our liking.

My commercial Bunn (cleaned out often)
doesn’t give the "Dunkin taste" and one
of these days I’ll get a large cup of
Dunkin coffee with creamer on the side.

I’ll divide the coffee into two cups and
use Dunkin creamer in one and my normal
creamer in the other. A taste-test of
the Dunkin creamer is in order also.

Jun 03, 2015
Why coffee may taste better
by: NMD

A few reasons why Dunkin' Donuts coffee may have a more uniform or "superior" tasting in shops.

Equipment: they use commercial BUNN brewing equipment that has a one-button deployment for uniform water per uniform (and tested) grind weight. These are all steel and metal units that cost $500+ -- not your cheaply made in china plastic Cuisinarts. Stores are required to test grind weights and water deployment for accuracy based on company standards.

Grind consistency: they use high-quality, restaurant grade "burr grinders" that outclass what most common stores sell. Make note they use burrs not blades and anyone whose ground coffee at home will immediately taste the difference. Even a low-end model burr machines cost $100-300, the ones they use are around $1,000 and made to work around the clock. Even the burrs (used to crush beans) are commercial grade.

Dunkin' Donuts does not use "creamer" at their stores. They use typical cream or milk, typically supplied by Garelick Farms but this could vary by location.

Mar 01, 2015
Perfect Dunkin Coffee at Home
by: Wendy

I used to have the same problem with Dunkin brew. Now, it's perfect. We use creamer, so we started buying Dunkin Donut creamer at the grocers. Perfect cup every time here :) We played with the amount of coffee grind as far as its strength, add the creamer and it's as close as you'll ever get to the same taste as Dunkin's itself :)

Feb 25, 2015
by: Dave

so who knows better about brewing coffee the
roaster or the machine maker? I'm an old Navy
guy and like coffee strong but not bitter.
I use a Melitta coffee system, grounds in
a cone filter, hot water poured through.
What I've read is bring water to a boil, but
don't pour until it cools to 195 deg.
My kettle use to start whistling at 195 deg
or I thought. I bought a new thermometer (made
in USA) and I boiled the water to 195 deg
not 212, then I pour the water over the grounds
in two stages, half the filter height, then
full, this gives me a 7 6oz cups.
Oh yes 6 oz is the new "cup" hahah
I've measured the amount of water and the
amount of grounds to what the coffee company says.
The only real difference I can see is the
grind of the coffee...
usually you find 3 or 4 roasts of coffee
but you don't find the grind, meaning fine,
to coarse for different types of machines.
I don't know if different brands make a big
difference, like some have stated about
buying Dunkin, Starbucks etc: And last but not
least don't forget your mouth, what you have
eaten might have something to do with taste.
of coffee..
BTW I live about a mile or 2 from Farmers
brothers in Torrance Ca. when you drive by
on roasting day, you just want to stop the car
and sit and enjoy, those lucky people who live
down wind of the plant are lucky.
I almost did business with Farmers 30 years ago
but my supplier disappeared

Feb 08, 2015
It's not the coffee maker
by: Anonymous

Someone didn't read the previous poster saying Mr. Coffee brews the coffee water at 180 to 185 degrees and the pot coffee was at 177 degrees (their actual testing of their machine of the water and the brewed coffee, not a theoretical set of numbers), so the posters 130 to 150 degrees water thoughts aren’t correct.

Walmart and other stores sell all types, home and commercial, and both types are purchased by their customers. The prices go from $300 dollars (Bunn) and downwards. Melitta, Keurig, BeLonghi, Bella Linea, are a few of their coffeemakers. I’m told that many people buy Walmart’s Bunn commercial coffeemakers.

So, bottom line, it’s apparently not the coffeemaker, but either the coffee or flavored creamer if Dunkin is using flavoring.

I have an old drip coffeemaker that uses a metal screen reusable filter from the 1930’s and that makes excellent coffee also.

Feb 03, 2015
How to make coffee taste like it is made at the coffee shop
by: Fatman374

There are different ways to get your coffee to taste like you bought it at the coffee shop but there is only one reason.

Before I explain how to make it just let me get out of your mind the myth of non fresh beans. Unless you have really old beans don't worry about it. A real coffee connoisseur it won't matter if your beans are a few weeks old. I notice the difference after two or three weeks but most people I know don't notice until a few months. So if you buy Dunkin Donuts coffee and have them grind the beans for you and it last you a month it may or may not be old.

So to be sure I would suggest buying your own grinder and grind them every few days to be sure.

Now the reason why your coffee doesn't taste like it tastes when you buy it at the shop is that you are making it with a warm coffee maker. Most coffee makers only heat the coffee to 130 to 150 degrees but in Dunkin Donuts they use a Bunn coffee Maker. I am not advertising for Bunn but its a great coffee maker but very expensive and is used at many delis, gas stations and coffee shops. In your area D&D might use a different one like Starbucks does. I even asked Starbucks how hot does there coffee get in their coffee machine, they told me 180 degrees. Even expensive home coffee makers only get the coffee to about 150 degrees or less. Starbucks recommended to me the most cost effective way to make coffee, and it gets the coffee even hotter than theirs. When I say cost effective its not some BS way to say cheaper over the long run. I mean less money on the spot and cost less to use than any coffee maker does. No coffee filters just coffee and water. Its a coffee press, or a French press. You can buy it at Starbucks for around 20 bucks or sometimes on sale for 15. I got one at a garage sale from some kid who needed the money so I paid him more than I should at a garage sale. I gave him 6 bucks. A French Press or Coffee Press range from $15 to $100 at a department store were everything is expensive. At Walmart you can get a Mr. Coffee, Coffee Press, made by Gibson, I believe for $2o and on sale for $15. You need no coffee filter, it has its own. It works by you putting the coffee in at the bottom of the cylinder shaped glass coffee pot, then you put the coffee in it, the same amount you would ad to a coffee maker per cup, then you pour BOILING WATER in the pot, wait for 2 to 4 minutes, depending on how strong you want it. Then BAM, you have the best tasting coffee you can make at home or even in a shop. When you pour it there are two filters, one at the bottom and one at the spout.

If you like Starbucks coffee then the next time your there ask them to make it for you in a French Press. It will taste just like there coffees made in there coffee maker which if you ask them, and you get a knowledgeable worker they will tell you it gets 180 degrees.

Now other ways to make great coffee at home without a French Press or Bunn coffee maker or one like it is to use an old fashioned Percolator. Or any device that uses boiling hot water. Even try putting the coffee in a tea bag and pouring boiling water on it for 4 minutes. Use anything but a coffee maker. I have been told that even the Keurig or Krups single cup coffee makers get you a warm cup of coffee. What a waste of good coffee.

Jan 21, 2015
I just made a cup of folgers
by: marcus

and it tastes 10 times better than the dunk coffee that I make at home....Folgers I say!

there is definitely something up with the beans they sell in the bag.

I'm drinking black coffee, mind you. I love dunkin in the shops but the stuff i make at home is always bitter

Jan 17, 2015
Water Temperature with Mr. Coffee
by: Anonymous

I just checked the water temperature coming out of my new Mr. Coffee and it was 180 to 185 degrees with the fluctuation of the instant thermometer.

(I checked the water in the basket with just water coming out of the spout and no coffee in the basket).

I then checked the coffee in the coffee pot once partially brewed and it was 177 degrees in the pot.

Hopefully this will help anyone with questions on Mr. Coffee water temperatures.

My coffee is acceptable but I'm sure my palate has changed since the degradation of good coffee, many years ago, mixing cheaper crap into the mixes.

Jan 15, 2015
Dunkin coffee at home
by: Anonymous

It is simple you need a bunn coffee maker like dunkin uses! I purchased a bunn and now my dunkin coffe taste perfect! Be warned a bunn is 100 dollars or more depending on the model.

Jan 08, 2015
The french press IS part of the problem actually
by: Anonymous

The French press might be good for controlling temperature of the brew, but without a filter, you can certainly bet your coffee will taste different than coffee shop coffee. Coffee shops use commercial brewers, and all of them use paper filters. Paper filters will remove many of the oils in the coffee which will certainly make it taste different (actually better IMO).

Dec 31, 2014
Decaf beans - guess I gotta move on
by: Anonymous

I suppose that's possible, except the population in the US is getting older all the time, which means more demand for decaf. And why wouldn't they just change vendors? I sent them a query by the way - it's been a month and no reply; I'm not holding my breath. Guess I'll have to find a new coffee. Ideas?

Dec 31, 2014
Decaffeinated bean and growing
by: Anonymous

What I also don't understand is:

First of all - We know Dunkin wouldn't be making their own coffee beans and have to get it from some large grower, then rebranding it as their own.

Perhaps they lost the "lease" from the growers or "decaffeinators" that make it not worthwhile to continue selling their decaffeinated. (Maybe decaffeinated coffee uses a different blend or bean that allows for easier defaffeinating?)

Dec 30, 2014
About Decaf Whole Bean
by: Anonymous

That is genuinely mysterious to me . . . why would a company discontinue one of its core products? Dunkin sells coffee first, not 'convenience'. I dont' get it. Reminds me of the 'New Coke' disaster from the 80's.

Dec 30, 2014
Decaf Whole Bean going away
by: Anonymous

I was told over weekend at my local DD store that the decaf whole beans are going away. We've been grinding our own for years, but I guess the K-cup stuff has totally taken over.

No mention of whole bean regular blend going away yet, but that's getting harder to find as well. Used to get it at BJ's Wholesale, but they don't carry it anymore.

Dec 23, 2014
french vanilla coffee
by: Anonymous

to make it taste the same, use dunkin french vanilla cream. low fat at food lion or some other market, add whipped cream on top, and you have what starbucks calls skinny vanilla coffee

Dec 21, 2014
Its not the creamer
by: Anonymous

It is not the creamers, I never use creamers and the home brew definatly tastes different than in the store.

Dec 17, 2014
Different coffee in supermarket
by: Anonymous

I spoke to Dunkin Donuts corporate and was told that the bags sold in the supermarkets are distributed by Smuckers! The coffee isn't the same as the DD store.

Dec 17, 2014
coffee taste
by: Tim

They sell a different coffee on the market than the one they use at the coffee shop. I ask them.

Dec 12, 2014
Can't find decaf bean anywhere
by: Moe

Been using Dunkin whole beans for years. Suddenly I can't find decaf whole beans, just ground. Tried 2 stores so went to dunkin's site and damn, NONE - they don't even list it. Anybody know what's up? I bought some ground and it's bitter.

Dec 07, 2014
coffee grinder
by: Anonymous

You must buy the whole beans and grind them yourself. Problem solved. Dunkin donuts xtra xtra creamer is awesome too!

Nov 13, 2014
it's all about the cream
by: Anonymous

Find out what kind of cream they use in their coffee when you buy it at the store. I'm from Canada and was wondering the same thing about our Tim Hortons coffee, it never tasted the same when brewed at home. I found out they use 18% coffee cream in their cocoffee and now when I brew at home and use the same kind of cream, it tastes the same as if I bought it at Tim Hortons.

Nov 13, 2014
dunken uses light cream
by: Anonymous

I read alot of comments on here that Dunkin Donuts uses half and half, which isn't true. They use light cream in their coffee which is slightly different then half and half. Half and half is half milk, half cream. Light cream is just cream.

Nov 12, 2014
Used to like it
by: Anonymous

I have been buying Dunkin Donut coffee ground or beans for years, but to me it doesn't taste the same as it used to. It seems that even in restaurants the coffee isn't as good. Crazy but McDonalds seems the best right now. I like Starbucks but down have one nearby.

Nov 02, 2014
by: Anonymous

They are not giving you the same coffee that the
store uses, and if they tell you it is the same they are liars.

I went to the factory that does the blend for
McDonalds restaurants, and wanted to buy a pound out the back door.

Stated there is no way to get that coffee on the public side and Mc Donalds secures that.

Oct 28, 2014
It's the water
by: Anonymous

If you notice you can go to almost any DD and the coffee tastes the same but they can be hundreds of miles away from each other. Dunkin Donuts has the same water filtrasion system in every store. I'm betting that if you filled a contrainor of water from their rest room sink and made coffee with it wouldn't taste the same as the coffee you buy there

Oct 17, 2014
Different roasters
by: Anonymous

It has been touched on a couple times here. The the bags sold in stores are roaSted by a different company than the product made for the donut shops. And yes store bought iscompetitive. The donut shop blends are top of the line beans.

Oct 07, 2014
Why doesn't Dunkin Donut coffee taste the same at home?
by: Ray638

It may only be the water

Sep 21, 2014
Flavor difference
by: Anonymous

It's a combination of the creamer they had sugar and sweet cream, you can buy d&d creamer at the grocery store dairy section. Also the coffee is stronger , add extra when you brew. I just asked the friendly server at d&d. I use a Keurig with reusable kcups to control the strength.

Sep 01, 2014
Creamer or what?
by: Anonymous

I doubt it is the roasted beans that make the difference as Dunkin Donuts doesn't have a zillion dollar "specialized" bean roasting factory out there to outdo the competition. The large coffee distributors have much bigger $$$ pot to play with.

I expect it is an added flavoring to the cream but I won't know until I buy 2 black coffees with the sides of cream. I'll use their creamer in one and I'll use half and half in the other coffee.

I'll get my butt to do that this week.

Aug 30, 2014
oh come ON
by: Anonymous

It is a shame to waste so much brain-LESS power figuring out it is not the cream (half and half) or the water (unless really bad water) or the coffee maker. It is the way their donut shop coffee is roasted. The way the beans are roasted.And so long as we pay $2 a cup for it there, they are NOT going to sell that roast in bags at Kroger, Publix, WalMart, or even in their donut shops. Get over it people.

Aug 26, 2014
by: Anonymous

A bunch of DIY opinions without a rating yields little value. Now I am completely confused. Has anyone replicated the recommendations above with success? Which one works?

Jun 15, 2014
Supermarket bag better
by: Anonymous

The bags of DD sold in the supermarkets are better tasting than the bags sold in the DD stores. It is a more robust taste. Sometimes I grind some beans bought at the DD store and add to the supermarket blend to customize the taste. It is annoying to have to go through this to get a good cup of joe!

Jun 13, 2014
DD Coffee Has Changed
by: Anonymous

The DD coffee from recent years past is not the same as it used to be.The recent product has been downgraded. The current coffee has a bitter aftertaste that did not exist in prior years.I was told from the father of an executive at DD that the quality of coffee they serve at DD stores is a different quality. The store bought coffee sold in all the stores(including their own), for home use ,is a downgraded product.

I can on surmise the reason behind the change.They are trying to gain greedy short term margins?.But, in the end they will diminish the long hard earned reputed brand.Consumers will ,and are, noticing the difference.

Jun 07, 2014
No More Wasting Time On This Puzzle
by: Anonymous

Think of the markup on a pretty brewed cup of 'their' coffee. A LOT. The blend is different from what they sell in bags in the stores. DD is not ever ever going to sell their hypnotic, addictive roasted grounds as they would not have the profit. And once most are in their shops, they also sell their nasty (I think) donuts as well.

Note:Filter your coffee. I use two filters. It would amaze you if you put the filter under one of those gold baskets or cones and checked to see what the paper filters catch.

May 14, 2014
Not the coffeemaker, not the coffee, but the cream
by: Anonymous

You can buy COMMERCIAL Bunn coffeemakers from Wal-Mart and the other box stores from $99 to $800 so the box store coffeemaker isn’t the problem.

You have to do the best you can do and that is by having filtered water, decent filters, fresh coffee, and the cream you desire. The coffeemaker will take care of itself.

I’ve had coffee at most all of the popular restaurants (all have commercial coffeemakers, filtered water and their own brand of coffee) and I don’t care for them at all (not naming them here). I do love Dunkin Donuts coffee though so it isn’t the commercial coffee maker, or the filtered water, so it has to come down to the coffee and/or cream being used.

Like others have said here, half and half isn’t all the same. If Dunkin puts a bit of flavor into their cream, that would truly make the difference. I think that would make more of a difference than the coffee would (looking at all the commercial restaurants and their varied coffee blends), but you purist black coffee drinkers would know the answer to their black coffee quality compared to the other restaurants. My bottom line is that I think it may be flavored cream.

May 14, 2014
And the answer is ?
by: Buddy

CK1 had the right answer. It's the light cream! And I couldn't believe it was that simple. We just went with the Shaw's brand because it was much cheaper than the name brand right next to it. We haven't turned back since. Thanks for reading.

May 06, 2014
Restaurant coffee and Coffee Makers
by: Anonymous

Commercial coffee makers use more stainless steel components and higher grades of plastic, which helps avoid odd tastes in the brewed coffee. Commercial coffee makers also tend to brew at an ideal, consistent temperature for the proper length of time.

Restaurants use a variety of creamers from packets, half & half to cream, and most do NOT use fresh beans. Yet the coffee is better tasting. Restaurants usually purchase ground coffee in large bulk boxes of hundreds of individual packets containing exactly 6 tbps./packet for one pot of coffee. Don't believe it? Check any major restaurant supply site. This coffee is not fresh ground, but it contains high quailty beans, such as Excelso beans, giving a smooth, rich flavor. The best beans are purchased for restaurant use. As with many foods and beverages, it is almost impossible to find restaurant grade coffee in grocery stores.

Apr 12, 2014
Basics of Having Coffee Taste Excellent
by: Anonymous

Commercial coffeemakers vs. home coffeemakers. It takes about 3 - 5 minutes to make coffee in the commercial coffeemakers as do our home coffeemakers that have a hot water holder.

Today’s coffeemakers are all drip so commercial vs. home coffeemakers make the same coffee (if the temperature is close to the same (195 to 205 degrees F.). You could take a strainer with a coffee filter, without even owning a coffeemaker and make the exact strength and taste of coffee with the same coffee and filtered hot water.

We all know different brands of coffee taste different. That is basic knowledge course 101.

If you don’t know that various half and half you buy at the store has different ingredients, you had better get up to speed. Half & Half isn’t half cream and half milk. Sorry folks. The only thing I trust to be generally the same between brands is full cream.

If you don’t know different locations of the country have different tasting water and that you need to filter ALL water to the coffee, you had better get up to speed – Another basic knowledge course 101.

If you don’t know that coffee beans all taste different depending on the growing location, freshness of the roast and the particular roasting degree of the bean, AND the grind of the bean, you had better get up to speed. Another basic knowledge course 101.

Coffeemakers also always have to be kept demineralized, also, as this determines the speed of the water and the minerals that enter the coffee. Vinegar works well for this. Naturally flush with water after using vinegar.

Water for coffee should be filtered, but NOT distilled or softened as it will negatively affect the taste of the coffee.

Apr 07, 2014
Commercial Bunn and coffee
by: Anonymous

Commercial coffee makers are key. Then type of coffee. Freshest beans and different creamers is nonsense. Many restaurants purchase big boxes of coffee packaged in individual units (exact measurement for one pot of coffee). It's not even close to fresh ground, yet tastes superb. For years, many restaurants served Superior brand coffee in this form. Best coffee ever. (Farmer Brothers now owns Superior).

Apr 05, 2014
brew it hotter!
by: Linda

I use an old fashion perculator on top of the stove to make my coffee and it always comes out tasting like Dunkin Donut's (better because I like mine stronger). You need to perc the coffee at a higher temprature. You do not get the heat that you need by using a Mr. Coffee.

Mar 29, 2014
Filtered water
by: Anonymous

I worked for DD and learned the filtered water allows for a better "bind" with the coffee flavor.

Mar 11, 2014
Dunkin at home vs. in stores
by: Anonymous

Dunkin doesnt taste the same at home in part because of the cream. They don't use half & half which has about 10-15% fat. They use light cream which has between 18-30% butterfat. To compare, whipping cream is 30-36%. In the store, the coffee is freshly ground and they use industrial coffee makers that brew at higher temps. Dunkin now sells creamer though which does make it taste more like in the store.

Mar 09, 2014
It has changed

I have been drinking Costco bought DD coffee for 2 years straight, since it was the best store bought I could find...very close, but not exactly like from the DD up the street. The bag I bought on Feb 23, you could tell when opening it , no wonderful DD aroma, just a bitter, burnt smell. Upon brewing, same result, basically undrinkable, bitter wretched brew.

I went back to the store 2 weeks later and bought another bag, figuring maybe it was old stock, or air got in the bag. Same thing, just a nasty bag of something.

So the coffee, at least in AZ, from Costco, is not the same as it was in 2013.

Mar 08, 2014
why brewed at home taste better
by: Anonymous

Brewed verses syrup, thats why. I discovered in store they use syrup for flavor. So home brewed flavored coffee is always better. I stopped buying from there shops because even simple orders they screw up and once i realized they use syrup i was done.

Feb 02, 2014
Coffee Flavor
by: Anonymous

Water temperature makes a big difference in the tast of coffee and also water flavor.

Jan 25, 2014
DD Creamer
by: SJ

I concur with "Bob" from Jan 19th Post. Listen everyone... DD DOES NOT make there own Cream!! They purchase whole sale from a dairy farm. It could be as he said Garlick or whatever. They receive the product from the farm,then put the DD label on it & its shipped in the Big DD semi truck that delivers all there other inventory to your local franchise.
Expierment around, YES you of course need the FRESHEST beans possibe... Puified wated helps as well. With those two things, & grinding right before use should yield you results! And creamer fans like I said just need to expierment.

Heres another nugget IF you never knew this... DD DOES NOT bake fresh donuts every morning from scratch. Every bake product is shipped by franchise frozen, where then the franchisee bakes & dresses up the finishings to DD spec's. There is no George the baker baking from scratch every morning!! LOL. This hold true to ALL franchies .. Tim Hortons Starr Bucks what have you.

Jan 25, 2014
Half and Half isn't all the same
by: Anonymous

People's comments about using half and half can be misleading. Have you ever looked at the contents of several different containers of half and half?

Next time at the store, LOOK at the ingredients of the several different packages of half and half!

Half and half doesn't mean half cream and half whole milk. It means whatever the seller wants it to mean. I now buy 100% cream to know what I'm really getting to add into the coffee.

Look at hot dogs. One could say they should all taste the same. Nope, no way. Same as half and half.

Jan 19, 2014
Dunkin donuts uses everyday creamer
by: Bob

To everyone on here who said that you need to get Dunkin Donuts creamer to make their coffee taste better should not comment on things they don't know of, its obnoxious. Dunkin Donuts uses creamer from whatever dairy is local and will give it to them the cheapest, same with milk. For example in upstate New York it comes from Garelick Farms. Do you really think that Dunkin Donuts owns a huge dairy farm with special Dunkin Donut cows running around it? No. The creamer that they sell in the store that says "Dunkin Donuts" is from Colorado. So chances are if your not in Colorado the creamer your getting from a Dunkin franchise came from a completely different place then the creamer in the store. There is absolutely nothing different between the creamer in a franchise and normal everyday creamer that comes from a dairy. The reason your coffee tastes different is because the beans are ground in the store to an exact weight per pot (carafe). If your buying beans or grind from the store its probably been sitting in that bag forever seeing that it has to be shipped from wherever its produced to the warehouse owned by the grocery store or wholesale supplier then to the shelf. That's a long trip for "freshness" to remain intact. I ran many Dunkin's and can tell you 1st hand that its all in your mind. Everything that Dunkin uses is from the same stores you shop at besides their coffee beans. In all honesty I could have bought green mountain beans or some other brand of beans that has the same roast type and I highly doubt any of you would have noticed.

Jan 12, 2014
I can get to taste just as good
by: Anonymous

Buy the whole bean original blend. Grind it at home. Use bottled water because many times the water from your tap may be the reason it doesn't taste as good.If you like cream in your coffee the you need to get half & half and put it in your cup and heat it before you pour your coffee in. Just put it in the microwave for 30 or 40 seconds. And of course the coffee needs to be fairly strong if you are using creamer. I too wanted it to taste like it does when i got it from the dunk & donuts and now i have figured it out.

Dec 16, 2013
coffee 'purist'
by: Anonymous

How about what I would call 'cowboy coffee'. When the freshest tastes and looks like dark brown shoe polish. THAT is the real stuff. A purist would not consider DD coffee to BE coffee.

Dec 14, 2013
Pure coffee
by: Anonymous

My coffee has to taste like coffee. Cream in it, but no Irish cream liquor. No flavored coffee either, just pure coffee.

OK you purists, I need cream so don't laugh at not being black coffee.

BTW, I sure like Irish Cream liquor in its own glass...

Dec 14, 2013
Not Rocket science..
by: Anonymous

Not rocket science, but one has to figure in about 6 factors to come up with what tastes good to THEM. I am a cone filter user only when at home. With 2 or 3 white 'cupcake' filters UNDER the basket rather than inside. And I mix two flavors of coffee most of the time.
Back to DD coffee...it's great at the actual shops (they have nasty donuts though! ) but what is packaged at any store as such must be their reject batches.

Dec 13, 2013
Water, Coffee, Coffeemakers, Grocery stores
by: Anonymous

Coffeemakers are mostly all drip nowadays and filtered water is filtered water. None of them will make a difference (other than perhaps speed the water drips through the coffee). We know it has to drip FAST in D.D. stores.

Very hot filtered water doesn't care whether it is at D.D. or at home.

It ALL has to do with either the coffee purchased and/or the creamer used. Nothing else will make a difference. I say again, nothing else will make a difference!

This isn't rocket science, people.

The SAME coffee and SAME creamer in Latvia and in Canada will taste the SAME!

Dec 12, 2013
DD from grocery
by: Anonymous

Like all of the other comments here seem to state...they can't get ANY of the 'for sale to the public' ground DD coffee to taste the same at home. Whether bags from grocery or DD stores. I have heard this complaint for years directly from those who have bought it. As long as people will keep paying $2.00 per small cup the secret will remain so UNLESS you find what factor (coffee machine, water, etc.) makes your host's brewing different from everybody else's in the world.

Dec 07, 2013
DD coffee bags not as good at home
by: Anonymous

I've been buying ground decaf bags at the DD store for years. I was never able to duplicate the taste of the fresh brewed coffee in the store. Recently, I was visiting someone who bought the DD coffee from the supermarket. That coffee tastes exactly like the coffee brewed in the store!! The bag is smaller and has a vent in it. Perhaps it stays fresher. I plan on asking DD what the deal is.

Nov 24, 2013
Starbucks was good...
by: Anonymous

Starbucks was good at one point and for years but then for whatever wasteful reason started having THEIR people make it stronger. No amount of cream would fix it...but I starting asking the 'barristas' to add a good shot of hot water to mine (like 3/4") plus leave room for cream. Then it's like it tasted for years.
Thing is, call me cheap, but be darned if I will pay the going rate for brewed coffee out unless I am desperate. Think of what that adds up to in a year or two vs. making it at home. P.S. Try a $3.75 bag of NEW ENGLAND BRAND hazelnut creme flavored even if you just mix as you use with Colombian or other unflavored types. I recommend it highly.

Nov 23, 2013
I had Dunkin Donut's creamer
by: Anonymous

I was at a health plan seminar today and they had the Dunkin Donut's creamer. The coffee sure did taste a lot more like Dunkin Donut's coffee so I'm thinking it's got a lot to do with their creamer and additive, whatever that is.

I will have to pick up some D.D. creamer at the store.

Nov 19, 2013
rebuttle of a few comments
by: Anonymous

Ok few things...starbucks does not taste better at the store they both are overly strong brewed coffees and no amount of cream can make them taste good...second we have a few gas stations now that carry dunkin donuts coffee and it is exactly the same so the theory of the place is incorrect. But the creamer I have found is almost impossible to find in the store....they do sell it now but hard to locate.....so you almost get the perfect cup at home but its still a little off.....I do know that you need alot more coffee grounds brewed to get the flavor than a normal pot. Good luck and I too am still trying to get the experience in my own home....

Nov 08, 2013
by: Anonymous

I had some brought to me by a co-worker 7 years ago and it was really great as it is lately (if fresh). Wonder when they changed? Surely it wasn't better before. So long as not imported from China or Vietnam

Nov 07, 2013
Tase test one of these days
by: Anonymous

The wonderful taste of Dunkin Donut's coffee isn't because of the ambiance of drinking it in Dunkin Donut's.....because...

I always take it with me. PERIOD! It is just a very nice cup of coffee. I still haven't taken a cup of coffee with cream,... then take a second cup, (black), home. I will do my own coffee taste one of these days.

1 cup with their cream....AND
1 cup Black to take home to use my cream. We'll see if it is the coffee or the cream.

Oct 28, 2013
Dunkin Donuts - not the same as it was 20 years ago
by: CB

A few years back, Dunkin Donuts used to buy their beans from a dedicated supplier, but when coffee prices began to rise, they started to buy from different vendors in order to save $$. The blends they now use do not match the coffee of years ago.

Oct 14, 2013
This is getting funny...
by: LaNell Barrett

Ah...the mystery of Dunkin D's coffee is much more real than The Colonel's K-Y-Fried secret herbs and spices. And far more frustrating. And sought after.(This is coming from a Derby City gal who met The Colonel when I was a child (-:)
Bet it is everything from THEIR shop-only packets to the temp of the water TO the water itself. And how about the cream they use. I dare a chemist to analyze DD store bags to a smuggled 'silver pack' from shop version. I'll do a sniff test on the dry grounds and guarantee I could tell.
I would have to do it away from the sickening smell of their donuts...ugh.

Oct 03, 2013
Dunkin Donut Creamer
by: Carla

Walmart now carries Dunkin Donut Creamer in original and three other flavors!

Sep 04, 2013
answer to the Burnt Flavor
by: Anonymous

The coffee was so hot it instantly curdled the creamer. Taste resulting is yuk / burnt. I finally figured this out a week ago. I took it back and had her pour it over a couple ice cubes then add creamer and viola!! The great taste I was searching for.

Jul 14, 2013
It's the cream
by: Ck1

Dunkin donuts uses a light cream called Tuscan. They will tell you that it's made by dunkin donuts but you can buy it at Shoprite.

Apr 22, 2013
append my original post
by: dunkin dude

get you beans whole from a dunkin, the other places that carry the dunkin brand coffee are different beans, and grind them yourself if possible, if not the pre ground will still work just use a little bit more. also the flavor shot is from taylor company

Apr 22, 2013
it can be done! hot or iced
by: dunkin dude

for hot dunkins coffee northeast style
hot water at 200 degrees
medium coarse grind
11 grams coffee to 6 ounces water
use exact measures of sugar or sweetener in teaspoon measurements small 2 tsp. medium 3 tsp. large 4 tsp. xl 5 tsp. cream or milk we use garelick farms light cream and same brand for milk .75 ounce per shot shots equal to sugar amout per cup size. this will get you exact brews and taste as this is how we do it in dunkins. you can even go a step further and pick up empty dunkin cups any size for around .15 cents each in stores

for iced dunkin deliciousness
hot water at 200 degrees
same grind as above but nearly double the amount of coffee to water ratio.
a few ways to achieve this, this is easiest brew a full 10 or 12 cup pot of coffee at the near double ratio get a heat resistant container capable of at least double the volume of your pot now here is gets fun you want to double the volume of brewed coffee with ice and water by about one third water and two thirds ice add ice and water to your container and slowly pour fresh double strength brewed hot coffee into the ice and water wait till ice is melted stirr it well and make an awesome iced dunkin drink at home use the same guidelines as above for cream and sugar.
all of this info can be found by simply asking a dunkin employee, if they have the time and you tipped them im sure they will talk to you about it. thanks and enjoy. mr. j, the dunkin dude.

Apr 21, 2013
Easy vanilla flavored coffee.
by: KansasRascal

Put a few drops of Vanilla Extract in your glass pot before turning on the brewing process. It REALLY does make yer coffee taste like the store-bought Vanilla kind... maybe even better! :)

Apr 21, 2013
Resturant Coffee
by: Mike

Most of the coffees used here in our restaurants is S&D coffee. I have been told this is the same brand that DD uses. But S&D coffee comes in different roasts so I don't know what roast blend they do use. I have now been able to find a web site where the average joe haha pun intended can by S&D coffee by the case like restaurants get. So now I need to figure our what blend of S&D coffee my favorite restaurant uses. I like mine black with just a little sugar.


Apr 14, 2013
Coffee or Creamer?
by: Jim

I’m not sure why some people say it is the brewing of the coffee that makes the difference. As far as I know, all commercial coffee is “drip” brewed which means coffee is only filtered, then flows by gravity to the pot.

Any coffee brewer that drips the coffee has to taste the same. The grind of the coffee, the hot water temperature, the purity of the water (charcoal filtered), the coffee quality (Arabica, Robusta) make a difference. There are varieties of Arabica, so just because you have Arabica, doesn’t mean you have the same coffee. Some Arabica is sweet, some tangy, some fruity, and some sugary.

The creamer makes the coffee very different in taste. I am a cream and sugar coffee drinker. Coffee with cream tastes completely different than with half & half. Coffee with Coffeemate or milk is still completely different than the others also. If you don’t believe that, that’s easy to prove in your home environment.

One of these days I will buy a large cup of Dunkin Donuts BLACK coffee, get a copious amount of their cream on the side, and come home and do a 4 cup test, using cream, half & half, and the Dunkin Donuts creamer. I will brew a cup of my coffee also, using D.D. cream. That should settle the answers for me, whether it is the Dunkin Donut’s cream or the Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Apr 13, 2013
Similar Taste to that of commercial Machine
by: omegared378

I bought some Starbucks coffee and some Dunking before. I will admit that the taste is never trully the same as in the store. I noticed when I use the French Press I get a commerical taste from my coffee. I will also admit that Presses leave cafestrol which is really bad for your heart, and that is what commercial machines leave in your coffee too. Therefore keep in mind when you brew coffee it might not taste the same, because the paper filter extracts most of the cafestrol and other components of the coffee which does not get extracted from a commercial brewer. Sometimes I take a paper filter and place it on the bottom of my french press and make my own filtered/ commercial cup that has some of the cafestrol filtered from it. Make sure you do not cut to much paper or you may get it stuck on the sides of the filter.

Mar 26, 2013
What brand of Flavor Shots does Dunkin use?
by: Anonymous

I have tried to duplicate the French Vanilla Iced coffee at home for some time, but nothing really tastes like flavor shots you get at the B&M store. I've tried Monin, Torani, etc...does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Mar 12, 2013
Friend Owns A Dunkin...Heres your REAL Anwser
by: Anonymous

100% for sure....IT IS THE BREWER. I Know someone who owns a dd franchise and my wife managed the place for over a decade. I know its not the answer people want to hear because commercial brewers are expensive..but that is DEFINATELY the answer. At my wifes store they use the EXACT same coffee as they sell in the bags and the sad fact is when she makes it at home it is DEFINATELY different..but if we take some beans from THE SAME BAG and brew it up the street at dd's...BINGO...tastes like it should. Even if you put Maxwell house, through a commercial brewer there will be a WORLD of difference. I have done it. Most owners of a franchise will tell you there is no difference because they want you to buy both- coffee to drink and bagged coffee to take home and make yourself...but we all know they just want your money :) so instead of buying bags and being disappointed...just save up and shell out a couple g's for a commercial brewer.....PROBLEM SOLVED !!!!

Mar 11, 2013
by: Jamie

Brew hot water first in ur coffee pot. Let it go through the
pot and heat itself. The reason it doesn't taste the same is because Dunkin Donuts has their water set to 200 degrees. I know it seems hot but trust me it will be ok. I work at a Dunkin and that's how I know.

Mar 07, 2013
You have changed your coffee!!
by: MWeingrad

I have purchased the same blend ( One Pound size of Ground Original Blend 100% Dunkin Roasted Coffee ) for several years and have enjoyed the mild flavor. Out of the last 5 - One pound bags - purchased over six months, 4 bags contain product that do not smell like coffee; have a bitter taste when brewed using the same brew machine; and appear to be a finer grind size. I'm ready to go back to Maxwell House.

Mar 01, 2013
for the last time - THE BEANS ARE DIFFERENT!
by: MOT

It's been my opinion for a long time now that the beans they sell in the retail package are NOT the same beans that are supplied to the Dunkin' Donut franchises.

I recently switched from the orange retail bag and tried buying the pre-packaged one pound retail (brown and yellow) bag at a Dunkin' Donut store. NO DIFFERENCE IN THE TASTE....

*SO* I bribed the girl behind the counter with a nice tip and she sold me one of the plain wrapper silver bags of coffee that they use in the store. I took it home, grinded up some beans and made a fresh cup in my french press. It is a **SIGNIFICANTLY** different taste than the retail beans!

In all fairness, it did not taste exactly like the DD shop cup does...HOWEVER, it was MUCH, MUCH smoother...in comparison the retail bag coffee tastes acidic and bitter. THE BEANS ARE DEFINITELY DIFFERENT!!

Lastly, based on my "first cup" experience with the beans from the silver bag, I think through some experimentation (water temp, grind time, etc) that I will be able to make it take extremely close (if not exactly like) a cup purchased at DD.

There is absolutely no question here that THE BEANS ARE DIFFERENT.

Feb 25, 2013
Brew Master
by: Paul W.

To make a great cup of coffee buy the whole bean. Grind the bean for 20 or 22 seconds depending on your grinder. Look on the bag to get measurement per cup and after you've made it make sure you use it less than 20 minutes... The coffee makers hot plate will burn the coffee after 18-20 minutes. If you have a thermist you will increase the life twice as long. However if you want a great cup of coffee throw it down the drain after 18 minutes and make fresh. Use spring water to make it.

Dec 10, 2012
Burnt Flavor
by: Chris

Sometimes when I order a Plain coffee cream n sugar it tastes the best, like I always want it to taste. Other times it tastes Burnt! It has a distinct burnt flavor ocassionally. Maybe I need to ask for a fresh pot everytime to get the consistancy that would keep me coming back. I will try this method and re-post later with my findings.

Dec 09, 2012
DD coffee employee.
by: Anonymous

The main things that can change the taste are, the amount of cream you use, we use half and half, and 2oz for a small, 3 for medium and so on. Then the sugar, 2tbsp for a small 3 for medium ect. Then flavor, if you get a syrup flavor, it will taste more like a creamer you have at home, a flavor shot you need to add about 3 sugars to your size coffee. And the beans need to be whole and freshly ground right before you brew. Water at about 200* grinds corse. And don't let it sit, after 15 min, it's lost it's freshness.

Dec 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

Mine taste the same to me. I use real cream in mine and get the same flavor.

Nov 19, 2012
DD Coffee
by: Anonymous

The Dunkin Donuts coffee you buy in the store comes from JM Smuckers, while the coffee in the DD coffee shop/restaurant comes from someone else. Does anyone know who produces the coffee brewed the in restaurants?

Nov 08, 2012
Donut Shop K-Cups Pretty Close
by: Will

I have a DD next to my office and when I make coffee at home I can replicate the taste pretty closely to the point that it is indiferent to me by using the Donut Shop K-Cup in my Keuring machine on the highest water temp setting and largest cup setting using a generous amount of half and half (milk or fat free half and half will not cut it), and about two slightly heaping teaspons of sugar. I have not tried the DD K-Cups that they only seem to sell in the a DD so I can't comment on those since they cost a lot more than going to a Costco and buying the Donut Shop K-Cups there.

Oct 28, 2012
Beans are NOT the Same
by: FuzzyK

My wife bought the orange bag (retail grocery store) whole bean, regular roast because she got a good deal on-line. The beans are so weak! Folgers, Millstone and DD in the orange bag are all owned by J.M Smucker (acquired from former owner, Procter & Gamble). DD only licenses the NAME to be used - no one ever said they are the SAME beans! I bet the DD coffee is the same as (or at least made side-by-side with) Folgers and Millstone. Not very good company to aspire to!
Think about it - if you were a big corporate food manufacturer like Smucker of P&G wouldn't you just slap different labels on what are pretty much the same thing? OK, maybe Millstone and DD brands get the slightly better grade, and the garbage is left for Folgers.
You want good coffee? Buy Eight O'Clock 100% Columbian Whole bean if the big bag from BJs, etc., and grind it yourself at home. Use the proper amount, and you can't beat it - especially for the price!

Sep 21, 2012
In addition to table cream...
by: Jennifer

Also, I always add salt and a tiny bit of fresh ground nutmeg. I've heard that baking soda also works to take out the bitterness.
Try the nutmeg. Surprisingly good.

Sep 21, 2012
It's the cream!!
by: Jennifer

My husband and I were taking turns each morning driving at 5:30 to pick up 2 extra large coffees, extra cream and extra sugar. This was becoming expensive at $5/day! So, I decided we had to make a change.
I bought a small bag of DD coffee and brewed a pot each morning for about a week. It never really hit the spot, always left me craving a "real" cup. So, we caved and went back in for about one month, until....
A lady who works there told me that they use table cream. We had been using whole milk.
So today I bought table cream at our local Safeway. It's Lucerne, which is their brand, but it's the only one sold. In fact, we have 4 grocery stores in our town and they are the only store that sells it. It is sold by the pint, and costs the same as a gallon of milk, $2.99.
It made ALL the difference. I'm loving a cup as we speak. I will never, ever go back.

Sep 02, 2012
coarse grind
by: Anonymous

Too coarse of a grind in a drip machine will make weak coffee, but a slighter coarser (rather than fine grind) will produce a smoother, less acid brew.

The real key that you've hit on is the amount of coffee used. At 11 grams per 6 oz of water (good ratio), you're talking about more than 3.75 oz of coffee per 60 oz pot of coffee. That's about twice the amount of coffee that most consumers use.

You've chosen a realistic load to produce a quality cup of brew. You've further chosen to use more coffee with a coarser grind for a smoother, less acidic brew.

You're using a quality grinder (although you don't mention which model, your brand sells $125 to $575 models).

Most consumers would not choose the coarser grind at the sacrifice of using even more premium coffee. Your info is correct ..... but the most important info for the sake of this topic is your ratio ..... most consumers are using far too little coffee and expecting good results.

The 'taste' that readers here are looking for, can be achieved using a standard drip grind, but they still have to use more coffee.

If they want the ultimate in their brew, a slighter coarser grind will yield an even smoother cup.

Aug 31, 2012
It does!
by: Bellini Dream

I make Dunkin Donuts at home and it tastes the same as from their stores. The brewer I use is a Bunn A-10. I use 11 grams of coffee per 6 ounces of water. The big secret is the grind of the coffee. It needs to be fairly coarse. I asked my local Dunkin Donuts to show me coffee fresh ground in the store to get an idea about the correct coarseness - this was most helpful. I use a Baratza grinder - it took trial and error to get it just right. The coffee needs to be much coarser than what is sold in the pre-ground bags.

Aug 21, 2012
Why doesn't Dunkin Donut coffee taste the same at home?
by: Thomas lewis

It could be that in your area they use cream in their coffee,experiment with different strengths and water,tap water is some areas is terrible.I use bottled water or filtered from the frig.Its taste the same when everything is right.good luck

Aug 15, 2012
Foodservice vs Retail
by: Anonymous

My wife used to work at S.L. which supplied all the foodservice coffee for Dunkin Donuts. It's different manufacturers. Kraft makes the retail version.

Aug 12, 2012
dunkin donuts employee
by: Anonymous

Hi, I work at a Dunkin Donuts, and one of the main reasons may be that we actually grind the coffee beans at the store that go into each coffee, whereas the coffee grinds that you buy at Dunkin Donuts are packaged in a factory and are distributed all around the country. We get about 10 giant bags of beans (I'm not sure the exact quantity but each bag weighs about 3 pounds) at my small store. Also, if you order a coffee with, lets say french vanilla, we put a liquid, calorie free shot of artificial french vanilla flavor in the cup along with sugar, or sweet & low or equal, or splenda, or whatever you prefer. and the cream that we use is just garillick farms cream that gets delivered to us via delivery truck, same goes for the whole milk and skim. I'm not sure if its different depending on where you live, but I know that in the Boston area that is where we get our dairy products. I know this is a little wordy but I hope it helps! :)

Aug 09, 2012
by: Jim M

..That should read 200 degrees for water temp on my August 5th post. SORRY!

Aug 05, 2012
Here's the Deal
by: Jim M.

So heres the deal.. I like most that have read this form ama HUGE fan of DD. Particulary the coffee. I take mine with cream & sugar. SO..IF you do the same everything you read in this plays a part of. MOST IMPORTANTLY and again IF you also use Cream ..DD's cream is different!! Its also high in fat..Ohh well I say its good!!

So heres what I suggest if you choose to home brew. Buy your beans from DD NOT a grocery store!! They are different(those are run by Folgers) Brew water to 100 degrees..grind beans corse right before brew.. and of course establish some kind of relation with employees of your local DD so they will give you a LG cup or so of there cream because they WONT give it up willingly!! Good Luck All!! If you dont take my word for this..try it..then voice your opinion (Ohio)

Jul 27, 2012
Must be different coffee or their creamer
by: Jim

I used boiling water slowly poured into the coffee maker filter area with the Dunkin Donut coffee from Walmart and it still didn’t taste like from the D.D. shop. It must either be different coffee or the D.D. creamer, and not the water temperature.

Jul 27, 2012
D.D. Coffee & Creamer Test
by: Jim

I love D.D. coffee and have read most the articles here. My thoughts would be to buy a cup of black D.D. coffee, and then ask them to put the creamer separate.

Take home and split the coffee into two parts, putting half the creamer into one cup of D.D. coffee and put your normal creamer in the other cup. Do a taste test and it would tell you if it is ‘the coffee or the creamer’.

Secondly, if you have D.D. coffee from the grocery store, brew some using filtered boiling water (212 degrees) and pour it gently into the coffee filter containing the coffee in the coffee machine (some here said it was because of the hotter water that the coffee makes a difference). A coffee maker is a coffee maker. All it does is pour sparingly the filtered water over the coffee grinds .… period, although some have different hot water temperatures. I will do all this ASAP for my own knowledge. I figured it was the creamer until people said the coffee is different. These tests will give the answer.

Jul 22, 2012
by: Mike

Also the creamer Dunkin Donuts uses makes a HUGE difference. Some (but few) Dunkin Donuts stores will sell a half gallon of their creamer. Mine does for $4 and it's a great deal! Sooooo good & makes all the difference!

Jun 07, 2012
dd stronge french vanilla coffee
by: Anonymous

i wen out and brought a keurig brewing and brought at dd their coffee and it came out stronge and no tasta of cream

May 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

I use dd whole beans.Grind coarse in a regular grinder. A touch of salt,purified water and light cream. The keurig is a must.

May 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

I use the Keruig coffee maker and it taste exactly like the store

Apr 21, 2012
Secret for a perfect match. DD coffee, store/home.
by: Marc

1. Coarse grind beans at home.
2. Let boiling water sit for 2 mins before pouring into French Press.
3. half and half cream
4 whip cream on top.

Apr 01, 2012
Why does Dunkin D's coffe taste better than home brewed
by: KansasKid

I worked in a college cafeteria as a food service employee. When ever we would make a pot of coffee we were told to add a few drops of pure vanilla extract to the empty pot. I was told that this reduced some of the bitterness and enhances the taste. Surprisingly your taste buds barely notice the subtle vanilla taste, but your brain does take notice. Helps the aroma, too.

Mar 31, 2012
Dunkin' Donuts coffee
by: Anonymous

Water filtration. Every coffee maker at every DD store has a water filtration filter on it. It is about 6 inches long and right in the water line just before it gowes into the maker. They change them regularly.

Mar 13, 2012
Creme?? Really??
by: Anonymous

Yes, freshness is a critical element, but by itself will not produce a quality cup of coffee. You can have beans roasted that day and ground 2 minutes before brewing and if the other factors are off enough, you'll still have bad coffee.

We talk about 'bad' water. Here's an example of extremes that are critical factors. We've discussed that if you have crappy tasting water, such as heavily chlorinated tap water, it will translate to bad tasting coffee. I've read discussions (like this one) about people that will take that little tidbit of info and go out and buy bottled distilled water, because that's the 'purest' that you can buy. Distilled water w/o the proper ph, minerals, etc. CANNOT PROPERLY EXTRACT what's necessary to brew a good cup of coffee. We're not talking the difference between good and great - it just can't extract enough to make an even acceptable cup of coffee.

Comments about 'commercial' brewers: Bull crap. The difference in a commercial brewer and a decent home brewer is the ability to reheat water more quickly to make large amounts of coffee continually and more substantial components so that they last longer under constant use.

Fact is, you can use a pour over cone filter, such as Melitta makes and pour your own heated water through it and make a great cup of coffee. I do it every day.

Creme and sugar????? Let's get real. This is a thread about how to brew a good cup of coffee with the same results as in a coffee shop, not about completely masking the coffee with sugar, creme and flavored creamers. That's just just plain stupid. The more you 'flavor' your coffee, the less and less important good brewed coffee becomes.

Before you flame away, drink your coffee how ever you like it, but please don't confound a serious discussion about brewing a great tasting cup of coffee with how you plan to flavor it.

That's like going to Ruth Chris steak house and commenting on how wonderful your steak is after covering the steak with half a bottle of ketchup or steak sauce. You never got to actually taste the steak.

Mar 06, 2012
The definitive answer.
by: Anonymous

I drink DD at home and at work (industrial coffee maker) and it's never the same as when you buy it from them. My friends husband came home with DD and realized they didn't add the cream and sugar. My friend said, no problem; I'll doctor it up, but it didn't taste the same. We knew it had to be the cream. I read all the answers here and based on her experience we tried the 18% cream. What a difference. That made it for us. Forget the fancy makers and presses. Not all stores carry it and in some it may be labeled as table cream. It falls in between half&half and whipping cream as far as fat content. You could probably even use whipping cream for the same taste.

Mar 06, 2012
The definitive answer.
by: Anonymous

There's no doubt that the temperature, coffee maker, fresh ground beans, etc. make a difference, but if you don't have the fancy equipment, the easiest way to get your DD coffee made at home to taste more like the store is the the 18% cream as someone else wrote. My friends husband brought coffee home from DD and realized they forgot to put in the cream and sugar. She put in cream and sugar from home and she said it did not tast the same. When I read the advice from this website we tried it and sure enough it made a huge difference. 18% cream is basically light whipping cream. It falls somewhere in between half & half and whipping cream as far as the % of fat. Not every store carries it; some containers it's labeled as table cream. You could probably even use whipping cream to get the same taste.

Feb 27, 2012
Different Answer
by: Isaias

The machines they have work differently than the ones you have at home... they have powerfull machines that heat up and work better than the ones we have. No wonder they are more espensive machines :)....

Feb 21, 2012
Wild Goose Chase
by: Chris

While many have theories that the taste is different for one reason or another, the MAJOR difference is freshness.

The minute coffee is roasted, it degrades. If you buy ground coffee, it is already stale according to quality standards as it takes weeks and sometimes more for the supply chain to get that bag into your hands. Buy whole bean, grind it yourself, and you will notice a difference. Even then, the whole beans have degraded as it takes weeks from roaster to your home.

The ideal decision is to buy from a local roaster. Yes, some of the theories have merit but the fact is a good bean that is fresh is the way to go.

Go fresh or go home! LOL

Hope that helps my fellow coffee lovers!

Feb 21, 2012
I love DD coffee
by: Melissa

This is ridiculous...even the Keurig DD pods makes terrible coffee.

Feb 20, 2012
brewing tips
by: Anonymous

Read about how to make coffee from a reputable source. This site has those resources. Another is Sweet Maria's.

Always buy quality freshly roasted whole beans, not ground beans. Store in an air tight container, but still only buy what you will use in a week or two.

Grind beans just prior to brewing and it must be the correct grind for your brewing method. A decent grinder will run you $65-100.

Use good water. If it doesn't taste good as water, your coffee won't taste good either. Water stripped of all minerals, such as distilled water, will not allow proper extraction and will make horrible coffee.

Proper water temperature is critical. 197-205 for most brewing methods.

Proper extraction time. Most brewers don't allow you to control this except thru the grind, which makes the choice of a reputable coffee maker important.

The most common mistake of poor tasting coffee at home is not using enough coffee. Experiment with the amount of coffee and the grind to get what you like.

Serve yourself a small cup (4-5 oz) without a lid. The aroma is a major part of your tasting experience and small portions give you fresh and hot coffee. If you use a lid, you need richer or stronger coffee to give you the same taste as without a lid when you can smell it.

Feb 11, 2012
Closest I have ever gotten...
by: Howie

So, for years, I have been trying to replicate the dunkin donuts coffee taste at home. This morning I got the closest I ever have. This is what I did:

1) Bought whole beans from dunkin donuts
2) Poured 7 scoops into my Capresso grinder (set on the most coarse setting)
3)Poured 8 cups of hot water (just before it boils) into my french press
4) Let the coffee sit for 5 minutes before pressing

Try it. I'd be curious what you think.....
I've tried it with the grinds in my drip coffee maker for years and it never tasted that good. This week I finally bought a coffee grinder, and it makes the coffee taste so much better!

Jan 27, 2012
the trick to at home DD coffee
by: Val

I agree with adding the soda, I thought it was wierd, but what the heck, I have a whole Costco sized bag of coffee. I just add a pinch and mix it into my grounds...What a difference! Thanks for sharing the fireman secret!!!

Jan 20, 2012
the scam
by: George Hayden

it's not the same beans. they're cheaper and scam the DD customers into thinking it's the same. & that the taste at home is our fault. Bullshit !!!

Jan 08, 2012
D&D Coffee
by: Capman911

I tried adding a sprinkle of salt to the coffee being brewed. It brought out the flavor but not the bitterness. So I remembered when I was a firefighter we would put a dash of soda in the tea we would make for lunch and dinner to take out the bitterness. So I tried a small sprinkle of soda on top of the fresh grounds in the filter and let the hot water pour over the fresh coffee. When I drank my first cup, then the whole pot I knew I had found my secret to a better cup of D&D coffee for me. There is not any bitterness only smooth flavorful coffee. I hope this works for those who want to try a small sprinkle of soda with their nixture.

Jan 07, 2012
If you want your Coffee to taste like Dunkin...
by: Anonymous

If you want your coffee to taste like Dunkin buy the coffee from the Dunkin Donuts store its the real deal. DO NOT buy the ORANGE labeled Dunkin Donuts coffee from your local grocery store or warehouse store as these are not the same beans/roast used in Dunkin Donuts coffee!!! Try it you will be surprised.

Dec 19, 2011
Simply Cheap Coffee
by: Jo Ann

I've never had coffee at a DD shop but I got suckered-in by the TV-commercial and bought a 40oz bag of DD Original Blend at Costco. The very first pot of coffee after opening the bag (1.5 tbsp : 6 oz purified water) was terrible!

I know that the problem is not the temperature of the water as my Cuisinart (Drip) makes terrific coffee when using freshly ground Peet's beans (which btw only requires 1 tbsp : 6 oz water)!

I can only conclude that the packaged (ground) DD coffee is the problem, pure and simple!

Dec 06, 2011

I have a commercial grade Bunn coffee maker in my kitchen thanks to a friend who owns a restaurant. I have tried different brands of coffee in it but I can't get the same taste as if I was at a DD or restaurant. I have adjusted the temp up higher and went by the directions on the bag, but to no avail. I haven't tried adding a dash of salt to the fresh coffee yet so that will be my next experiment. My friend gave me a bag of S&D coffee to try and that was the taste I was looking for. But the average joe (no pun intended) lol can't buy S&D coffee. Since S&D makes DD coffee I will have to keep trying for that wonderful eye opening cup of java.

Nov 11, 2011
Know what you're buying.
by: Anonymous

There are two different versions of the Dunkin Donuts Coffee which you can buy - there's the version made by Dunkin, which you can buy at Dunkin Donuts locations or on their website - the package looks like this:

Then there's the one that they sell at grocery store s- it comes in a bright orange package like this: http://www.globalgiants.com/archives/fotos3/PROCTER-GAMBLE-DONUTS.jpg

The ones in the orange package are made by J.M. Smucker Company. Don't buy these ones. You won't be able to get the real Dunkin taste out of them.

Nov 06, 2011
Not the same, but not bad
by: Me

Yeah, didn't taste quite the same at home, but not bad at all. It's not the environment, as someone suggested, because I always go through Dunkin Donuts drive thru and take their coffee to work. And believe me, work environment is no picnic. I do think it has a lot to do with the cream they use. Love it, but not worth the very high price for me. Back to Maxwell House at home and Dunkin Donuts when I get there before work!

Nov 01, 2011
Get a Bunn coffee maker
by: Anonymous

its your coffee maker and the cream you use,
get a bunn it put out water fast at 200 degrees like they do at the dunkin donuts, and at dunkin donuts they use 18% milk fat cream, Deans makes this cream it can be found in some stores, in illinois you can find this cream at jewel or dominicks, i asked dunkin donuts to sell me their cream a few have but normally they wont, but it says right on the label 18%. and if you dont use cream the bunn is all you need, it makes all coffees taste better,

Sep 30, 2011
Coffee Changed
by: Sybil Hilton

I bought you coffee after a few months and the aroma and taste definitly isn`t as good, My husband and I used to by your coffee at Sam`s and the grocery store and it was very good. I bought some yesterday and brewed it this morning and it wasn`t like it used to be. We never go to resturants where they serve your coffee, so it isn`t the same.

Aug 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

The real question is why would anyone want their coffee at home to taste as bad as Dunkin Donuts does???

Aug 17, 2011
DD coffee
by: Anonymous

If you add a little salt to the grinds before you brew it, it also brings out the flavor

Aug 07, 2011
What Blend?
by: Anonymous

Which Snd Coffee blend matches the DnD Original Medium Roast?

Aug 02, 2011
Dunkin Donut coffee from S&D Coffee, Inc.
by: Coffee Addict

Aug 2011: Dunkin Donuts coffee is manufactured by S&D Coffee, Inc. 300 Concord Parkway, So., Concord, NC 28027 Approved Supplier# 0094

See http://www.sndcoffee.com

I worked in a DD shop and this is printed on the label of every box that arrives with pre-packaged coffee in it.

Here's a photo of the shipping box label:

Jun 29, 2011
Hot Water!
by: Anonymous

I was told that it is a different brand so you will never be able to duplicate the taste. If customers stop coming to the shop to buy coffee they will go out of business.

Be careful some dunkin donuts dilute their coffee in the store to strech the dollar. So if you coffee has been tasting alot like hot water that's because it is .

Apr 26, 2011
Getting Dunkin Donuts Coffee taste exact at home
by: Buzz

The way to exact the Dunkin Donut Coffee is quite easy:
Here is how it is done.

1. Brewing Temperature - Must be 196 degrees
Get a Bunn VPR commercial Coffee maker.

2. Scoop (8) 1 and 1/2 scoops of Dunkin Donut coffee (Original blend)

Walaah!!! You will have it.

I transplanted from New England to Texas and had
to learn it myself. Been enjoying DD Coffee correctly for awhie now.

Feb 20, 2011
Duncan Donuts
by: friendlyman4349

I bought a Technivorm Moccamaster to brew my Duncan Donuts Coffee. First I tend to agree that even this machine does not reach the optimum temperature for brewing the coffee. I am intrigued that the coffee beans purchased are not even the same as the store used ones. Bottom line another mystery of life.

Feb 18, 2011
by: Amarial

Sorry to scream, but I just brewed a pot of DD with my old school Mr. Coffee coffeepot and when I (believe it or not, folks) followed the directions on the bag (ratio of 1.5 tablespoons to 6 oz of water), I made the best darn coffee I've ever made, and I may or may not be known in my family for my Midas touch with the ol' coffee pot.

Directions. They work... <-- you know the rest.

Jan 27, 2011
DD Store Brand not the same
by: Anonymous

The DD store brand is not the same bean origin as the Franchise shops brew. I have a friend in the wholesale coffee trade and he claims that Folgers grinds the store blend for them to their (DD)recipe. The Franchise store coffee is whole arabica bean and freshly ground, but much different than the grocery store bagged bean or grind coffee. All the nonsense about trying to duplicate franchise brewing is impossible with the grocery store recipe.

Jan 16, 2011
They are not the same beans
by: Derrick


note the answer to question #3. it is neither a denial nor an affirmation, which of course means it is a denial. the coffee sold in stores is not the same. it is packaged and manufactured by a different company with the consent of dunkin donuts. they specifically say that it is blended to taste like the store version. if it was the store version, they wouldn't have to blend it to make it taste like itself.

if the answer to the question was "yes", they would have said so. their roundabout answer proves that they are not the same beans. since this question has been floating around for over a year on this site, i hope that this answer can put it to rest.

TLDR; stop trying all kinds of weird brewing processes to get your coffee to taste like the store version -- the beans are different.

Jan 06, 2011
prefer home brew
by: Anonymous

I actually think DD coffee tastes burnt every time I have ever had it. I have never had a commercial coffee that tastes as good as home brew. I worked at a small independant coffee shop for a year and we made a decent cup there. And my parents are regular DD drinkers on the go, always compliment my coffee I serve at home. taste is in balance of grounds to water and how fresh you serve it. DD is so hot coming over the counter that I feel that is what is making it taste bad, or the pre-measured packets they quickly toss in to mass produce all day may have a thing or two towards why i cant seam to enjoy a cup. will force it down for the caffine, but always look forward to my first cup at home.

Dec 25, 2010
I concur with WDL from Buffalo
by: Anonymous

WDL is right, read the post below; temp-full pot-bunn vp-17 (or similar bunn) Bunn's have thermostat so you can increase it if need be.

Dec 06, 2010
DD Coffee from an owner.
by: Mike

I used to own a Dunkin Donut Franchise about 10 years ago. Back then we used the same beans to make our coffee as what we would sell to the customer. We would actually take the beans and grind them for our customer from our own grinder. Dunkin has standards set in place for the grind...it has to be so coarse and the weight has to be exact. District managers go around and check to make sure the grind is to spec. Secondly, it has to be brewed at 210 degrees...they would check this as well. Most home brewers only heat the water to about 160 degrees. Thus you are not extracting all of the flavor from the beans. Nowadays, I even go to dunkin to buy their coffee. It now comes in a pre-sealed bag. It probably gets bought this way and sold this way...so it MAY not be the same...exactly....BUT...I still think it mainly has to do with the temperature. A french press or a perc. is probably the best bet to get the closest taste as possible.

Dec 05, 2010
Got " the way".
by: Anonymous

The beans and ground in super market chains are from a different than the ones you can get at Duncan donuts. I bought whole beans from dd and bought a inexpensive spice grinder, bout 10 dlr. I keep some in jar on counter at room temp and bag in fridge. I grind just prior to brewing and use 1 tbsp per 6 oz of water. I use coffeemate Italian sweet cream and sugar to taste and it comes remarkably close to dd. Ask your local dd store for tips. I have found this to be as close as possible. Good luck and happy brewing.

Nov 29, 2010
DD We Love You!
by: CoffeePro

It's all about water temperature! Want to make good DD coffee? I bought a $130 coffee maker with thermal carafe and the coffee was just not hot enough and it tasted bad. I whipped out my old camping percolator and cooked up a batch of DD on the stove and its damn near perfect! I use sweet n low for the sugar and mini moos half and half for the cream. Also using the DD from the grocery store in the 12oz bag and its pretty much identical to what I get at the local DD. The trick is, once the water starts to perk turn the heat down to low...like #3 or so and let it perk for about 6 mins like that. This way the coffee doesnt get burnt but its piping hot. A decent percolator is probably $15!!! Pour and enjoy!

Oct 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

the DD coffee you buy is not the same.they are made from junk trade beans-they are not true arabica beans.a friend i know gave me some of the coffee she uses in the dd store she works in-i brewed it at home in my $20.00 mr coffee cheap machine and it taste just like the coffee i get at the dd counter.the coffee grounds i bought from the same store taste strong and bitter.try it - see if im not right.gotta be friendly with the person behind the counter,most regular customers are.oh and tip good.

Oct 05, 2010
Hot Water
by: Anonymous

I have heard this also, and would love to know how to make it hotter?

Sep 02, 2010
Here's what a DD store manager said about why their version tastes better than the home version...
by: Anonymous

I was told at one DD store that the difference was that they brew the coffee in hotter water than we are able to with our home coffee makers. Has anyone else heard or tried this?

Aug 11, 2010
I miss Dunks!
by: Anonymous

I moved from Boston to LA 7 months ago and have had MAJOR DD withdrawal. I've been using the bagged stuff but I just can't get it right either! However, I do believe the measurements suggested on the bag are a little stronger than the actual stuff in stores. And I've got to agree that some DDs make better coffee than others. Sorry, but Massachusetts makes the best! I went to college in CT in theirs wasn't very good and don't even get me started on Dunks in NYC!

Jul 22, 2010
What does the bag look like?
by: Anonymous

I used to get DD coffee from the drive thru in maine almost everyday. When I moved to the mid-west, I found out there were no dunkin donuts in the state. I bought a bag of ground coffee at target and found it was packaged in a different state than the coffee i used to get back home. I now get REAL DD coffee sent to me from maine. The real stuff comes in a 1lb brown colored bag. The FAKE stuff at target and grocery stores comes in a 12oz orange bag. Buyer Beware!

Jun 29, 2010
Bunn Commercial Coffee Brewer
by: WDL from Buffalo

The problem is the coffee brewer!
I have had the same problem trying to make the coffee the same as the donut shop and it never tasted the same until I bought a Bunn Commercial Coffee Brewer. Bunn also makes a home version that makes coffee taste better than most home brewers but the commercial brewer does the trick. The other thing is to make a full pot because the brewing process is different when you make a partial pot. I believe the coffee companies process there coffees to taste best with these type of coffee makers. Most of the restaurants use these type of coffee makers.
Mr Coffee brewers of years ago, made some of the best tasting coffee. When they changed the brewers to the cheap newer style heaters, they gave up a great coffee brewer. I know because I did an a/b comparison taste test at a party and everyone agreed that the older brewer won hands down over the new brewer with the cheaper newer heater. This newer style heater is used by most coffee brewers that are made for the home today because they are cheap to make and they are high volume affordable for the majority of people.
I hope this helps for your understanding and may you find your great taste at home.

Jun 07, 2010
it's different..
by: Stakeout

I've been saying this for many years...

just did a taste test at home.. went out and bought a cup of DD regular coffee.. black no sugar.. the way I always get it.. brewed some DD coffee we got in the bag... no comparison... the bagged coffee tastes like regular coffee .. no matter who bags it... the DD already made coffee in a cup I just bought smells and tastes totally different.. roasted... maybe some chicory added as my wife suggested..

all I'll say is... I consider myself a 'professional DD coffee' kinda guy.. used to be a cop and lived on that stuff for 20 years before I retired... DD rules :)

May 26, 2010
This may work for you:
by: Matt

Hi! For some reason I thought I was the only person who felt this way about store-bought Dunkin Donuts coffee. I remember the first time I brought it home from the store, I was so excited thinking "Yes! I don't have to run to DD down the street every morning now!" Well, as we all have discovered, I was wrong. It's just not the same. I tried the DD coffee in several different types of coffee makers, ranging from an expensive drip coffee maker to a french press to a perculator. I personally like the perculator the best- it makes the coffee very hot, but it does seem to "boil away" some of the taste. So, after what I would call "years" of trying to perfect my at-home coffee, here's my 3 tips for what I consider to be the best cup you can make:
1) Obviously, buy the beans, keep the bag air-tight, and grind just before you're going to make coffee.
2.) Use a starbucks coffee maker. (They don't have their own brand, but you can find their suggestions online.) I used to go to my one friend's house for brunch every week, and his coffee maker, by far, was the best I ever had at home.
3) Use half and half for sure! If you go into a Dunkin Donuts- they actually use a light creamer! I don't like to use that every day because it is fattening, but, if you really like the DD flavor, you may want to go with it! AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST- I don't use sugar in my coffee. Just cream. BUT, I started putting just a bit of BROWN SUGAR in my coffee- I mean less than half a teaspoon, and it works! It doesn't give it that extra-sweet taste like white sugar, but it gives the coffee just a bit of extra richness, and it takes away the bitter edge! Try it! You'll be surprised!

May 25, 2010
by: Anonymous

Don't drink DD if you want to drink dishwater. Go to some place like Peets or Intelligentsia or another place that uses decent beans. Today I tried the dark roast iced and it tasted like weak stale water with a tiny bit of acrid aftertaste. YUCK

Apr 14, 2010
wouldnt it be just cheaper too....
by: Anonymous

Wouldn't just be cheaper in the long run just to buy the coffee made already thru DD drive thru ... Then wasting all your money on all the equipment.

Mar 13, 2010
to the pastry chef
by: Anonymous

not sure where you received your training, but coffee making and roasting was a part of my pastry training.... the first thing that we were taught....NEVER put your beans in the freezer.

having worked for the producer of the coffee that goes into the bags for dunkin donuts i can assure you that the recipe for the blend of various arabica beans and roasting time is a closely guarded formula, the beans are 100% arabica and no robusta is even near the processing plant.

the bags of coffee for use by the dunkin facility and smaller 1lb bags for sale in the dunkin shops are produced by the same company, while the dunkin coffee produced for retail grocery stores and warehouse clubs are produced by a competitor who is also a major player in the coffee industry. can't verify what the retail formula for roasting and blending is against the corporate recipe for the dunkin shops.

it's all about water temp, the freshness of the beans, the purity of the water to start with and the cleanliness of the brewing machine. the ratio of grounds to ounces of water is also a factor. instead of measuring with a scoop, weigh your coffee out and measure the water carefully. a coffee cup is a 6oz measure not 8oz measure, for those of you not brewing with a coffee maker.

it is also about when and how the beans are ground. a burr grinder is the prefered method, it pulverizes the beans as opposed to shredding & then turning the granuals into dust. the beans should be ground immediatly before use, as they begin to stale within 10 minutes of grinding unless vacuum packed into individual brewing sized packages. the finer the grind the faster the brewing method, ie drip needs a finer grind than a french press.

and yes finally, the freshness of the cream or half and half is also a factor... it's all about the butterfat content as well and the mouthfeel that comes from it.... that's why skim milk rarely satisfies a diehard "boston" drinker. the same with eating that ben and jerry's compared to the generic "ice milk" in the grocer's freezer... a small taste of ben and jerry's or any other premium ice cream is more than worth a large bowl of fluffed up air generic "ice cream" from the grocer... the mouth feel is missing and no matter how much generic you eat, it usually doesn't satisfy the craving like the premium stuff.

the cups, that's probably more in folks minds than anything else, a coffee taster will still use a bone china cup to slurp and taste before they spit it out.... have never seen anything else used.

Feb 24, 2010
brewing DD at home
by: Anonymous

I worked at (original Quincy,MA) Dunk's while in college (twenty years ago) and often tried to brew at home. Back then, we sold a bag of beans from the same bags we used in the shop, so I was positive there was no difference in the beans. It became an obsession, with family and friends-we tried different coffee pots, spring water, different filters, even the Dunk's cream and milk (and cups!). We never could do it. I really believe the styrofoam cup makes a difference in the taste (I prefer it even though it's probably from some chemical!). I think the person who said the water temperature makes a difference is probably right. I never tried this, but I know my mother claims it makes a big difference in brewing tea. I have also found that Dunk's coffee tastes much better if you leave it in the fridge overnight and reheat it in the microwave. Everyone thinks I'm crazy until they try it. I wish I could be more helpful, but I just wanted people to be assured that Dunk's isn't switching the beans around (or at least they weren't twenty years ago!-lol). Best of luck.
Does anyone notice the difference in certain Dunk shops? I will drive out of my way to go to certain shops that have a smoother taste. My husband and kids think this is crazy, but I can taste the difference. I haven't ever been able to figure it out.

Dec 28, 2009
Tastes Like Dishwater
by: Wisedupinphilly

We've tried brewing this at home for years. We've also had discussions at work with others trying to achieve that in store taste. We all agree that the in store coffee tastes much different than anything any of us have achieved at home, no matter what methods we've tried. To me, this bagged coffee tastes like insipid brown dish water. My husband and I are convinced that this is a SCAM! Dunkin Donut's cannot possibly be selling the same coffee that you get brewed at the counter. It's like they put their name and reputation on a bag of dried cow dung.

Dec 21, 2009
It IS the water temp.
by: Ben

I brew my D&D coffee at work in a $15 Proctor Silex coffee maker, with standard cheapo filters. I use spring water from our cooler.

I've discovered that it tastes different when I use the COLD spring water vs the hot water from the hot tap on the spring water cooler. I had a great cup last night from the store, and then this morning had one that tasted exactly the same made from grounds from a one pound bag of D&D grounds purchased at the grocery store.

Dec 16, 2009
by: Anonymous

I've searched for 2 years for a coffmaker that duplicates the store flavor. I bought a technivorm first for $250, which was a waste. It totally ruined the taste. I just bought a BUNN NHXB for a 100 bucks. I was amazed. The flavor is almost identical in flavor and taste. The only real difference I see is that their coffee is a few degrees hotter. The Bunn makes it at 200 degrees which is plenty hot for the average consumer.

Dec 15, 2009
Dunkin Donuts Coffee bean smell changed
by: Anonymous

Does anyone else think DD ground coffee beans smell different than they did, say one year ago? To me, the ground DD coffee, in a bag, no matter where I buy it from, smells differently (almost burnt) than it used to smell. They sent me two free bags and they also smell burnt or much stronger. I believe it now smells like 8 O'Clock in the dark brown bag. Am I going nut's? Bruce

Dec 05, 2009
From the horse's mouth...
by: Karma

I asked a client of mine who owns a local DD.... she said that it's all about the temperature of the water. She said most home coffee makers don't make the water hot enough... the stores' water is usually between 204-215*F when brewing.

Dec 01, 2009
by: Anonymous

I've been to a hundred Dunkin Donuts. They all have a variance in the taste. In other words, they all taste different. Sometimes the same DD will serve the same cup of coffee at different times of the day and it will invariably taste different.
Get over it. What do you want out of your coffee? I make mine the same way every time and it taste the same. Want it stronger? Add more coffee. Want it to taste like crap? Leave it on the burner for an hour.
Want it tpo taste like a cup from the local DD store? What does that taste like? Depends, doesn't it.

Dec 01, 2009
Try This
by: Anonymous

Try Bottle Water & Half/Half Creamer !

Nov 23, 2009
it's an enigma
by: Anonymous

I bought a bag one time from the grocery store that smelled adn tasted like a cup right from DD, but it was real expensive, so I tried going to tthe DD store and buying a bag from them cuz it was cheaper and it did't smell or taste like DD so I went back to the grocery store adn bought a bigger bag of the same kind that did taste like Dunkin adn the bigger bag doesn't either :(

Nov 16, 2009
they are arabica beans
by: Anonymous

I don't agree with the previous post... Dunkin Donuts is a legit and well run business... they have "100% arabica beans" marked on their retail coffee bags... they would be deceiving they're customers if they didn't put arabica beans in they're bag and could be sued. They are too smart to not back their word. The person who wrote the previous post should try different coffee brewing methods to get a better result.

Nov 15, 2009
by: Anonymous

they are using the cheapest beans they can find for the coffee you purchase to brew at home.The beans they are buying and roasting are NOT ARABICA -they are what we used to call our TRADE blend of beans,they make the worst tasting bitter and brunt tasting coffee you will ever taste.And they are the cheapest to buy-as i dont buy there coffee brewed in the store i cant answer that,but the 16 oz bags i buy have been really bitter and burnt tasting and smelling coffee grounds.

Nov 03, 2009
Try a Chemex Pot!
by: Anonymous

the french press is good however use a chemex pot...the temp of the water is most important along with the freshness and all the other stuff people have added...french press messy and difficult...make sure to get the unbleached chemex filters as well as pour only a little water on the beans to have them bloom before you start brewing all with boiling water all in filter...if confused look up chemex coffee pots and see if you can find a long article about how to use...not the actual chemex instructions but the ones someone else wrote...follow it and you should have coffee snobs and dunkin donuts best pot of coffee ever!

Oct 25, 2009
Still trying
by: Bret

I LOVE DD, and in my quest to brew the perfect cup of DD coffee at home i have even gone as far as buying a Bunn VPR commercial coffee maker off of Ebay to sit in my kitchen so i absolutly know i am using the same equipment as they are. I got the bagged DD coffee at the store, ran it through the machine and while it was a great cup of coffee, it still did NOT taste like the coffee the store makes. I am convinced now they use something different in their machines, the stuff in the bag doesn't even smell right. Ill keep you all posted if i can improve it.

Oct 02, 2009
by: Anonymous

Finally some very sound technical replies! Of course water temperature is predominantly responsible for succes or failure of the perfect cup. If you can buy your favorite bean fresh great. So with those two points established the only legitimate variables are the grind and actual brew technique

I'm going to try the french press and keep looking for a drip system that will provide the right water temp.

As for the "lame" notion that ambiance is the no one reason your SB or DD coffee at the store taste better. Come now. Most of us take our orders to go!

Sep 20, 2009
Don't forget the cup
by: Anonymous

I also have trouble making the same coffee I can buy at the DD. I discovered the paper cup that it comes in makes the difference.

Sep 14, 2009
Beans are different
by: Rob

The Beans they use at the store are not the beans they sell. The manger at my local DD would sell me a bag of the beans (3 lb bag if I remember correctly)) they use in the store. The roasting must be a little different. The color is different, they smell different and taste different. I've chewed on beans right from the bag before grinding and they are NOT the same.

Sep 04, 2009
It ain't the same coffee!
by: Greg

I honestly believe that the coffee in the shop is different. They refuse to sell it to me and it makes sense. They use a commercial brewer and their coffee is roasted for it. Most consumers use a different type of coffee maker so the coffee is taylored to taste the best given the style of the most popular coffee makers(no commercial dripmachines vs. commercial flow through machines.

Aug 08, 2009
by: Randy

I had the same problem. Found out it was the cream!
Around here DD uses Garelick farms cream. Now my coffee tastes as good, and often or not, better than some of the Dunkin Donuts!

Mar 18, 2009
Dunkin Donuts Coffee
by: Anonymous

Dunkin Donuts coffee taste bad to me lately. Is it possible that they are using something else in their coffee to substitute the original blend?

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