Has McDonalds McCafe coffee changed?

by James
(Houston , Tx)

McCafe coffees at your local supermarket.

McCafe coffees at your local supermarket.


My wife and I used Folgers for years then the taste changed. We tried several other with the same results and we're always less than satisfied.

The one coffee we did like was MacDonald’s and when it became available as a k-cup and then ground it was just like the McCafe coffee.

Now the problem... we purchased coffee recently and the unique taste and quality is gone. We tried going to MacDonald’s... same bad taste.

It seems providing a good product just did not match MacDonald’s or Heinz corporate goals. What happened?


James, hi

Sorry to hear about your favorite McCafe coffee.

As for what happened, I think you’ve already guessed. Bulk coffee producers are using cheaper and cheaper beans to make their coffees.

This is true of all the big names, like Maxwell House, Folgers and now MacDonalds.

We already have a very lively discussion on this site about how Maxwell House is no longer “good to the last drop”.

In part this is all about these companies getting greedy and trying to make as much money as possible.

The other side of the story, which we don’t much like to talk about, is that as consumers we demand low prices. In North America in particular we are used to inexpensive coffee.

Our insistence of a “good deal” puts pressure on companies to keep prices down.

So in a sense, we’re all to blame.

All that said, if you really want good coffee, and are prepared to pay a little more, there are a ton of roasters out there producing some wonderful coffees.

Check out our gourmet coffee page, and our coffee reviews page.

I hope this goes some way towards answering your question!

Best wishes,


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Before McCafe
by: Anonymous

McDonald's had the best coffee in the world before they switched to McCafe in the 1990s. I've searched and searched trying to figure out their original brand in the US. No luck. Does anyone know what it was?

I’m done
by: Anonymous

Not sure what you actually did to your coffee yet I can tell you I will not be buying my on average 5 large cups a day any longer. Tastes like you are trying to determine just how many times one can use the same grounds. Pity that is though I will say it was a great run. Guessing it was about a decade, give or take. Say hello to the shareholders for me.

by: Ron


New Coffee recipe or brand
by: Anonymous

The old coffee even tho more expensive was a cup of coffee people came to McDonald's just to get it The new coffee that is being offered , now , is
Noticeably different
Bitter with an after taste. Not worth the trip anymore
Let us know if you ever change back even if it costs more

Coffee does not taste the same. Taste bad
by: Anonymous

My husband and I buy the MC cafe coffee from our local store. For quite a few years now. Here lately the coffee has had a bad odor to it. And mind you it is a fresh can of coffee. It has been tasting pretty nasty lately. And for the reg. Price of $17.99 it should not be tasting bad like that. So fixing to switch to a different brand.

McDonalds latte is now black coffee with foam
by: Anonymous

II used to love McDonalds latte until a couple of months ago. I went to a new restaurant and had a horrible latte and assumed their machine was out of milk. I sent it back and the replacement was awful, sent this back still awful. Went to a branch that always has lovely latte, not anymore. Will probably not bother going to Mcdonalds again as the latte was the best bit.

I’m Glad I’m Not Alone
by: Tammy J O'Malley

For five years I worked a night job as a pharmaceutical delivery driver and I had a routine-get off the freeway and hit McDonald’s for my Large Hot Coffee-six creams and four Equals. It was strong enough with a nice "bite," but smooth too. Fast forward a few months and a job change-I went to a different store and it didn’t taste right so I changed my amounts but still, weak and odd tasting. Tried another store, same thing. Now-AM/PM all the way. It’s more but the points add up and other things give free stuff.

by: Lopez from Santa Fe Texas

We have been getting coffee from MCDonals for many years!today we stopped for regular senior cups of coffee and it was water downed. We will not be going back for nasty coffee.
Here we come whataburger!
There was nothing wrong with the previous coffee so why the change????

McDonald's now 'bad' coffee
by: Anonymous

I've been getting McDonald's coffee for about 20 years... this week, I noticed the small coffee went up from $1.10 to $1.32...
And if that wasn't bad enough, the coffee tastes like it has been watered down..
I'm done with it. paying more, for less taste..

Coffee betrayal
by: C Lewis

Disappointed barely begins to express how I feel about what Mc Donald's has done to their coffee. When I wake up the first thing to touch my lips is coffee. Why on earth would a company change what has worked for them for decades. Were we complaining?? Always looked forward to my coffee and breakfast on my way to work. You can't tell me it's improved without even testing the market. Why not offer it as an option instead of a replacement. I'm just going to hope the idiots that thought this was a good idea remember the "Coke Classic" fiasco. For now I will go to Tim's for my coffee and for sure my breakfast sandwich since I'm already there. I'm sure many feel the same. Clearly the idea came from tea drinkers or candy coated coffee coffee drinkers. What a betrayal! Shame on you for feeding us what tastes like you forgot to change the grinds. Ok enough for now, gotta make a run to Tim Hortons.

Shame on you McDonalds
by: Anonymous

Shame on you McDonald’s for trying to gouge people out of paying more money for a lesser product. All you’ve done now is created less profit for yourself..the horrible coffee you are now serving is as all the comments say HORRIBLE..it tastes toxic and is no longer an enjoyable beverage. I, as many others will not be returning to any of your establishments. Shame on you!

by: Anonymous

Really not impressed now that McDonald’s changed the coffee. I was buying a coffee a day but now I will go back to making at home. Too bad these companies change a good thing that was working just to scrounge more money off the customers

Still like it, but not as good
by: Anonymous

We still buy the ground coffee Which is actually coming from a good coffee producer. Trouble is, like any multi branded offerings you have good, better, best qualities. Of course the coffee brewer makes a big difference in coffee taste as well as the water quality. Coffee being a natural grown product will vary like any natural product. Nothing is perfectly the same. Even seasons, growing conditions, and other variables can change coffee taste. I have even noticed differences in grind fineness between cans of coffee. Being a former truck driver I have tasted to worst and the best of coffee's. Most fall somewhere in between.

I used to love you
by: Anonymous

I used to love McDonald's vanilla lattes. I would buy one three to five times a week. One day it tasted absolutely gross, it was so sour. I thought maybe the milk or creamer was expired. I tried buying one again and same disgusting taste. I tried a different location...just as gross. I no longer dare buy another one. McDonald's, para pa pa pa...I'm hating it!

McCafe Coffee
by: Anonymous

I used to love McDonalds coffee and always bought it for home use. It is terrible now since the change. I will no longer purchase it.

Now Horrible Undrinkable Coffee
by: Anonymous

I used to love McDonald’s coffee! Got a vanilla iced coffee a few months ago and took a sip and gagged. No roasted coffee aroma or flavor, just sickly sweet artificially berry flavor. Told the manager something was wrong and it it didn’t taste like coffee. They remade it… no different. Threw it in the trash. I went to a different McDonald’s in another city, ordered a caramel iced coffee, thinking it was the vanilla syrup that had changed. Caramel was gross too and tasted no different than the vanilla. A month later I was visiting my parents in another state… same gross taste. Even my dad said right away it was different and didn’t taste good at all. So disappointed, it used to be great tasting coffee, now it’s vile and undrinkable. Won’t be ordering coffee at McDonalds ever again unless they go back to what it used to be.

RIP McDonald’s iced coffee
by: Anonymous

I have gotten a large vanilla iced coffee every morning for the last 5 years. A couple of months ago I noticed the coffee tasted off. It was sweeter and like a weird candy or cereal. I starting getting a plain iced coffee but that too is just not good anymore. I finally just bought a French press and started making my own.

Iced vanilla coffee - no more!
by: AC

I’m posting this in Nov. 2022, and while I realize we are well past the coffee change that prompted this original question, I am so glad I’m not the only one who’s noticed the change in McD’s vanilla iced coffee!! Apparently I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box, because for weeks now, I kept trying different stores, different times of day, etc. "Did they accidentally give me the sugar-free syrup and that’s why it tastes off?" "This almost tastes like there’s some sort of berry syrup in my vanilla iced coffee!" "Yuck - wonder how long it’s been since they truly cleaned their machines?" "Maybe they’re accidentally using caramel instead of vanilla syrup?" I mean, every single time, there I was, trying to figure out what they had accidentally done wrong… I’m glad I’m not losing my mind and that others have noticed! I, too, used to be an almost-every-morning customer and get my iced vanilla coffee and some sort of breakfast sandwich/biscuit. I’ve finally had it. I’m done. So sad, but on the bright side, it’ll probably save me time and money!

Bad coffee
by: Anonymous

I have been drinking McDonald's coffee for years. Its always been a treat to get it. Just recently something has changed. Its just awful!. And when I drove thru the drive thru yesterday, I was asked if I want liquid sugar. I don't even know what that's all about.
McDonald's please go back to your old coffee, now I have no reason to go to McDonald's.

McCafe is Gross
by: Joanne

I purchased McD's coffee alot, then I was, "What is this crap"? I asked a co-worker if they noticed a change and they told me McD changed their coffee. It's bitter and has a terrible after taste that lasts until you brush you teeth. McD you've lost a daily morning drive through customer, new coffee is dreadful!

It’s yuck alright
by: Anonymous

I’m in full agreement with the previous comment., it DOES taste like swine piss 😝

McDonalds iced coffee sucks now
by: John Rush

They ruined it. It was great coffee, now it tastes like swine piss!!

Vanilla Iced Coffee Sucks
by: Anonymous

I've been a McDonald's Vanilla Iced Coffee drinker for years. Recently came back from an out west trip and noticed it tasted different...thought it was because I was in a different region. But when I came back to Pennsylvania, it was the same as out west. One day I ordered and iced coffee and both McDonald's in Clearfield had no vanilla flavoring...thought it was strange. Next trip I ordered a coffee and couldn't drink it...I looked at the syrup bottles and they looked like a different brand...I will never order another vanilla iced coffee until they switch back to the original vanilla syrup!

Is there mustard in my coffee?
by: Liza

I am so disappointed. I’ve been getting iced coffee from McDonald’s for years but recently it’s been an awful experience. At first I thought it might have been an unclean coffee machine or a prank. Nope. I’ve tried multiple McDonald’s and have deduced that it is just the coffee that tastes this way. It’s horrendous, like someone put mustard in it. 🤮 Why McDonald’s? Whyyyyy?!?!
Coffee was the only thing bringing me to their establishments. No more McDonald’s for me. I’m so put off it now.

by: Mad in Iowa

I bought iced coffee almost every single morning on my way to work. I seriously thought it had cleaner in it ... it was soooo bad. No more McDonald's iced coffee for me.

New McDonald's Iced Coffee is Virtually Undrinkable
by: Former Huge Fan

I thought someone made a mistake with my beloved sugar-free vanilla iced coffee. I thought someone used soap or made it in a container that had just been cleaned and not completely rinsed. I drove to another McDonald's and explained that something was wrong with my iced coffee and asked for a replacement. The replacement was just as bad. Two days later I ordered again -- this one was even worse. I doctored it with a lot of flavored creamer and more cold brew from my refrigerator. Now it's drinkable. PLEASE CHANGE THE FORMULA/INGREDIENTS BACK TO WHAT WAS USED BEFORE. There's no reason to purchase the new iced coffee. It's truly awful.

by: Florida beach grl

Thank you for letting google find this! My hubs and I were loyal fans of the iced coffee and have been saying for MONTHS something's off and we, too, thought it was the "new, young people" just not making our cream/sugar ratio right. In fact, we even thought that they started using the tea instead of the coffee by "accident" a few times. NOW I TOTALLY GET IT. I'm bummed, actually. I was hoping it was just temporary and we just had to keep going back to trying it. Not so much. Down here in Jacksonville Florida, I can confirm it tastes like horrible watered down tea. Disappointing.

I’m not crazy
by: Anonymous

I stumbled on this page via Google Search! I’m glad I’m not the only one they noticed this, I thought they weren’t making my iced coffee right. It’s horrible! So long cheap and quick morning coffees , such a disappointing day.

Glad to know I'm not crazy
by: Anonymous

I don't even drink the hot coffee, but I noticed a drastic change in the taste of the iced coffee recently as well. I thought it was due to bad flavoring syrup, but this is just nasty now.

Really sad, will probably just strike McDonalds as a place to eat anymore, because that was the primary reason I even went there.

McDonald's coffee taste the same way the 1990's baby all gone smelled
by: Sara

I'm 34 years old and for the last couple years I've had a vanilla iced coffee nearly every single morning. Ive now been through 3 separate locations on 3 different days and they all have the same awful cherry scent/flavored Windex like taste/scent that reminds me of a baby doll I had 25 or so yrs ago. Its like the suntan lotion effect. Where you swear you could taste the coconut you're actually smelling...... All 3 awful experiences have led me to abandon McDonald's coffee all together. This is a sad day.

McDonald's new coffee taste
by: Anonymous

When something is not broken don't fix it. The new coffee is awful and weak. I passed by Starbucks for McDonald's but now I will pass on McDonald's.

by: Anonymous

okay, so I'm not nuts. I drive cross country a lot and noticed the last time I got McDonald's coffee it didn't taste right so I thought it was the restaurant. Nope, it's all the restaurants. It has virtually no aroma and tastes like water. Even the ground coffee in the bag is awful now. I can't smell it at all. I e-mailed McD and they gave me the old rigamarole, "We buy the best beans... blah, blah .." Nothing but greed.

drinking mcdonalds coffee EVERY day for decades
by: Anonymous

Have been drinking Mcdonalds coffee for several decades every morning . I`ve been thru changes before, but nothing as drastic as this. the taste, smell, after-taste is horrible. It`s not the coffee brewer, or the "new kids" making the coffee. It`s the actual coffee. The local manager informed me this morning that it took them until a few days ago to run out of their supply of coffee, and that McDonalds has changed the blend AND dispensing method??? Crazy

The Best Coffee
by: Lacivita

For the best tasting coffee, just like McDonald's use to have is Newman's organic, we buy the k-cups taste great

Coffee Taste
by: Anonymous

I agree with most of the comments regarding the taste of MC D"s Coffee now. Terrible. tastes like warm Bitter, water. SOOOOO Disappointed. I will not drink this swill. Shoulda left well enough alone. It was one of the best coffee's. Have been buying it for years and years. Too bad everyone is so about that dollar bill these days instead of quality.

What the hell happened…
by: Anonymous

Same experience with 3 of my avg to high cost brands that have been my go to-s for years. Seattles Best, ( my former favorite for Nouse Blend and Breakfast Blend), Starbucks Pike Place and Peet’s Breakfast Blend …..noe even Starbucks lacks that full in your face aroma when you open the bag, the beans are the size of peas and it is so bitter I can not drink it no matter how I adjust the pour over home grinder and water/ coffee ratio. Seattle Best…same …motor oil, it’s the one I miss the most….the rich sweet deep full mouth flavor….I could cry, it is coffee that got me through pandemic mornings and everything that followed

Extremely disappointed
by: Anonymous

Always purchased coffee their/ not anymore!
So annoyed!
Where is s better option? 7/11 or Coles?

by: Good News Plumbing

In the past would only get good coffee at mackas not now never going there again until
Real coffee returns must have real coffee after taste not like now tastes like dishwashing liquid why compromise ? Who gives a rip about price look at fuel I need coffee more than fuel lol

by: Anonymous

I e-mailed McDonald's about this quite some time ago and their responds was that they have on control over their franchise outlets. Consistenty and quality are no longer what McDonald's stands for in their product, profit profit profit.

Accounting dyslexia indeed
by: Cyberpope

McDonalds is none-too-bright, eh? Cheaping out to get those pennies, then missing out on the $20 bills in the process. The only thing my wife liked on the menu were their salads with chicken; I only liked the McCafé Mocha -- now both are gone. with those two on, we could justify a $30 bill to give the kids what they like so much, but not now. Idiots. How can a major global corporation suddenly get so STUPID? Good bye; I prefer Tim Hortons anyhow!

Chemical Oily Taste
by: Anonymous

Oh so disappointed to learn McDs changed their coffee. The taste is chemical, oily swill. I too bragged about the formerly delicious robust flavour and urged others to try it. Not only is it bad coffee now, the price went up as well.

It was a good run, McDs. Time to move on to another brand.

MacDonald s coffee
by: Tess

The coffee at MacDonald’s is now awful I am soooooooo disappointed. I will no longer visit macdonalds

McCafe has gone bad!
by: Suzy in Kentucky

I've been a LOYAL McCafe customer sincw since I first saw it on the shelf at Sam's Club, I would buy no other! The past few montgs, it has been tasting NASTY! I thought it was my Keurig & so I bought a new one. So today I find this line of reviews & discover the truth. Guess I'm searching for a new coffee as I cant drink this nasty stuff any longer!!

Very disappointed
by: Laura

I've drunk and loved McDonald's coffee for years and was so excited when they started carrying it in the stores. I even got everyone at work hooked on it then I noticed the new can we had at work didn't taste right so I thought well maybe they messed up on this batch so I opened my new can at home and made a pot was so disappointed 😞 at the taste so for one last try I went to McDonald's and bought a cup it was horrible to. Now I don't know what coffee to drink cause I only want McDonald's the same way it's Been. I would gladly have paid more money to keep it the same then pay for a lousy cup of coffee. Please bring back the good taste

yes - it's changed
by: Mark

McCafe used to have a unique smell and taste. Several Months ago I bought a new can of McCafe and noticed immediatley noticed the taste was off - it tasted like old coffee. The date on the can was ok, so I thought maybe the can had a bad seal when I bought it so I threw it out and bought a bag instead. Same thing. The coffee grounds don't have the smell and the coffee doesn't taste like it used to. I thought my taste buds were the problem so I went to my local McDonalds and got a cup and the taste there was good. Based on my expert opinion, McDonald's is providing cheaper beans in the store coffee.

So Bitter
by: JoJo

I purchased 2 cans of McDonalds Coffee and after trying first the Columbian Medium Dark Roast and then the French Roast Dark, I will be throwing them both out. The taste for both of them is undrinkable.

Noticed it tasted old
by: jvapeg

For quite a while I have enjoyed Mccafe coffee but the past few months I have noticed how 'old' it tasted. No real flavor. A freshly opened can tasting old? So disappointed. I worried that I could have bought an out of date item, NOPE.
I will have to find another favorite if this is how it is going to taste.

Lifelong McDonalds customer and coffee drinker going elsewhere
by: Don, New York

Always loved McDonald's coffee.It used to say "Arabica" on the cup. I guess when they switched suppliers is when they dropped this. At first it was still decent even if not as good as before, but the last few months, I can't stand it. I travel quite a bit in the Northeast, so I am getting it from several McDonald's restaurants, and it is the same, lousy taste.

I would disagree with the premise that "it serves us right, because we want cheap stuff." I think it is the typical American Corporate short-sightedness. Some bean counter figures if they make 1 cent more per cup times however many million cups they sell per year, they will make that much more profit. But I think they fail to consider that you may lose the entire coffee sale, never mind a possible breakfast or lunch sale for an individual, family or group that could amount to $30 or more. The same accounting dyslexia goes for the decision to drop the grilled chicken and the salads. If my wife and kids want burgers, and I have to watch what I eat and want a salad or grilled chicken, then McDonalds is off the table: $30+ gone! Or maybe I'll just have a coffee? Not if I can't stand it.

Awful taste: had to draw away
by: Anonymous

I am afraid McCafe coffee has changed in 2022. I will try one more location and if the taste is same as those two other locations, I will stop my morning trip to McDonald. The taste was like burnt and/or similar to the taste of cofee boiled in the coffee pot half day.

Glad I ran into this post
by: Mel

After several months of drinking this coffee and wondering if something was wrong with me, I finally sat down with my cup of Mcdonalds coffee and typed in " did mcafe change their coffee?" and this popped up. After reading the comments, I have come to the conclusion that it is not dementia setting in, it is, like most companies do, a way to push out a packaged turd for less money and making more money for themselves. It was bad enough that they raised their price at the drive through. Between that and the taste I quit going for that and kept on buying it to make at home and it is just not cutting it. DG had a sale on a it and I wound up buying 2 cans of it and even though i have opened one of them and started using it, I am considering taking the other one back and call it quits and find another brand. Good bye Mcafe, it was good while it lasted..On to the next coffee.

by: Suzanne

I am so disappointed with the coffee change at McDonald’s. I love long-distance traveling and I could count on McDonald’s coffee tasting the same everywhere. The coffee taste it full bodied, with a nice rich and robust blend. But now it’s very weak has very little flavor and it’s just not enjoyable. I’ve counted on McDonald’s faithfulness and coffee no matter where I travel down the road but now I will have to think of something else.

Very bad coffee at McDonald’s!!
by: Cheryl

Always enjoyed breakfast at McDonald’s, especially the coffee. The new coffee is so bad that I’ve quit going to McDonald’s for my breakfast. They have lost my business over making a few cents more on a cup of coffee. Bad business decision, McDonald’s!!

by: Elata

My husband and I would go out daily for our McDonald coffee. It was one of the few outings we had since Covid.Unfortunately something has changed. The coffee seems watered down and does not have that rich nice flavour it once had.

Absolutely disgusting
by: Sarah

Prior to this recent change (2021) of McDonalds coffee, I would buy at least 2 lattes per day. Since the change of beans I cannot stomach the flavour! It’s like watered down rain water. Such a shame…. Massive lost of customers due to this decision.

Coffees bad
by: Gary

I have been buying Coffee at Mc's for years. Can stand the the new stuff will need to try someone else for breakfast.

by: George

I have thought for months my taste buds were screwed. I guess not. Wish i knew where to get the old Mcdonalds coffee. Mcdonalds, you suck

New coffee sucks
by: Adam

New coffee tast horrible. What happened to the good stuff, black coffee with flavor. BRING IT BACK

Recently tried mc cafe coffee
by: Rick

I normally drink Peet’s coffee but I recently spotted McCafe Coffee on the shelf of my favorite store. I was pleasantly surprised. I drink my coffee black with a little sweetener.
The price was very good too. I’ll be back for more

So glad I’m not becoming a coffee snob!
by: Michele

I felt down to earth because I preferred McDonald’s coffee to Starbucks, but now it tastes like watered down dirt. Thanks for all the comments, so I know I haven’t changed. The coffee has. And that’s sad.

Sad, but glad I'm not alone!
by: Carol

I just cleaned my Bunn coffee maker out for the second time and bought another $18.00 water filter thinking the awful taste was coming from my maker. I bought 3 different cans of McDonalds coffee thinking maybe a skunk died in warehouse and contaminated it. Seriously, this is very bad coffee. I would liken it to a packet of cheap coffee I bought at the Dollar Store once just to see what it tasted like. We all loved McDonalds coffee and went through 4 cans a week. This is such a disappointment and frustration. Strange, were the customers who buy this but are not consulted on such a major change, like say a survey on the coffee can or something to get feedback? Someone's going to lose a ton of money. Never liked Green Mountain coffee.. and like it even less now.

What has happened?
by: Debbie D.

McDonald’s coffee was my favorite. Would even go in my pajamas thru the drive thru for it. NOT ANYMORE! Aside from the coffee that’s now awful, they switched from half and half to a coffee creamer. Yuk! Hate that junk. I guess I’ll be going in my pajamas to Dunkiin Donuts.

please, I need it
by: Dennis B. Spfld,Ma

I went to the supermarket and grab a can of McCafe's coffee and noticed a different label. I thought nothing of it until I had a cup. Wasn't to bad but it wasn't good like other times. please bring back the coffee that reads on label" Arabian bean" thank you

Nasty coffee yuck! Won’t be busy McCafe anymore.
by: Anonymous

I have always drank the McCafe Columbian coffee. I bought a 12 pack of K-Cups last week. It almost tastes sour and very unpleasant. I will no long be buying this coffee. Bad enough it’s $8.79 a box. Sorry McCafe you’ve lost my business. I wasted $19 on coffee I can’t even drink.

by: Mark n Lol

So sad, cannot tell u. ALWAYS loved your coffee and would go there to get just coffee and ending up buying dinner! So imagine how happy we were when McDonalds came to Cromer. First cup great, the next week great then suddenly...yuk what's going on? Tried for 3rd time today and have now given along with loads of mates around here.
May want to rethink this change Mc D's.

McCafé coffee.
by: Penny

McCafé coffee was delicious when it first started. A few years later it was changed and has been disgusting ever since. Their original stopped. I won’t buy it and neither do any of the people I know.

New coffee
by: Frances

Don’t like New Mc cafe coffee, bring back old one. No coffee flavour at all.

You ruined your great product
by: Alex

Dear McDonalds
In a round about way, you told us not to come to your place anymore. For many years, it was your coffee that made us stop and get a bite. Your coffee was a great product, not the over roasted stuff the XXXXbucks would offer, but a great quality drink. That is all gone now. So, thank you for the years of drinking it, but absolutely no thanks for your recent concoction.

Please bring back the old McCafe
by: Anonymous

I have tried to like this new McCafe but it is acid and bitter. I have doctored it with other coffees only to ruin the other coffee. You cannot imagine the disappointment in starting your day with with a bitter slap to your taste buds. Are we not worthy. I’m going back to Starbucks blond roast coffees and hope I can find a decafe there.

Mccafe changes coffee taste
by: Anonymous

My recent purchase of a new box of 84 pods from Amazon had a chemical taste to the coffee. I cleaned the Keurig and replaced water filter. Still same taste. I had some older pods in storage shelf and made a cup with it and the taste was great. Now finding out they have changed the coffee. This new box is terrible tasting, will be looking for another brand. That's a shame this was a great tasting coffee we use at work and home.

Brown chalk water
by: Anonymous

I drink my coffee black, the change has made me throw out my coffee the last 3 times, its absolutly disgusting, I dont eat out often so when I spend money on a mcdonalds breakfast only to have the coffee so bad I throw it out it leaves me with little reason to ever go back.

Tolerated the food just to get the coffee
by: Anonymous

Wow. What a major let down. McDonalds coffee was something I used to give free word-of-mouth advertising to all who would listen. I would brag about it consistently. I stated many times how it’s taste was far and above any Starbucks coffee. These words were from the heart.
But for the last few months I’ve noticed a huge difference in their product. Frankly, I feel betrayed.
So dear McDonalds, I now see no reason to continue to patronize your restaurants every day as I have for the last 4-5 years. I usually purchase your breakfast menu items also but almost never go there for the food. It was the coffee that I really went.
I do want to say thank you for the best coffee years of my life.
I’m off to find that flavor again, and don’t mind paying a little more in the process. May I go out on a limb and say that for most of us, it’s about the favor, and not so much about the price.

Same Here,
by: Pine

I love McCafe beverages and use breakfast blend, premium, and colombian coffees depending on our needed taste. Coffees purchased this month have no flavor and even with close to one cup of coffee to 4 cups of water (ratio 1 to 4) the beverage was weak and transparent. McCafe was/is Green Mountain which is owned by Keurig. Called number on the can, Call center in Mexico, Man reading script, Kept asking question after question about the coffee maker and refused to acknowledge the actual coffee itself. Went back to store with my receipt and got Dunkin Donuts. McDonalds is a self sufficient company, they own everything they sell. They own potato fields for fries, cattle ranches for beef, bakeries for bread, etc .... lock, stock, and barrell. I think this is McDonald's first venture into their own product not made under Green Mountain or Keurig. I really hope they can get this together, because I am NOT lovin' it!

by: Anonymous

Today is the last day Im buying this nasty watered down colored water that they call coffee, use to be so good.

McDonald's Coffee
by: Anonymous

McDonald's coffee was the only coffee I would drink, now the coffee taste like sugar water with cream in it. I am do disappointed.

WHY McD's.......WHY?????
by: Anonymous

The Premium Roast Decaf was my absolute favorite!! I have tried so many others & this WAS the most flavorful, so smooth & just an all around winner. Then with my last Amazon order I noticed the packaging was different & I hoped it wasn't a fake but I saw they also changed the packaging at the store. The real problem is that they not only changed the packaging but they changed the coffee completely & now I hate it, it has little flavor & I can't make a good cup no matter what now. This was honestly the only coffee I have truly loved & it seems like every time I find any product I love to death they change it or quit making it. Just in the last year I have lost many other favorites that I felt I couldn't live without but this is one of my biggest disappointments.....I am so sad! My morning coffee was a time I relished, now I am forced to find another alternative which will cost lots of money & time & I doubt I will find anything close to the old McD's. Please Bring it Back!!!!

McCafe coffee
by: Anonymous

I used to look forward to my daily McCafe coffee. Not anymore, it has become very bitter and taste terrible. I have switched to other coffees other than McDonald’s Mc Café blend and very rarely go to McDonald’s as a result! Please go back to your previous great tasting blend!

Seeking new coffee
by: Anonymous

I'm on my last cup of the good McCafe kcups (FYI tried to order the old style kcups from dollar general online, and they sent me the new kind). I remember I used to like Scooter's Coffee Scooters Blend kcups, but I don't live near a Scooters and they are somewhat pricy to order online. If you're willing to pay $12.99 for 12 online, this may be a god alternative for you at least for now. Whoever recommended Newman's Own, I found the coffee not good and nothing like old McCafe BB. Any other recommendations for new coffees?

Coffee taste
by: Sonnie

Well I have bought my last cup of McDonalds coffee. This stuff is horrible. They had the best coffee in the world and now it has no taste whatsoever other than bitter. Also just bought McCafe k-cups and they are not as bad as the restaurant brand but still not what I previously bought. Very disappointed.

Suggestion ...
by: Anonymous

Why doesn’t McCafé go back to the original version since they claim that so much more work and expense goes into this crap.

McCoffee shouldn't have changed
by: Anonymous

Why change your coffee. It was very good and I stopped, almost every day on the way to work, to buy a cup. The taste now is very bitter...no coffee taste. I guess I need to find a new place to buy my morning coffee. Such a disappointment.

Horrible taste
by: Anonymous

Why change it in the first place it was a good product that was turned into a something horrible to drink. Thanks for ruining something that I thought was the best coffee since before Folgers ruined theirs. So sad

what a shame
by: Jim Brummett

What a shame it is to hear how much effort McDonald's has made to only make their coffee taste as bad as Folger's. I'm looking for a new brand

From a McD's Owner
by: Anonymous


While I have NO input and NO say in the matter, McDonald's DID change the blend. I can assure all that this had NOTHING to do with profitability or finding "cheaper" sources...in fact quite the opposite.

The intent was to find a better blend. The average customer would be FLOORED at how much goes into these decisions. The new blend is 100% Colombian, a multidimensional coffee with dark chocolate, full-body, rounded-acidity, with lingering notes of caramel in the finish. This is straight from internal communications sent to us last fall.

How it differs from Premium Blend:
Premium Blend is a sweet, smooth
blend with pleasant, bright acidity, with
subtle nutty notes. This is from the same communication.

While I cannot remember the entire rational, I do know that part of the thinking was to move to a 100% single-sourced, 100% sustainable and higher quality coffee. I actually think that we pay more for our product now than before but I cannot report this with certainty and won't take the time to do the research- it wasn't enough either way to bother me. BTW, I landed here quite by mistake while researching another subject.

(I have no idea how I got here, if you've got questions I probably won't be back to answer but will try to remember to check at some point)

I have no personal opinion, I drink coffee but I'm not into "subtle notes" of anything. I either like it or I don't and I didn't even notice a difference.

I'm writing this for one reason...to provide facts. Taste preference is certainly debatable but McDonald's spares no expense and leaves no stone unturned before deciding to make any changes, particularly something as popular as our coffee.

I wish I had the time to provide more background but the headline is that this has nothing to do with cost, it has everything to do with what they strongly believed (and supported by significant study/research) was an upgrade.

I cannot report sales impact, I have heard nothing from my regular everyday coffee guests, most clearly didn't and still haven't noticed.

McDonald's has made significant strides and goes to great lengths to supply sustainable, highest in its class quality ingredients and this isn't a salesman talking, it's the truth. They have moved to "clean labeling" meaning if you read the ingredients in any of our products you recognize and know exactly what is in there- flour, wheat, potatoes, beef, sugar, salt, whatever and this started perhaps 8 years ago. They have eliminated as much (maybe all) of the preservatives/additives etc. that caused concern (warranted or not) with customers. I think that they've achieved 100% clean labeling.

I'm anonymous so you've got no idea where my restaurants are, I have nothing to gain by posting this. I'm not an automatic McDonald's cheerleader, IMO they get stuff wrong all the time. I will say that supply chain intentions and results are usually good, particularly around quality and below is a link that will provide some information that I think many will find interesting. Many of these efforts have caused my food cost to increase over the years but the company really is focused on doing the right thing in terms of quality, sustainable supply. In fact many years ago McDonald's rolled out some sort of shrimp salad, I wasn't around at the time but had to stop because they bought up the entire world's supply to meet relatively benign demand. That's why sustainable is important to them.

I hope that this helps you, I hate to see so many who don't like the change but I wanted to provide some facts and clarity.


Our morning coffee is now YUK! Changing Now.
by: Anonymous

My wife and I have always loved the McCafe premium medium roast pods. Upon our last order of 84 pods we immediately noticed the labeling change hoping that the coffee taste was the same. We noticed a major difference in taste. For us a terrible difference. Disappointed. Our last order of McCafe.

Yes it has
by: Anonymous

I also noticed that our beloved McCafe medium roast had changed. Instead of that premium coffee shop flavor, it now tastes just like Folgers (which we dislike greatly). I emailed the company to ask what they did to my coffee and all I got was a coupon. I suspect they decided to use the same cheap beans for both brands. They would not answer. I will be paying a lot more for a better coffee elsewhere.

McCafe change
by: Jim Brummett

I also have been enjoying the McCafe brand of coffee for several years. And I have also noticed a change in flavor and that. Currently the Gaviña brand makes the coffee sold in stores. Who made the McCafe brand before Gaviña?

by: Carl

I can not believe that McDonalds has changed their coffee. They changed many years ago from the Used Motor Oil tasting coffee to the coffee they served.

I avoided Tim Horton’s because of the taste and really enjoyed McDonalds coffee.

No more trips to McDonalds for coffee. So sad...

Oily and not as good as it used to be.
by: Anonymous

I thought that the change in the McCafe coffee was just me. It doesn’t taste as good and it’s very oily. I changed filters and cleaned my coffee maker thinking that was the problem. I finally bought different coffee and realized that it was the McCafe coffee that was off. So sad!

Good-bye McCafe Coffee
by: Linda

For years I have raved about McDonald's coffee.

A treat when I go into our rural town and hit the Drive-Thru
for ONE CUP!

At supermarket I buy the tub. Not anymore.
Your coffee now sits on the bottom shelf with all the rest of the BAD TASTING COFFEES.

New World Order with foul Coffee.

Help find new coffee
by: Anonymous

Yes, recently McCafe switched suppliers from Kraft to Green Mountain, and the coffee is now different and not good. My favorite coffee was old McCafe Breakfast Blend kcups. Now I need to find new coffee. Can anyone recommend kcup with similar taste?

Nasty taste
by: JKT

I too, have been a loyal McCafe coffee consumer. I recently purchased a 100 K-cup box. The first couple of cups did taste differently, but I thought it might just be my taste as I had recently had a few bad days as to where nothing tasted good. Well, after about a 7-10 day ‘taste test’, I realized that the terrible taste was the coffee and not me. Last cup was this morning. Two sips and the rest went down the drain. Since I am single and on a fixed income, this is not a frivolous issue. Extremely dissatisfied and out the cost of a 100 count box of McCafe. Needless to say, I will not purchase again! This seems to be a recurring issue with a lot of products. And, some consumers are correct as in poor quality and same or higher cost. If it ain’t broke...don’t try to fix it!!!

McDonalds Change
by: Stephen

I discovered this change yesterday morning. I opened a fresh can of Mccafe and my first sip was definitely not what I am used to. I looked at my old can and the old version was distributed by Kraft Foods. This new version is distributed by Green Mountain. If I wanted Green Mountain coffeee I would buy Green Mountain. There is a toll free number to call them both. I’m going to call that Kraft foods numbers to see if I can find out where to get that coffee.

Who changed our precious cup of coffee!?
by: Count Coffula

Anyone have the number or address to the prick that changed our precious cup of coffee!? I cannot believe that this has happened! I am really upset about this because I made a cup for my friend and she loved it (from the old version) and she went and bought a box because she loved it also, then I get a call and she thought that I was up to something. So... I started my investigation and opened a new 100 pod box from Walmart and OMG I was freekin fueled! It tastes chemical and nothing like our beloved cafe we need. Girls and guys, let’s vote on this crap with our wallets! Everyone and I mean everyone post crap about the new version and don’t you dare buy anymore until we get the prick that thinks that this was cute.
Count Coffula

mc cafe not carried in my local walmart anymore?
by: Anonymous

my local walmart dosent carry mc cafe amymore, kinda wondering why? nowhere to be found on the shelfs!

Bitter Taste
by: Anonymous

I used to look forward to sitting down and enjoying a good cup of coffee. McCafé has always been so good and now it has without a doubt the most horrible taste. I have always bought the box of 100 and now I will no longer be buying it. I can tell a big difference in the taste. They may say they changed the packaging and you still have the same great taste but that is not true. Too bad that you are losing customers but I won’t be buying this product anymore. Gotta find something else.

by: Anonymous

I now understand that McCafe coffee is now changed to a new, inferior blend of coffee beans. But, they're still charging the same price for such inferiority. That's deceptive on one hand, for not being forthright in informing consumers about this change and not adjusting the price accordingly (downward), which is plain greed, on the other hand. Shame on you, McDonald's!

Suddenly Bad Coffee
by: David

With the Pandemic if have had a small pleasure where i drive through the local McDonalds in Clio Mi- just noticed their Cappuccino went bad - tested a couple of other local and they all have lost their former Great Taste. I have sent a note to McDonalds about my displeasure and also sent them a link to this thread. I would pay more for the good coffee I am not a fan of everything is about price. Maybe the warehouses that provide the coffee for McDonalds just got caught up to the poor coffee but it is definitely in this area now.

McCafe Decaf changed in a bad way!
by: Anonymous

McCafe Decaf has no nice aroma or flavor anymore!
Can someone please recommend a comparable medium roast 100% arabica ground decaf?
Dunkin Decaf is ok but not as good as McCafe used to be before it became flavorless. Sad!

Keurig McCafe Sucks
by: Bill

McCafe Medium Roast has been our go-to coffee for 10-15 years. Green Mountain/Keurig's acquisition of the brand ruined it. The new McCafe tastes of cardboard box and baking soda - like most of Green Mountain's lousy brands.

I’m disappointed Yet again
by: Anonymous

I was hoping against all hope that they wouldn’t ruin the great rich taste of McCafe ground. But when I saw the label change I had a sinking feeling that was what they did. Flowers was by far the best coffee back a few years ago then I was drawn to tasters choice then they messed that one up now they’ve gotten to McCafe. I’m so bummed. Now I’m in search of a good cup of coffee until they attack that one.

Mc Cafe YUCK!
by: Anonymous

I thought it was me. It now has a medicinal finish taste to it like Folgers , yuk, I can't drink it. I call it factory coffee. Chemical coffee flavored sawdust.
It was never the greatest but I always enjoyed a cup of Mac's coffee in the morning. It had a certain something and it was consistent if you traveled state to state.

What the heck!
by: Anonymous

Was at the mall in Winnipeg Manitoba and had not had McDonald’s coffee in a long while.
Didn’t feel like paying big bucks on coffee so I asked the
wife to get two cups of coffee from McDonald’s.
First it usually is freaking hot.
It was barely hot enough to enjoy.
Than the taste,WTF!!!
What is this I asked her.
It was a pale gross shadow of it’s former self.
For goodness sake’s charge a quarter more a cup.
No one who liked the old stuff will drink the new swill!

McCafe French Roast Off
by: Mike (Houston)

I've noticed a big drop off in taste from recent 12 oz ground coffee.

I have been drinking Seattle Best, Post Alley and came back to McCafe, Big mistake,

Some fancy MBA's have won again to save a nickel and destroy long-term name quality.

I thought it was me!
by: Melissa

I’m so glad I found this thread as I was googling what may be going on with my Keurig to make my coffee taste so bad suddenly. I’ve loved the McCafé and I thought Amazon sent the wrong kind since not not only did it look different but it tastes so bitter. I bought a box of light roast McCafé from Walmart thinking that may be the problem but no, horrible!! What have others moved onto now that is similar to the old McCafé?

Not the Same
by: Anonymous

I have been buying McCafe K cups since they came out. It was my only go to coffee. Just got another box that says new look same taste. It is NOT! I thought maybe a couple bad k cups, but they all are like that. Just taste like weak old coffee! Just for grins I went to the dollar store and got a box of the old packaging. Same great taste I was used to! I guess I have to start looking for another favorite. This happened several years ago with Donut Shop Coffee. I really liked it, then one day, new packaging and it was horrible. Figured a bad batch, got another box elsewhere, nope, still horrible! Then to find out it was sold out to another company. On my quest for another!

McDonald's coffee

If you enjoy flavorless, musty,tastless coffee, you must visit McDonald's and enjoy their improved bad brew

Mcdonald's new Coffee
by: Anonymous

Yes they've changed it so now I don't go in.
It just tastes week and watered down. Sometimes I would eat there to, but now they've cheapened the Coffee I don't bother.

New look mccafe kcups are terrible tasting!
by: Anonymous

Yuck! Iam a coffee lover.I use mccafe premium roast cups. I recently purchased a new box and noticed the packaging is different. I just opened the new box a d made a cup. It's horrible. Sad thing is I bought the box of 100 cups. Why did they change it? I loved the old coffee. I will not purchase this again.

McDonalds new coffee
by: Merria

I agree with all the above complaints re: the new flavor & aroma being made by Keurig-Green Mountain. It sucks. I sent a complaint to corp. headquarters of McDonalds a few months ago and today received two coupons for their coffee - made by Green Mountain. Don't they get the message?? I definitely will not buy any more of their coffee. What a shame. McDonald's will continue to lose business over this.

Hello...wonder why your sales are down!
by: Anonymous

Used to be that my Walmart couldn't keep up with McCafe demand, now shelves are always full of the new cans that no one wants to purchase. Take advise from "ALL previous McCafe drinkers"....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE switch back to the old recipe... "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies.

by: Anonymous

First day of in school here. I have cut down on my coffee consumption. Thought I would give myself a treat with yummy McD coffee. OMG. What disgusting coffee. They should just quit selling coffee if they’re unwilling to go back to the old. I believe profits would increase if they went back to the old even at the same price. I wonder how many pots they throw out. Didn’t they learn anything with the "New Coke"?

by: Anonymous

Terrible coffee.....Been buying Egg McM and coffee x2 for years. Thought I just got a bad cup on the road and my home McD is just as bad if not worse. Are you guys crazy....off to some other breakfast stop.

Yuck 🤢 it’s horrible!
by: GmaPeg

The package yes but the smell when you open the coffee all thway to the first sip is horrible. I won’t pay for it anymore and will be looking for another. So sad McCafe was a wonderful smell and taste to just enjoy! 🤮

Old McDonald's coffee
by: Joanne W

I want McDonald's to go back to the original coffee beans that made their coffee so delicious karma I would have bought their coffee over any other coffee even Starbucks. Now it has no distinct flavor its character is bland

Nasty McDonald's Coffee
by: Anonymous

We went through McDonald's drive thru to get coffee this morning. I haven't had it in years. Only today because our frig went out and we had no creamer. It was horrible. It smelled burnt. They added the cream and sugar before handing it off . Not sure when that started but I highly prefer adding my own. The "coffee" was horrid, bitter with an awful lingering aftertaste. Thin even with cream so the cream must be cheap too. Mouth feel of water. Complete waste of money. Store brand made with a basic Mr Coffee pot is better than this.

Best Coffee
by: Bob Coffee bean

If you want a great cup of coffee, buy Newmans Organic, it's the same as Mc Donalds use to sell, like tony the tiger says IT'S GREAT

New McD's coffee sucks
by: Bill

We have been buying Kraft managed McD's Premium since it came out. Now that Kurig has taken it away from Kraft, the new packaging and "new" ground Premium Medium Roast tastes like a Robusta blend of inferior beans - flat and a distinct paper-bad musty-ness. This move has ruined our morning coffee...

The best has become the worst
by: Anonymous

Why anyone would change what taste test have consistently to be the best tasting coffee is beyond me. Whoever did that should be fired. I use to go there in the morning for coffee but bought my last one this morning.

by: Anonymous

I too am experiencing such a horrible change in the McCafe KCups. I finally called them today. At first I thought it was me because I recently had some sinus surgery. The taste was horrible and I could not get it out of my mouth for hours. Then I thought it was my three year old coffee maker. I cleaned it out good and the coffee was still horible. Tasted like burned plastic or something terrible. I threw my coffee maker away and ordered a new Kuerig. New Kuerig came and I cleaned it all out and still the McCafe coffee is horrible. They are refunding me for the two boxes of 100 Kcups from Sam's and I did not ask for this but they must know there is something wrong. I am going to run by the store tomorrow and buy another brand to see if it tastes better. What has happened to this wonderful coffee?

Super bad
by: jitterbugsandy

I just bought my first bag of McCafe premium roast coffee and could not drink it. My son says that your suppose to put a spoonful in cold water and drink it cold because the bag does not say to heat. I know better just for the fact where it was in the store. To get rid of it I decided to put my starbucks in a keuric cup, then some McCafe, then finish off with starbucks on top and brew. I still can't drink it. People say I'm too picky about my coffee as my Gaggia is broke so maybe it's me. It's awful. So sorry.

Very disappointing here in Oz
by: Anonymous

McDonald's coffee has definitely changed. The last few times we have been there it has been bitter and tasteless - even burnt.I've tried a few different coffees but all undrinkable.

It's not just ME!
by: Anonymous

I have been buying McDonald's McCafe Medium roast for a few years. Last can I opened smelled like motor oil. The taste was awful, too. Bought another can at a different store with the same experience. What on earth? Charge more but don't think I will buy this! I wrote McDonalds. I hope they get the message. :(

by: Anonymous

McDonald’s coffee is not good anymore it’s just taste like dark water I used to love it and go there everyday, what happened , rise the price if you have to but why ruin a good thing!!!!!! HOPE YOUR LISTENING MCDONALDS,

Yup, it's nowhere near the same
by: Bart V

I started noticing the diff a couple of months ago with their lattes, a weird taste.
Now their regular coffees taste the same weirdly flavored, kinda bitter and definitely not coffee-flavoured.
Back to Timmie's it is :(((

the worst
by: Anonymous

Had a 3 day drive a couple of months ago and thought I'd be fine grabbing breakfast and coffee at McDonalds. (I used to get coffee there all the time and it wasn't the best but it was tasty!) Holy bean what have they done!? I thought maybe it was a fluke... 3 states later, I decided it was not. I mean, the absolute worst coffee I've ever had. Tasted like they dumped an ashtray in the water.

And down the drain it goes.
by: Anonymous

I start out the day everyday through the drive thru with my warm and delicious cup of McDonalds coffee. WHAT DID YOU DO! I am terribly disappointed as I thought at first they were not adding enough cream or Splenda. Finally today after two weeks of barely being able to drink it and then finally pouring down the drain at work "hope it does not eat through the drain" I started thinking they had changed the coffee. It is terribly bitter. Found this site and was shocked to see that they had changed it. Oh well I guess it will save me between 75.00 to 100.00 a month. Signed
Terribly disgruntled Coffee Lover

So upset
by: Anonymous

Used to pick up a McDonalds coffee every day before work. People laughed at me. But over the years I converted a lot of people. Thrilled when the started to sell beans. The coffe was the usual until last month when it was a cup of very bitter coffee. They have lost me so disappointed.

Mc Cafe
by: Anonymous

Wao! I’m not the only one !
I know a little about coffee and the science involves to make good coffee. A while ago Searching for good coffee try Mc Cafe and it was absolutely great ! Now is horrible!
What happened! People pay for quality coffee. The new Mc café is the worst now . Mc Donald’s you guys can say you used to have good cofffee , NOT anymore !!!

New branding on McDonald’s coffee or different blend?
by: Anonymous

Just bought a new box of McDonald’s coffee 100% ethically sourced now on the box. It is absolutely terrible. Very bitter and leaves a bad after taste. Very disappointing, is there more than one kind?

Odd taste
by: Don K

Recently purchased three boxes of the coffee these are dated Best Buy 15 November 2020, and it taste completely different almost can’t drink it compared to coffee that I purchased that has a Best Buy date of 29 July 2020,

McDonalds Coffee not the same...at all
by: glenn

Used to love McDonald's coffee. Best cup of coffee for the price anywhere. Then suddenly, it no longer tasted the same...at all. Taste more like warm water. Very disappointing. I just emailed my comments to the McDonalds I used to go to in order to let them know.

My McDonald’s coffee
by: Anonymous

Lately I have noticed a change in the flavour and the strength of the coffee that I buy from McDonald every single morning and this has been ongoing for almost 4 months now
First started to taste like too much roasted and strong and bitter
Then and recently it’s getying so watery and very like taste like nothing very light
For two days in a row now I go down and ask them to replace it thinking it might be old even though it is a very busy location
Unfortunately it tasted the same making me to empty it in the sink
Don’t feel angry yo geymy morning coffee any more ☹️

by: Anonymous

Yes, I use to love going to Mc's for the premium coffee they use to sell. When they changed their menu and all drinks became $1 including the coffee, I was absolutely finished with their coffee. Now they want sell coffee for people to make at home. Nope!

Our favorite coffee ? .?
by: Patricia

I at one time would never go into McDonald, someone offered me a McD's coffee when they were offering their new coffee free. I could. not believe how good it was. Told all my friends.
We all switched from all the restaurants wine had tried, even the 'speciality coffee shops, theses coffees were awful. I rembered the lovely coffee I had in Vancouver -Murchies Mocha Java.. Used to buy it here in Terrace, but it is no longer available and I had been trying to get a comparable coffee..McDonalds used to be The One! But no more. It iss bitter and leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. My daughter complained that she got a stomach ache lately when we had our morning McDs. Now we know why P L E A S E GO BACK TO YOUR FORMER BLEND.

It’s not the coffee, it’s this...
by: Anonymous

I used to go to McDonalds for their coffee almost daily. Didn’t care for much else on the menu but their coffee was up there with some of the best. I like a good strong coffee with some Splenda and a couple of their little tubs of cream.

What did it for me was McDonalds thought it was wasteful and one by one the franchises switched from the shelf stable creamers to the kind in the dispensers that need refrigeration.
The taste is totally different.

I started searching McDonalds wherever I traveled and if they still used the shelf-stable little tubs, I was guaranteed a good cup of coffee. If they are using the creamer from the dispenser, I don’t even bother to try it anymore. Too many failed cups.

Now that all of the McDonalds I go to have only the cream dispensers I don’t go there for coffee at all.

Same bad in Australia
by: Anonymous

It used to be good although I don’t buy coffee from MacDonald. But last time when I bought it, it tasted so terrible and I threw it into bin. Later I tried it in a different shop, same terrible.

Same Problem in Australia
by: Anonymous

My wife and I usually go to McDonalds daily for a coffee and it was very nice. Recently it changed and now it tastes burnt and very bitter.

by: Anonymous

People MacDonald's coffee was the best, and now it is at the bottom, it is terrible, i will never go to MacDonalds again they have lost me and many others, your profits will be going down ecause you screwed us. If you want a great cup of coffee people buy Newman's Organic and all the profits go to charity, it is a great full tasting coffee. MA DONALDS YOU STINK

McDonald’s coffee too weak now
by: Anonymous

I recently purchased McDonald’s and discovered that it tasted like hot water. I tried a different location with the same result. I recommend to not waste your money...it is a rip-off. I threw out the second weak cup and went to a competitor!

Price gouge
by: Brian

Not only does the coffee taste weak but the price is for a medium is 1.29 to 1.75 depending on the location. I stopped for coffee at two different locations within 5 miles of each other, medium cup at one location 1.40 and second location 1.75.

McDonald’s Coffee Canada
by: Anonymous

Our office purchases McDonald’s coffee several times everyday and have notice a change over the past week. The coffee is bitter and does not taste the same. Very disappointing. I hope they return to their previous brand if they have switched or it’s back to the competitor.

Bad coffee
by: Dee

Terrible coffee
Won't eat breakfast there again
Lunch isn't the same with bad coffee

Your coffee is like dish water, new coffee STINKS
by: Bob P

My wife and i always stopped at McDonalds on the weekends when we would go out for a ride, we would get a large coffee and a few egg McMuffins, NO MORE you changed the coffee ( newmans ) To toilet water coffee, We are done going to McDonalds For anything, are relationship is over, now i will go to Dunkin Doe. im not crazy about their coffee, but it is alot better then what your serving

Blaming the Consumer=Copout
by: Avid Coffee Drinker

While we do demand cheaper goods, corporations regularly cheap out for a larger profit and charge us the same price as before, but with worse ingredients.

by: Ty

I purchased coffee this morning, I could not believe they actually charged money for Brown Water!

by: Anonymous

Bitter / burned with citrus flavor notes that were not there before. Like others I was really enjoying the New coffee they brought out a few years ago, but last 6_+ months it has been off for me . burned flavor and bitter. I thought maybe this was just bad handling but i guess not..

Bad taste
by: Anonymous

I used to go to McDonald’s mainly for their fabulous coffee, it was the highlight of many a trip as I don’t live close to a store. However, this August to October I’ve visited 4 McCafés and each one of their coffees tasted weak and burnt, I had to throw them in the bin! The coffee from my local service station is 100% nicer! McDonald’s you’ve lost my business unless you bring back that good coffee. I’m in Australia by the way.

Gone is McDonalds’ great coffee
by: Joseph

Same here in MA, USA. Avid McDonalds coffee lover and drinker (4 cups a day) for the past few years but no more. The once smooth yet rich in flavor coffee Is now bitter and leaves a bad after taste. Can’t even finish it. I noticed the change happened mid-summer 2019. Hope it comes back even if it costs a bit more.

by: Anonymous

Their coffee tastes like water with a hint of the flavour of coffee. The coffee doesn’t even smell of coffee. It’s a shame because I preferred their coffee over Tim Hortons for a long time. It would be nice to find a company that made a consistent good cup of coffee but I think the only one that does that is myself.

by: Ohiocountrymouse

I use to go ONLY to McDonalds for coffee everyday while on the job. Was in Texas on vacation bought a cup and after 2 sips out it went.
When got hm to Ohio found out their coffee also had changed for the worse. Now carry thermos of an HEB brand I found and they deliver to my home in Ohio. Great coffee. McDonalds listen up. We don't mind paying more for cup of good standard coffee as long as you don't go crazy and charge Starbuck prices. I'd pay that but really don't like Starbucks too bitter for me because I skip all the sugar stuff.

McDonalds train wreck
by: Debb

At first I thought it was a specific McDonald's that I rarely visit. The coffee tasted weak and burnt. So I tried two others and I was pissed.what did they do? I don't even stop there anymore. No more business from me if I can't get the good coffee. I bought folgers columbian for home, and I'll be damned if they didn't turn to crap as well.

It too has changed
by: DanK.

In the 80s and 90s, I was never really a fan of McD's coffee. I drink coffee black, and never thought they're coffee was "all that".
It was just cheap, and hot, but has a flavor that I couldn't put my finger on, I just knew I didn't really like it.
I preferred KK, waffle house and Duncan over it by very far.
In the 2000s, I guess they changed to a more fancy coffee?? Something happened and I liked their coffee. A lot.
Now? like others have stated, it's just not good.
It has no flavor black anymore.

Frappamochacrappa Updated
by: Anonymous

I wanted to add an opinion to all who suffer from mccafe or dunkn withdrawals. I have found a close substitute to mccafe columbian. If you are like me and enjoy your coffee simple, and black but experienced the "change" of flavor or taste of mccafe or dunkn, whether you are a costco nut or not (way too many people in one bldg. for me) try costco brand. I found costco columbian gave me that... finished kick, or ending flavor that mccafe USED to have. It's not a perfect replacement but I can at least finish my cup of coffee again...

Really?McDonalds Really?
by: AnonymousAggie

WTF? McDonalds

You had the best Coffee ever I had 2-3M sized coffee from you every day.
Well guess what.
You just lost me.

Look what happened to Tim Hortons when they changed there coffee.

I guess it will happened to you to.

Im out

Bring back your great coffee even if it would cost a bit more I would still pay for it.

Coffee disgrace
by: Anonymous

McDonald’s Coffee, you’ve gone from the best to the worst!
Shame on you for this product you call coffee.

I thought it was me!
by: Anonymous

I thought I had lost my taste buds. I truly believe that with the explosion of frappamochacrappa flavored junk, that coffee producers are spending the $$ on where the $$ is at. Someone like me who drinks mine black is now thrown on the back burner and sold the floor sweepings again such like they sold the public in the 50's and 60's until someone realized they could make more money catering to quality coffee lovers. 30 years ago Dunkin Doughnuts had supreme coffee. So did Mcdonalds. I noticed Dunkins downfall about 5-6 years ago, switched to Mcd's columbian until approx 6 months ago. (start of 2019) I started to notice it lost its kick, or finish in the taste dept. I now cant finish a cup of it anymore. I am about to give up on coffee altogether.

Soooooo frustrating!
by: D in Texas

I have bought a large coffee through the drive through every morning since I started teaching 11 years ago. I’d often be waiting for the drive through to open at 5am. My morning coffee is the experience that sets the tone for the whole day. I’ve modeled essay writing for my students by discussing the joy I used get from McDonald’s coffee! That rare time it snowed in Texas? Yeah, I pulled over ina neighborhood and took a picture of my cup in the snow. We have a RELATIONSHIP and it’s now heading for divorce :-( each cup used to be perfectly blended, the smoothest medium roast I’ve ever encountered. For the last two years, it’s been different. I’ve stuck with it...hoping. But now that it’s almost $2 a cup, AND they can’t seem to put one cream and three sugars, I’m planning to spend my summer looking for a new brew. I will miss their Christmas cups. I will miss my friends in the drive though. . I don’t do anything for myself, really. Having someone else make my cofffee for me was a wonderful luxury that I haven’t wanted to give up. But it tastes like water. I’d pay Starbucks prices for the old McDonalds coffee, if they had explained the situation and given me the option. Hell, why not offer a "value" coffee and a "premium" coffee? Thanks for building this site because this has bothered me every single morning for the last two school years!!

Yes it did change, for the worse.
by: Anonymous

Oh yeah, McDonalds unfortunately changed their recipe, it was when they first came out with their gourmet brew it got rave reviews with a lot of reviewers saying it was better than Starbucks, but about a couple of years ago they stopped making that coffee and have now gone to something that's not as good. To bad because I really liked that gourmet coffee, so now I don't buy coffee at McDonalds anymore. Carl's Jr use to make something called Turbo coffee which they never advertised, and the server person had to go the rear of the place and get the coffee from a special brewer and it also tasted great, but they stopped that too about the same time that McDonald's stopped their gourmet coffee.

I thought it was just me!
by: A random canuck

After looking up if McDonald's coffee changed, I find myself here. Looks like it isn't just my tastebuds or coffee machine finally crapping out on me. McCafé coffee tastes bland and watery. I've only noticed it as of February and thought I had gotten a bad batch or something. Onto a fresh bag now and have tried the pour over method but even that didn't change the taste. Still watery and bitter.
It's a shame. I've been drinking their coffee for a few years now because it was delicious and affordable. I mean I'm no coffee snob but I think folgers and maxwell house are disgusting and they're a lot cheaper. McCafé was my go to and I was fine with paying asking price.
Looks like it's back to sampling different kinds until I find something just as good.

From best to worst
by: Anonymous

We always stopped at McDonalds for coffee, never again! It’s awful. They are going to loose a lot of business over this huge mismanagement.

McD coffee has changed for the worse
by: Anonymous

Late 2018 noticed the taste changed.
I’m in SoCal

McD Coffee
by: Anonymous

I used to buy coffee regularly at McDonald's because the flaver was great, loved it. I now get maybe 1 cup per month. I can get the same taste at home but I always perfered McDonald's. If their going to serve cheap coffee go back to the $1 a drink. Bring back the good coffee

It is terrible
by: Tom

I've been drinking Mccafe Premium Roast for about 2 years and it was pretty good - relatively smooth with good body and flavor. In the last 4 or 5 months though, it seems every other bag I would get would be very bitter and just have a very unpleasant taste. Adding milk, making it weaker or stronger, trying different hot water temperatures etc did not help. As time has gone on, it seems now nearly every bag that I have tried is like this and it doesn't matter what expiration date it has. I've finally given it up (threw it out) as it just doesn't taste right to me to put it mildly.

It got so bad that a coffee that I normally have never liked the taste of... dunkin donuts original, now tastes great. I have now switched over to it and it not only tastes way better, as in not strangely bitter, but it seems to have a noticeable stronger caffeine kick.

Before I had started using Mccafe, I was using various k-cups. These bothered my stomach a lot so I finally stopped using k-cups and now just brew coffee using a kettle with a cone and #2 filter.

I'm hoping dunkin donuts original stays good for now and does not change from the current bag I have.

Mac's bad coffee
by: Anonymous

I have gone weekly to MacDonald's for years to get my coffee! But no more their coffee is disgusting! Sorry Mac's I found a new place! It's a Shame on you, MacDonald's, greedy just plain greedy!!!!!

a look disappointed
by: Anneke and Peter

thought it was just us! we bought 2 large coffees, and returned after drinking some. we did not like it at all! will not go there for coffee anymore , what a stupid thing to do, change the brand of coffee..... NOT ENJOYABLE AT ALL !!!

McDonald's coffee not the same
by: Anonymous

McDonald's coffee hurts my stomach too. The coffee tastes waxy like and makes me quizzy.

If they serve lousy coffee there is no reason to think anything else they serve is worth a damn
by: Anonymous

McDonald's had the BEST coffee. Just like that they now have the WORST. I used to buy 4 large coffees daily. Since I was already there I'd grab a couple of sandwichs, a fry and maybe an apple pie. My McD's was on Crain Highway in PG County, MD/ I'd pay more for QUALITY coffee. Now, you couldn't give me what they call coffee. It is just lousy. ROCK BOTTOM, watered down and weak coffee. All I read anymore is how McD's was trying to improve their quality to regain the lost market share they have been thru. If you can't serve a good cup of coffee then there is no reason to believe you are really trying to improve in the other areas. After 3 consecutive stops of that lousy coffee, you have lost my business. I was a loyal customer.... So long.

by: ted

i thought i was loosing my taste buds .mcdonalds used to be my go to coffee at home and when traveling .not any more .i cant believe they could be so stupid .there coffee now is crap ,they have gone from the best to the worst with this stupid move. that they would try to sneak this by there customers is so underhanded ,at least when coke changed it receipt they let there customers know.well good buy mcdonalds you wont see me again

Extremely disappointed
by: Anonymous

I used to absolutely love and rave about McDonald's coffee. Assuming that it was still the Newman's own which was incredibly tasty...much better than Dunkins or Starbucks in my opinion, I bought a cup over an hour ago and am not even half way through. Honestly it tastes terrible and the creamer tastes like canned evaporated milk. Please bring the Newman's brand back. You'll lose a lot more money selling this coffee to cut costs..I'm pretty sure.


Like many others, at first I wondered if it was me! But now others are complaining about the crappy coffee at McDonald's also. AND, to make it even worse, the McD's near me does not keep it hot & fresh with a new batch ever 30 minutes as they are supposed to. Sometimes it is only lukewarm or like varnish from sitting for a long period of time. So they serve crappy coffee that is not fresh - yuck! Now I go elsewhere.

Bad Kcups & Restaurant
by: Anonymous

What a terrible dissapointment. I thought it was my Kcups. At the second one I knew the batch was bad yesterday. Then we went into torn today. The same experience with the fresh brewed. The taste is horrid and weak. WHY WHY WHY....

Bad taste
by: Anonymous

Hi me and my wife always loved a coffee until the last few months when the taste has got a burnt oil taste to it .it's all about money with these companys well we won't be buying anything from them again so here is 2 customers lost well done mcdonalds

Tastes terrible
by: Anonymous

MickeyD's used to be my favorite when I was a truck driver. No matter where I stopped anywhere in this country I was guaranteed of the same great coffee! I quit driving 10 years ago and never really went to McDonalds except rare occasion since then, usually for lunch or diner so I never ordered coffee with my meal. Then about 6 or 8 months ago I stopped for breakfast and drove away, took a sip and yuk! I thought it was a fluke, till the next three times the coffee tasted like motor oil I knew they did something. Now I pass them by and go to Tim Hortons for my coffee and breakfast - now *that's* coffee!

I thought it was just ME!
by: Anonymous

I asked a local McD's employee and she informed me the coffee had changed about a year ago. Yup, I thought it was just my taste buds. I am MORE than willing to pay double their current cost of a large cup to go back to the better stuff. Voice your concerns and desire for better coffee a McDonalds

A disappointing Change
by: Anonymous

I am not one who stops for coffee frequently, but when I do McDonald's was always my "go-to". Not anymore. Their new blend is weak and bland. Time to go back to Dunkin until McDonald's realizes their mistake and brings back the quality java!

Horrible Coffee
by: Ted

Can't drink McDonald's coffee any more. I started getting stomach cramps and diarrhea every time I visited McDonald's. Turns out it is the coffee. Took me a while to realize that. Will have to switch to water when I go for breakfast. Bummer. Not a good move McDonald's....

Mcafe gone bad?
by: Anonymous

My husband and I loved Mcafe coffee but the last to cans we bought are horrible. I was trying to figure out why. Now i know

Bad coffee
by: Anonymous

I thought it was just me. There has been a serious decline in the flavor of McDonalds coffee. If you are drinking one of their new coffees with added ingredients, the flavor loss probably won't be noticed. But a plain cup of coffee is weak and tasteless.

Coffee not good anymore
by: Mary

I have enjoyed at least 1 cup of McDonalds daily for years, but not anymore. Itchanged a couple of weeks ago. I've called my local McDonalds to complain, they assured me it's made the same. It has to be the beans then. It's weak and bitter. It's not the same. AWFUL. instead of drinking to the last drop, I'm throwing it out. So disappointing, My go to, every time I left the house, and many times, that was the reason I left the house. Even in bad weather, I went there, because I live close.
Let us know when you get the good stuff back, till then hello Dunkin Donuts, ( I live 20 miles from them). Or now it's home made😰😳😩

flavor change
by: Anonymous

I am SOOOO glad to hear others comment about this! I noticed the change earlier this year and it is horrible. It does taste weak, but that's not the only problem I think. I won't drink it anymore. Dunkin is better. My sister and her friend noticed the change too. My caffeine pills almost have a better flavor!! I emailed McDonald's about the change, but never got a reply. I still like their fries and filet-o-fish. :)

McDonald's Coffee
by: Southpaw Socialite

I used to be a fan of McDonald's coffee. It's awful now...Just. Awful. I discovered the change in taste while visiting family in Tampa. I should've made the drive to Starbucks, eventhough it was farther away. Unless you want to donate money to McDonald's, do not buy coffee because you will toss it out! If they apologize, suggesting they made that batch "wrong" and offer you another cup as a replacement...refuse. Waste of time, waste of money! 👎🏼👎🏼

McDonalds what have you done!!!
by: JP Silver

I agree McCafe has lost that great flavor. Its not just a strength issue but the flavor has changed to the point where I won't buy it again when my current supply is used up.

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