How long will a coffee maker last?


I have a Gevalia drip coffee maker it takes literally 52 minutes to brew the whole pot. I have tried the vinegar cleaning and it takes about 40 minutes now. How long should a good maker last?


That depends on a lot of factors. The primary factor is probably the hardness of the water in your area.

If you have hard water, and don’t have a water softening system, then the tubes in your coffee maker will clog up much faster.

You can deal with this by descaling your coffee maker on a regular basis. But most of us don’t stick to a descaling schedule very well. And once the build-up is at a certain point, it’s hard to cure the problem. (Like with your Gevalia brewer.)

The life-expectancy of a coffee maker will also depend on how well it was made in the first place. If you buy a cheap model, you can expect it to start having problems within a few months.

But of you pay more, and descale regularly, there is no reason why a coffee maker shouldn’t last for years and years. I have a drip brewer and a Keurig brewer, both of which are still working just fine after almost five years.

If you have a brewer without a pump or tubing, like a French press or a percolator, you can expect them to last indefinitely. A French press will last until you break it. A percolator will last pretty much forever, so long as you replace the rubber gaskets from time to time.

In other words, the simpler the brewer, the longer it will last.

Once you get into drip brewers and single serve brewers, which have pumps and tubing, their life expectancy will depend both on the quality of the machine, and the hardness of your water.

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My Westbend 5933 percolator quit this week.
by: Anonymous

One wire to heating element fried as 2nd came loose. Mfg 3/72. 50 years.

35+ years and still going!!!
by: LM

My GE Brew Starter was bought in the 80's and still makes great coffee!!! I've only replaced some carafes.

Hey Mr Coffee
by: Anonymous

My husband bought a used MR coffee made by ACCEL and we’ve had it for a little over a year. Works OK except I have to keep running vinegar thru it. That lasts for up to a week or two we have hard water, about couple weeks. Lately though, the time between the vinegar is less and less. I’m thinking this coffee pot is about had it. Trying to figure out how old coffee pod is. It says Mr. coffee on it, but down at the base says ACCEL

My Mr. Coffee pot
by: Anonymous

Mine was purchased in 2011 and Iam just now experiencing issues. Just for kicks Im going to try the viniger & water trick...hope it works.

Coffeemaker only lasts 3 months
by: Anonymous

We have gone threw several Coffee makers. We have bought several brands but last about 3 months. Doesn't matter if it Is a cheap one or expensive one. Our son has a cheaper one with really hard water water and is going on 13 years. Could there be another cause, we have a softener? The coffee pot is on most of the day. I would appreciate any help. We just bought a new one in Nov and her we are Feb 8th and it died on us.

Mine won't quit
by: Anonymous

My cheap (18 bucks)r Coffee is at least 10 years old and still dripping. No complaints!

Perc Pots
by: pistachio

well.... I have always been a fan of perc coffee. Over the years I have had many per pots and the only ones I have ever had to replace are the Electric perc pots. Stovetop perc pots have an eternal [ LoL ] lifespan.

I am curious as to what ?? rubber gaskets the writer refers to in perc pots. I have never seen a rubber, plastic or any gasket in a perc pot.


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