How to make coffee stronger

by Tamara

lavazza shop sign

lavazza shop sign


I have two questions: I have just started to drink coffee. Is there a way to make mild coffee stronger and after the coffee has cooled down does it make the coffee less effective?


To make your coffee stronger, simply increase the proportion of ground coffee to water. You may also want to try more dark roasted coffees. A dark roast will taste stronger than a medium roast.

Also, watch for coffees that are described as being "French roast" or "Italian roast". These are dark roasted and taste stronger.

Many Italian roasters, like Lavazza, use a high proportion of of Robusta beans in their coffee, which makes for a stronger tasting brew.

As for your second question, if you are asking whether the effect of the caffeine in coffee lessens as the coffee cools, no, it doesn't. The amount of caffeine remains the same, whether your coffee is hot or cold.

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Nov 03, 2008
by: Anonymous

i agree...i have tried the rebrewing with the already brewed, wet, coffee grinds

i think it made it stronger...maybe...who knows, i can drink a pot then fall asleep

so who knows

Aug 28, 2008
How to make coffee stronger!
by: Zac

All you have to do is
1.Brew a pot of coffee.

2.Repour that pot into the coffee maker, and refill the coffee grinds.(You dont have to refill the coffee grinds its optional)


and you will have twice as stong coffee.

Jul 19, 2008
Coffee and Chicory
by: NOLA Girl

For people who like strong coffee, down here in New Orleans Coffee and Chicory blends are common on every shelf of every store in the New Orleans area. Even using a drip coffe maker, it produces a strong, rich flavor, that is excellent black, or you can save some room in the cup and add your hot (or cold) milk to it, which we call cafe au lait. Delicious and inexpensive.

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