Sunbeam AP-20 automatic 10-cup percolator.

by James Jollimore
(New Windsor,N.Y.)

Sunbeam AP-20 Automatic Coffee Percolator.

Sunbeam AP-20 Automatic Coffee Percolator.

My percolator is 50yrs old and makes excellent coffee. I like that it has a dial that allows me to control the strength of the coffee so I get a perfect cup of coffee just the way I like it every time.

Back when this percolator was made things were built to last and will most likely outlast me.

Above is the photo of my percolator, plus I found an ad from life magazine April 1962. The sunbeam toaster in the picture my parents received as a wedding gift in 1960 it also works as good as when it was new.

I forgot to mention another reason that I like my percolator is that it is 1000w and it makes coffee super fast.

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Jan 24, 2015
Can anyone beat 50 years for a coffee maker?
by: Coffee Detective

James, hi

Many thanks for the submission. If only the appliances we buy today would last as long!

Now let's see if there is anyone else out there who can beat 50 years. Somehow I doubt it.

BTW - I was looking on eBay and these percolators are selling for a pretty good price - some at $80 and over.

Best wishes,

aka Coffee Detective

May 18, 2015
AP20 strength dial
by: George

Anyone know where I can get a replacement "strength dial" switch for this model?

May 20, 2015
AP20 strength dial
by: James

Try they restore vintage small appliances they might know where you can obtain a strength dial

Jan 20, 2017
Build materials?
by: Kaye

Can anyone comment on the construction materials in these old Sunbeam AP's? I'm trying to avoid aluminum...I want all stainless steel, including the nut in the bottom of the pot, the basket and rod. Is there a vintage pot out there that is made with all stainless parts if not this one? If anyone would know, it would be you guys n' gals. Thanks!

May 27, 2017
Fantastic !
by: Alexandre Martins

I live in Brazil, and i have an ap20 .
Great coffee percolator, my friends loves it.
Very rare in Brazil.
Alexandre - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

Oct 20, 2017
They don't make 'em like this anymore
by: Coffee Hound

A few years ago, I "inherited" a Sunbeam AP (4-8 cup model) manufactured on June 4 1956. These vintage percolators exude quality and were built to last. Hands down, they make the best tasting coffee.

Mar 15, 2020
AP10 glass top
by: Anonymous

Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could find a replacement glass top for my sunbeam ap10 perculator? Or know if any of the ones they sell on Amazon would fit?

Mar 22, 2020
Still percolating
by: Anonymous

64 years and my Sunbeam percolator that was passed on to me by my children’s great grandma is still greatly working! Best that! 😁😁😁

Apr 17, 2020
Sunbeam AP
by: Anonymous

Where can I find into on disassembly instructions,i have 1955 sunbeam AP. And it doesn't brew right. I think the thermostat is bad.

Oct 10, 2020
Incredible Design and Build Quality
by: Philip J

My mom used the Sunbeam AP-20 daily for many decades (since 1960), which I inherited last year (2019), and it looks and works like new.

I refer to this device as one of the greatest pieces of equipment ever built. What a testament to the caliber of American manufacturing (before our pols sold us out to China).

I'm not joking --- after 60 years, the chrome is like new and the stainless steel filter is perfect. The rubber power cord is made of top quality rubber -- super lightweight, incredible flexible, and not a hint of cracking --- after 60 years of use!

AND ... it makes really tasty (strong as you like) coffee faster/better than any contemporary percolator (I've had a few before inheriting this --- thank you Mom --- RIP sweetheart!!!)

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