Our review of the VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit.

The VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit, separated out into its component parts.The VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit, separated out into its component parts.

Once again, many thanks to the folks at VSSL!

It was incredibly kind of them to send us their Nest Pour Over Kit. We already had the hand grinder, which we reviewed a while back.

And now we have the whole kit.

About that photo…

First, we took the photo on a snow day. I can see this as a great use case for the Nest Kit over the winter months... Hiking up in the hills near here, boiling some water over an open flame, and then using this system to make some pour-over coffee, and enjoying the view.

And no, there aren’t any white letters on the various components of the kit elements! I just added those to the image to make it easier for you to identify each piece as I talk about it.

Let’s get started by working our way from A to F.

A is the grinder. For me, this is the centerpiece, as it’s just so good and easy to use.

B is the storage connector in which you store the grinder.

C is the steel, pour-over dripper, with reusable filter.

D is one of the twin-walled, 10 oz coffee mugs.

E is the BPA-Free plastic lid for the cups.

And F is the second twin-walled mug.

When I see myself using the Nest system…

The VSSL Nest Pour Over KitThe VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit, all parts screwed together as a single unit.

I get out into nature quite a bit. I go hiking, cycling, and kayaking.

Honestly, if I’m going for just an hour or two, I’ll probably take a thermos or equivalent.

But if I’m out for the day, or even half a day, I’ll want to take some brewing gear with me.

Am I so addicted to coffee that I can’t go a few hours without? Not at all. But I sometimes like to make a fresh brew to define and mark a moment… like getting to the top of that hill, or pulling my kayak onto the beach at my half-way mark.

It's a time to pause, and enjoy the moment.

Defining special moments with coffee may not be for everyone. But as a true coffee lover, it works for me! And I love the fact that the Nest kit comes with two mugs, as it’s even better when those moments are shared.

I added my swan-neck kettle to the photo, but I probably wouldn’t be packing that away for my day trip. Kind of bulky. I added it to the image to remind you that you’ll need some way to boil up some water.

It all packs away into a compact and sturdy Nest.

I love the fact that all the components fit together into a single unit.

It’s sturdy too. No problem if it gets a knock or two as part of the journey.

And it’s great that it all connects into one unit. It’s always a pain when you have separate components rattling around in a backpack. It’s even worse when you’re unpacking and discover you forgot to pack an essential part.

This fits my lifestyle perfectly… I love great coffee, freshly ground and brewed… and I love to explore the great outdoors.

Is it for you? That’s for you to decide.

Find out more at the VSSL website.

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