Steel replacement parts for aluminum coffee percolator?

by Kim
(New Jersey)


I love my stovetop, glass percolator. It not only makes delicious, rich coffee - it also makes it HOT. (I hate tepid coffee from a drip). The problem is, the plastic parts.

I recently bought an old Pyrex glass stovetop percolator, with glass stem and basket - however, the basket bottom and lid appear to be aluminum. I'm wondering if no one has ever made steel replacements for these aluminum parts?

I also have an all steel stovetop pot, however, I like the see-through glass.



Sounds like you’re a serious percolator fan!

I can’t say I know the answer to your question, but I don’t imagine you’ll be able to find steel replacement parts for a particular model of percolator that includes aluminum.

That said, I’m publishing your question because I know we have a lot of readers who are fans of percolators, and maybe one or more of them will be able to help you.

My guess is that you’ll have to find a new percolator that is made just with glass and steel.

Best wishes,


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stainless vs aluminum
by: jc

DOes coffee leach aluminum?

The answer to the query is no, the acid in coffee does not leach aluminum from an aluminum coffee pot1234. This is because coffee is an acidic beverage and aluminum is not soluble in acids2. The acidity of coffee also helps to bond the aluminum to the inner surface of the pot or coffee maker, preventing direct contact with the coffee grounds13. However, it is advisable to use anodized or lined aluminum pots to avoid any risk of leaching54.

Does coffee leach stainless steel

Recent studies have found that prolonged storage of acidic drinks which include fruit juices, tea and coffee in stainless steel containers result in significant leaching of metals such as nickel and chromium into the drinks.

stainless vs aluminum
by: jc

Not sure stainless steel is so much better than aluminum, both have the ability to leach slightly. Hence glass! Yes a stainless bottom and top might be cool. But how about someone orchestrating a batch of replacement pyrex stems, I would be willing to buy 500 of them, just to get it done.

pyrex replacement parts
by: Anonymous

Lots of parts of Ebay and Etsy

Pyrex percolator pumps
by: Shoppersuz

I too am looking for a stainless steel replacement pump for my Pyrex 4-6 cup glass pump, which I keep breaking. $30-60 on eBay for vintage parts is just too much for me to spend. Has anybody thought if contacting a glass blower about making them?
I bought a 4 cup Farberware pump but it was too tall.

stainless steel insert for vintage glass percolator
by: Peggy99

I have the 4-6 cup Pyrex Glass Coffee Percolator. All I have is the pot - the insert is missing. I'd prefer to go with an all stainless steel insert as a replacement.

Has anyone found a stainless steel insert which fits the 6 cup version of pyrex percolators?

Thank You!
by: Gudger Privet

I broke my 9 cup pyrex pump/stem...AGAIN!
Decided to search around for an alternative.
Found the reference to the stainless Farberware being a fit...and realized ...I HAVE ONE OF THOSE!

Went in the house...put the farberware pump and basket in the Pyrex 9 cup body....and the spring action is exactly right to press the basket up against the locking pyrex lid.

Drinking a cup right now as I write.

So cool.

Thanks again.

Stainless Steel Replacement for Pyrex Percolator
by: Anonymous

Thanks to this thread, I was able to locate the replacement insert for my 4 cup Pyrex glass percolator. I used the GSI percolator insert made completely with stainless steel and it fits perfectly! Thanks everyone!!!

you can buy the 3 cup (fits perfectly in Pyrex 4 cup percolator) insert with the percolator pot on

OR call GSI and just buy the insert (basket, lid and stem) for only $10
Phone Toll–Free: 1.800.704.4474

Pyrex Perc. Missing Part
by: Anonymous

I have the old Pyrex glass percolator from the 1950s. It belonged to my parents. Problem is that I am missing the "cover" that goes on top of the glass stem to keep the grounds from coming out. I have all the other components. Does anyone have one they'd like to sell? It's jus the little cover. Thanks. If you do, email:

stainless steel replacements for aluminum parts for Pyrex 7829 B
by: Anonymous

Hi All

What size glass pyrex percolator do you have that uses the Farberware stainless steel inserts. Do you continue to use the pyrex glass stem or do you use the one that comes with the Farberware. I want to still use the glass stem because I love watching the water come up.

Also, I noticed the Farberware does not have a top lid like the Pyrex has, is this needed?

Can anyone direct me to just the top and bottom stainless steel inserts for the glass pyrex percolator? I want to continue to use the glass stem and the glass bowl that comes with the Pyrex.

I have the pyrex tall 9 cup version 7829 B

Would love any suggestions that you all have for the top and bottom aluminum pieces. I would love to get glass or stainless steel inserts for the bottom of the glass bowl and the top of the glass bowl.

Can someone attach pictures please

All glass percolator basket
by: Wendy Girl

I have an ALL GLASS basket. The area with holes is white and the globe is clear, in my Pyrex 4-6 cup pot. Who is the manufacturer? THANKS!

A well kept secret..........
by: Anonymous


I am glad it worked out for you.
This trick appears to be a well kept secret.


Farberware Perc
by: Nora

Airborne, I wanted to come on here and thank you for your post about using the Farberware basket as a replacement for the Pyrex one. I recently purchased a 9 cup Pyrex perc from Etsy and upon receiving it, noticed that there were chips on the base of the stem. Ugh, I was completely disappointed. I started scouring Etsy, Ebay and then with no luck. Seller of my chipped item offered to send me a replacement parts, but I believe the one she has is metal (aluminum). Thankfully, a google search brought me here to your post! Many thanks again, it's working well :)

All stainless insert
by: Airborne

The Farberware insert is all stainless and this is what I use in my Pyrex; no plastic or aluminum are involved. It works great. I have the 9 cup Pyrex.

stainless with pyrex
by: Kim

Those of you who have tried the Farberware stainless inserts in a pyrex pot - do you still have to use the plastic lid? I can't imagine the stainless lid fits...

Stainless insert for glass Pyrex
by: Airborne

Yes, I am using the all stainless in my Pyrex coffee pot maker. It is a tight fit, height wise, but mine works just fine.

steel insert for Pyrex
by: KL

Wow - thanks for this info, including the link! I actually bought an all-stainless pot, but it's large (I think 10 cup) and the basket does not fit the pyrex. I like it, but my husband really prefers seeing the coffee in the clear glass. He doesn't mind using the glass pot with plastic inserts - but I don't like the plastic!

So maybe the insert from this smaller steel pot will fit. Have you tried it? I'm wondering if it may be heavy for the glass.

If I do buy it - I'll report back if it worked!

by: pistachio


that is Soooooo simple......

[ I feel like a ninny ]


Stainless insert for Pyrex coffee maker....
by: Airborne

For those looking for an ''all'' stainless insert for the Pyrex coffee is the solution you are looking for.

The insert in the Faberware Stainless Coffee Pot, will fit in your Pyrex.

perc - SS - indestructible
by: pistachio

I had at one time a Pyrex glass percolator.

I enjoyed it immensely and was always fascinated by the visible transition from clear water to coffee as the first perks began to infuse the water.
Kinda like turning water to wine, an amazing event.

I cannot find an aluminum free glass perc pot but I still love to perc coffee.

Today's electric perc pots don't do anything for me so I have decided to stay with Indestructible Stainless Steel

A quick search on Amazon will yield good results. There are pages of choices though my two favorite stovetop perc pots is


both equal in quality however I prefer and have the Copco. Amazingly both are about Twenty Bucks.
Keurig should fold. LoL!

glass and steel!
by: Kim

Carafe coffee makers have come back, French presses are in style, and people are finding out that the popular Keurig is no fun to clean (if you worry about the tubes...) Someone should bring back the stovetop glass percolator with steel parts! Somebody write to Pyrex!

Steel replacement parts for a flameware Pyrex coffee pot
by: Kim

Hi, I too am trying to figure out how to replace the aluminum bottom and top of the coffee grounds basket, for an otherwise perfect nontoxic coffee percolator. Please let me know if anyone discovers an alternative to the aluminum.

Finally! A glass stovetop percolator with non-metallic inserts!
by: Anonymous

After my second electric percolator burned out, I opened the base of the electric percolator. could never keep out the water from my washings so the wiring eventually corroded and heating element stopped working. I don't think I will buy another metallic one until the manufacturers can find a way to seal that base chamber to keep the wash water out. Luckily, I found a glass (borosilicate) percolator with a handle made out of phenolic (?) plastic as written on the box of the unit. The plastic inserts appear to be made of the same plastic material as the carafe's handle because they share the same color and feel. Marketed and manufactured by Medelco ( under the "One All" brand (, I bought mine (Model PK008) from for $14.99 plus shipping. The unit has a maximum capacity of 8 cups, which is equivalent to 40 ounces. Plastic inserts and lid are dishwasher safe. Glass carafe must be washed by hand only. It comes with a wire trivet to place on electric coil stoves for heating the carafe. This trivet does not need to be used for heating the carafe on gas or ceramic glass stovetops. I've only used it twice and you do need to know the temperature and heating time to figure out how to make the coffee according to personal preference. Good luck!

to perc or not to perc..... !
by: Anonymous

I really do not think you will find stainless parts for sale and I do not think you will find baskets from other perc coffee pots that will fit.

Sorry to say I don't think this is gonna happen for you.

I like glass also and was always fascinated by the transition from water to coffee... for me it's like the miracle for water to wine...

I checked Amazon and saw an old glass perc pot used from long ago made by FLAMEWARE. $125 and guess what.. Aluminum basket top and bottom... Arrgh!

Ok,, I agree,, no aluminum no plastic...

If you give up the glass there are great choices for full Stainless Steel Perc Pot everywhere including Amazon.

Since you like the glass idea,, you really should visit Amazon and search Silex and Vacuum and Syphon or Siphon Coffee Makers...

If you don't know,,, the process is amazing where the clear water reaches boiling on the bottom vessel and magically as if to defy gravity pours upwards to mix with the coffee grounds that will float freely in the water....and the transition from clear to coffee is great...

When the temp cools to negate the Vacuum pressure the coffee flow down with gravity but the grounds are caught in the net or basket...

This coffee is extremely smooth and much different from perc. But,, it is totally fascinating.....

There was a time when Silex was a little popular...


ps, I found on Ebay an old glass perk with SS on E Bay:

Vintage Pyrex Glass Percolator Coffee Pot Flameware Smoke 9 Cup 7826-B Corning

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