Our selection of coffee photos for May, 2017.

These photos were all taken by me, at home, locally or during my travels around the country or abroad.

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Pourover coffee being made.Watching my coffee being hand poured at Houndstooth Coffee, Austin, TX.


latte in LondonA fine looking Latte in a cup, from a recent trip to London, England.

Coffee in the garden.Enjoying some French press coffee in the garden in Sussex, England.

Coffee shop on wheels.A coffee shop on wheels in Camden, North London.


I can and I will after a cup of French press coffee.I love that mug! I can and I will... but only after a cup of strong French press coffee!

Americano coffeeMy cup of Americano coffee at a restaurant in Primrose Hill, London.

Double espresso in cupMy double espresso, and some very cool, old-school painted steel chairs.


French press coffee on AgaFrench press coffee staying warm on an old-fashioned Aga stove.

Flat White to go from Costa CoffeeMy Flat White to go from Costa Coffee, England.

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