If you really love coffee, try a few different coffee makers.

different coffee makers for true coffee lovers

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Here at Coffee Detective we have a few different coffee makers. Each one suits our needs at different times and in different circumstances.

Of course, one doesn’t absolutely need more than one coffee maker. But over time we have found ourselves with brewers of different kinds. Some we have purchased ourselves, while others have been sent to us to review.

You might think we would use just one brewer and keep the rest in the basement. Not so. If you love coffee beyond just needing a strong cup of Joe in the morning, you’ll come up with all kinds of reasons why you might choose a different brewer at different times.

For example, we have our trusty Keurig B60 on the counter for our first cup of coffee of the day. It doesn’t make the best cup of coffee in the world, but it fits the bill when I’m half sleep in the morning and just want a fast and easy coffee. That’s what single serve brewers are for – fast and easy.

And no, we don’t spend a fortune buying K-Cups for the brewer. We use our own fresh-ground coffee with a My K-Cup reusable filter.

The coffee in K-Cups is stale, and their cost is ridiculous.

And we don’t use the Keurig all the time.

When reviewing coffees, and trying to get the very best from the bean, we use either our French press or our Chemex brewer. Each delivers a slightly different brew, with different characteristics.  But both give you total control over the brewing process and allow you to make a perfect cup.

If we are entertaining and know that several people will want coffee after the meal, we’ll use a drip brewer and bring the pot to the table. If I were showing off a bit, I could do the same with a Chemex.

And if I am going to be in the garden, or setting off in the car, I might brew my coffee in an Impress brewer, which is both a press pot and travel mug combined.

Finally, when traveling for pleasure or business and staying in hotels – which I know are going to have awful coffee makers – I’ll take a bag of ground coffee and either filter cone with filter papers, or our Aeropress brewer.

Should you get all of these brewers for yourself? It’s probably not necessary. I happen to have a lot of different types of brewer because I write about them.

All you really NEED is a one good brewer, like the Bonavita drip brewer.

That said, if you are really into coffee, it’s fun to tinker around and try some different brewing processes.

The hands-on brewing systems, like the French press, Chemex, Impress and Aeropress give you complete control and flexibility. They all take the automation out of brewing and allow you to immerse yourself the process.

If nothing else, if you have an automatic brewer right now, get one hands-on system as well. Just for the fun of it.

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