Our review of the DripJoy single serve brewer and coffee subscription service.

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Here’s something a little different.

We’ve reviewed K-Cup brewers before.

And we’re reviewed plenty of coffee subscription services.


But we’ve never before had the opportunity to review a combination of the two.

Clearly, DripJoy is not your average coffee club.

When you sign up for their subscription service you also get a coffee maker. In this case you get a K-Cup coffee maker – the JoyBarista - and your subscription is for the number of K-Cups you want delivered at the interval that suits you best.

And here’s something cool. The more coffee you order through your subscription, the cheaper the brewer.

In fact, if you get this for work and have several people drinking coffee, the brewer comes free.

Even at home, if you have just a couple of coffee drinkers in the house, you’ll get the brewer at a huge discount on its regular price.


But - of course - none of this means much unless the brewer itself does a good job of making the coffee. Right?

We used the JoyBarista at home for a full 10 days before writing this review and shooting the video.

And here’s what we think of the coffee maker...

First off, this is a compact machine. It has a small footprint. We appreciate that, because we have a fairly small kitchen without a ton of counter space.

We thought maybe this would mean the water reservoir was going to be a bit small. And it does look smallish, perched on the back there. But it turns out it holds pretty much the same amount of water as our regular drip brewer. Not bad at all.


As for the brew head, it’s much the same as any K-Cup brewing system. Although in this case the way you close the brew head before brewing involves pushing the lever up, instead of down, which feels a little odd the first few times you do it.

But… onto the really good stuff.

There are two BIG features we really like about this brewer.

First, it’s super quiet. I don’t know how they do it, because every other single-serve system we ever tried has a really noisy pump. But not this one. It’s whisper quiet.

Second, it brews hot… between 176 and 198 degrees Fahrenheit. And yes, you can adjust it to the exact temperature you want. A higher temperature extracts more flavor, faster.

This is great, because a lot of single-serve brewers brew too cool, and are not adjustable.

As a bonus, this means we can also use the DripJoy to make hot water for brewing tea. 

All in all, we like this brewer a lot.

This won’t become our principal daily coffee maker. For that we use our grind-and-brew drip brewer.

But we always have a one-cup brewer on hand as well, for those extra cups once the day’s carafe is empty.

The brewer we have been using for the last couple of years is now officially retired to the basement, and the DripJoy has taken its place.

You can find out more about the brewer and the coffee subscription service at the DripJoy website.


Which coffee maker is best for you and your home?

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DripJoy single serve coffee makerThe DripJoy single-serve K-Cup brewer, with boxes of K-Cups that come with the subscription.

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